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   Chapter 118 Fight Against Edmund Together

Addicted Love By Xing Jiayi Characters: 10136

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It had been buried in her heart for a long time. Every time she wanted to get angry, she was afraid that it would do the opposite. But today, he not only didn't appreciate her efforts, but also got angry at her. It was really unbearable for her.

"When you wanted to marry me, you should have known what would happen today." Lucian answered her coldly.

"Yes, you've cheated on me to meet Amelia from time to time. I won't take it seriously. But for Lucian, you can only be with her in secret for the rest of your life, because I won't divorce you even if I die!" Then, Shelly left the bedroom.

After the loud slam of the door, the anger that had risen in the heart of Lucian was alleviated a little. He glanced coldly at everything arranged by Shelly, and felt inexplicably irritable.

Over the years, Zhan family and An family had been familiar with each other. In Lucian's mind, he had always treated Shelly as his sister. Even if she was a little wayward sometimes, he would be more tolerant of it. But now they suddenly became a couple. He couldn't accept it no matter what, so his attitude towards her was really too cold.

He called Lily and asked her to clean the bedroom.

As soon as Lily got upstairs, she found that Lucian was smoking on the sofa. She gave a glance at him with fear and immediately got rid of the romantic scene that Shelly deliberately made.

Lily seldom saw Lucian smoking, so Lily knew that he was in a bad mood when she saw him smoking.

After the cleaning, Lily went downstairs and made a cup of tea for Lucian. When she walked into the bedroom, she said to Lucian before she left, "Mr. Lucian, if you miss Mrs. Amelia, you can go to see her, because she is also missing you."

Hearing the name of Amelia, Lucian looked up immediately and said in a hoarse voice, "Make some chicken soup tomorrow morning. I'll send it to her."

"Okay." Lily nodded with a smile.

"Achoo! Achoo... " Amelia had just come out of the bathroom and could not stop sneezing.

Hearing that, Courtney immediately gave her a blanket and said worriedly, "don't catch a cold!"

As for Courtney's fuss, Amelia could not help shaking her head, "I'm not so weak. My mother said I had caught all the cold when I was a kid and I would catch no cold when I grew up."

"Pooh, Pooh, Pooh!" Courtney knocked at the front door of her head and rolled her eyes at her. "Do I have to come to you for a cold?"

"Okay, I'll shut up from now on," Amelia stopped her words. She knew that Courtney was just showing concern for her.

"Oh, I have brought something for you. They are all useful for you. Have a look. I'm going to wash up!" In order not to arouse Amelia's suspicion, Courtney said flatly.

These things were all prepared by Lucian. He worried that Amelia would refuse his gifts, so he asked Courtney to bring them to Amelia.

The things that Courtney took out from the suitcase were all what Amelia needed to eat for pregnancy, and there were also pajamas, maternity clothes and maternity pants...


ng about the current situation of the An Group.

Mr. Chen, who had more shares, was so excited that he slapped the table again and scolded, "Edmund wants to run the company by his own and fool all the shares of us. I have already had enough of it!"

"His special decision isn't convincing at all. It's us, the shareholders, who should offer funds when the company is really making a decision!"

"Mr. Jonny, if you are determined to take over the An Group, the An Group will get better and better tomorrow. If you insist on letting Edmund take over the company, what kind of weather will it be tomorrow? We are not sure..."

"Speaking of this, I have to apologize to Mr. Lucian. If my wife weren't greedy, how could she have been tricked by him? Otherwise, I would definitely help the Zhan Group..."

"Yes, you're right. We shouldn't believe in what Edmund said. Since he seems to be gradually walking away from shareholders, I'm sure he'll understand how tough Mr. Lucian had been..."

During the dinner, Lucian listened to the statement of the shareholders silently.

Lucian was not a person who would go wild with excitement and lose his position. He didn't show gratitude to these supported shareholders. He was sure that the An Group was not in a good condition now, even if the An Group was rich and powerful, once they lost connection, it would do no good to the development of the An Group.

In addition, he had controlled a lot of Edmund's crooked exchange records, including some dirty tricks he used to suppress the Zhan Group.

"Come on, Lucian. Let's have a drink." Jonny didn't say anything. While the shareholders were toasting to each other, he raised his glass and smiled to Lucian meaningfully.

After the dinner, all the shareholders left. Only Lucian and Jonny were left in the deluxe room.

"Lucian, those shareholders are really disgusting, but as long as their target is Edmund, even if they are disgusting, we have to greet them with a smile." Jonny then took a sip of his wine.

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