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   Chapter 117 I Am Your Wife

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In the quiet SJ Garden, Shelly was making a wonderful candlelight dinner, dressed in a pink veil.

"Lily, give me the roses that were flown back from France today!" Shelly stood in the center of the bedroom, busying herself with work.

Lily looked at her coldly, but thought of another thing.

Therefore, when Shelly asked her to do some favor, she stood still for a long time.

"Are you deaf, Lily? I asked you to bring me the roses that were sent by air this afternoon! " Shelly shouted with patience. Her face was full of anger.

"Well... Okay! " After she came to her senses, Lily went downstairs unwillingly to take the flowers.

Ever since Shelly lived in the SJ Garden, Lily was scolded every day. She had decided to quit her job, but Lucian told her that he would pick Amelia back soon, so she endured the grievance and stayed at the SJ Garden.

She didn't like to complain, and even if she was scolded by Shelly, she would not tell Lucian about it. After all, Lucian was busy with his work every day.

Lucian had slept in the guest room since Shelly moved in. Shelly tried her best to get closer to Lucian. She kept calling him husband, but Lucian didn't even smile at her, let alone responded to her intimately.

The villa was filled with her voice all day, but it was not lively at all. Instead, Lily thought that Shelly was singing a solo performance.

Lucian avoided her unconsciously. Every day when he came back, it was after dinner. When the dinner was cool, Shelly felt hot. After repeated, it was finally that Lucian was back. However, by the time when he came back, Lucian said that he had already eaten outside, which made Shelly very sad and disappointed.

Lily thought Shelly would realize that nothing forcibly done is going to be agreeable. But things didn't go on as Lily wished. Shelly worked harder and harder every day and tried every means to get close to Lucian.

Now she bought a bouquet of roses from France to prepare a surprise for Lucian.

Lily looked at her coldly and thought that this surprise might be a shock.

She handed the roses to Shelly and said, "Miss An, it's time for dinner. I have to go downstairs to make breakfast. Call me if you need anything."

Hearing that, Shelly was stunned. She stared at Lily angrily and reminded her, "how many times have I told you? I'm Lucian's wife now. You should call me 'Mrs. Shelly'!"

"Uh..." Lily answered in a daze, but she muttered in her heart, "The real wife of Mr. Lucian is Mrs. Amelia!"

"What are you thinking about?" Perhaps it was because she hadn't heard the new appellation from Lily that she was very unhappy.

"What do you want for dinner?" Lily answered quickly. She did not want to argue with Shelly anymore, so she immediately retreated.

"Shit. What kind of servant Lucian employed?" Shelly snorted.

Lily had thought that Lucian would come back after dinner

ar anyone talk about Edmund. So after hearing what Shelly said, he was immediately irritated. He turned around and said sullenly, "do you think you can suppress me with your father?"

Shelly had thought that Lucian would be nicer to her because of his awe towards Edmund, but it turned out to be the opposite.

She was frightened by Lucian's angry look and stepped back. When she leaned against the table, she looked at him in desperation and said, "Lucian, don't do this. I'm afraid..."

Lucian stopped and looked away. "Don't ever try to fool me," he warned.

"Okay," Shelly replied in a low voice and watched him disappearing.

Suddenly, she thought of the candlelight dinner she had prepared carefully. Hope was rekindled on Shelly's face in despair. She pushed away Lily in front of her and ran upstairs, trying to save something.

When Lucian opened the door of the bedroom, he was shocked by everything in front of him. After he came to his senses, anger was rushing from the bottom of his heart.

"Lucian, do you like it?" Shelly stepped forward and shook Lucian's arm like a spoiled child. She didn't notice the anger on Lucian's face at all.

"You have ten minutes. Clean it up for me!" Lucian said with anger.

Shelly was startled and felt wronged. She bit her lip and said reluctantly, "I spend the whole day on it. If you don't appreciate it, I won't say nothing. Why do you throw it away so easily? "

In the past, she was naughty and self-willed and Lucian would tolerate her. But now, they were a couple and he should have been closer to her. However, he just looked down upon her as if she was his enemy.

"With all your efforts, you can move them to the guest room," Lucian frowned, with displeasure on his face.

Lucian's anger and his words made Shelly feel that he was too cold-blooded.

She yelled at him, "I'm your wife. Did you feel ashamed when you said the word 'guest room'?"

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