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   Chapter 119 But The Wife Of Your Friend Is Your Friend's

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With a faint smile on his face, Lucian couldn't help but ask, "You've always been a forthright person. Why did you get involved in the business conflicts?"

In other words, Lucian didn't like to join the melee. Not considering that Nicholas was in poor health, he wouldn't take over the Zhan Group.

"If a man is pressed too hard, he will do anything." Jonny snorted and drank one after another.

Seeing that he was in a bad mood, Lucian drank a few glasses of wine with him and sighed. "If it weren't for this, Amelia and I wouldn't have ended up like this."

"I can't believe you're still thinking about her. I haven't seen her for a while. I'm a terrible boyfriend who can't deal with rumors." Jonny was not good at drinking. After drinking several glasses of wine in a row, he began to feel a little drunk.

With a faint smile on his face, Lucian said, "let me drive you home."

"Don't be jealous. I do like Amelia, but I respect the wife of my friend." As the saying goes, alcohol talks. When Jonny was sober, he would never say these words. Even if Lucian misunderstood him, he had to keep his pride and self-esteem.

If he couldn't win the heart of Amelia, he could at least stand by her side as her boyfriend.

After drinking a glass of wine alone, Lucian stood up to help Jonny up. He murmured, "You can't drink. Why do you drink so much?"

As soon as these words came out of his mouth, Lucian remembered when they were in high school, when they were drinking and singing at a KTV. Every time he carried Jonny home.

So many years had passed, but his drinking capacity had not increased at all. On the contrary, he had been unconscious after only a few drinks.

Lucian was glad that he hadn't gone to the mall, or else he would have been drunk a lot?

The news that Jonny invited the major shareholders of the An Group was spread all over the major news media, and many business rumors were spreading. Most of the voice was that Jonny was a good leader supported by most people and he would take over the An Group.

It was said that Edmund, the current CEO of the An Group, got sick when he saw the news and cursed in the ward that Jonny an was an unfilial son.

While tasting the drink prepared by Amelia, Courtney was happily reading today's headline news. After reading it, she did not forget to share it with Amelia. "Amelia, your boyfriend has hit the headline now!"

'Gossip boyfriend'? After thinking for a while, Amelia realized that it was Jonny said by Courtney.

She hadn't seen Jonny for several days. She guessed that he must be very busy with his work.

"He is a low-key person. How could he hit the headlines? Did he find a girlfriend? " She thought that if Jonny could find a girlfriend, she would feel much more relieved.

"Neither!" Courtney denied. After reading through the news, she suddenly concluded, "in a word, I mean that Jonny is going against his father. It's said that his son inherited his father's company, but it's said that he's going to compete with his father for the management right of the An Group!"

"Jonny... Mr. An is not interested in the An Group. He might not have any interest in it. " According to Jonny, his biggest dream was to be an excellent fas

saying that.

At the same time, Amelia got close to Carlotta and wanted to stop her, but Carlotta rode her bicycle and left soon.

Lost in her own thoughts, she had no choice but to close the door. Then she made a phone call to Jonny and asked anxiously on the phone, "Jonny, can you help me find Miss An?"

Jonny and Lucian were talking about business. When he received a call from Amelia, he specially glanced at Lucian. When he heard the anxious voice on the phone, he couldn't help but ask, "Amelia, don't worry. Tell me, where are you now?"

When Lucian heard that Jonny spoke out the name of Amelia, Lucian couldn't stay calm anymore. He stood up suddenly and asked nervously, "What's wrong with Amelia?"

"She was crying and said that Carlotta was going to find Shelly... Jonny didn't understand what Amelia meant.

"Jonny, is your car downstairs? I'm going to pick up Amelia." Lucian understood at once and walked out of the meeting room quickly.

Jonny still wanted to say something, but he found that Lucian had disappeared in front of him. After shaking his head helplessly, he felt a deep sense of loss.

After the call, Amelia waited anxiously at the roadside. Meanwhile, she sent a message to Carlotta to tell her not to be impulsive.

In Amelia's eyes, the way Carlotta dealt with things was generally dignified and graceful. She might not do something bad to Shelly, but with her momentum just now, she might do something to Shelly.

"Get in the car, Amelia." Lucian stopped the car in front of Amelia, poked his head out of the car and cried.

Amelia was stunned. When she was about to ask him why he was here, she remembered that it was related to Shelly. She immediately got on the car.

"Mr. Lucian, I'm sorry..."

"Don't always take the blame for yourself. Let's talk about this when we get to the SJ Garden." He had called Carlotta before he drove here. After generally understanding the situation, he was angry, but he had to pretend that he didn't know anything.

Amelia crossed her hands to cover the wound of her hand which was hurt by Shelly deliberately, so she didn't see the concerned eyes of Lucian.

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