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   Chapter 116 Courtney Bought The Milk Tea Shop

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After chatting with Mrs. Chen for a while, she came back to her room and washed herself. It was already early in the morning.

Amelia had meant to call Courtney to ask if she had enough money recently, but thinking that it was not a small sum, she gave up her idea.

On the other hand, as her good friend, Amelia received a call from Courtney and invited her to a big meal.

"Weekend is a good time for you to make money, isn't it? Why did you ask me out? " The shop of Courtney was also full on weekends, so Amelia had no intention of making an appointment.

"We haven't seen each other for a few days. I miss my godson, or who wants to see you?" Courtney said proudly on the phone.

"You can only see me." Amelia replied to her coldly.

"All right, all right. I don't have time to argue with you. Open the door, I'm right outside your door!" Courtney urged impatiently at the other end of the line.

"At the door?" Amelia opened the door. She found that Courtney was right at the gate with many bags in her hands.

After seeing Amelia, Courtney seemed to have found a person to rely on. She breathed heavily and said, "Come on! Take me inside!"

Amelia took the luggage from her hand, and then saw her turn around, walk towards the luggage box in the Rong tree.

Amelia didn't know what was going on, so she asked, "Are you going to move?"

She not only had many bags in her hands, but also pushed a large suitcase. It was not difficult for Amelia to say that.

"You are right. I've brought my luggage here!" Courtney explained to Amelia as she pushed the suitcase into the room.

Murmured Amelia. She went into the room immediately and asked, "did you quarrel with your father again?"

In the past, if she did such similar thing, Courtney would quarrel with Kent or her father.

"My dad and I are living in peace now." Courtney picked up a glass of milk from Amelia's bedside table, opened it and drank it all up.

"Then what is it?" Now that she had broken up with Kent, Amelia couldn't understand why Courtney came here in such a sulk. Thinking of the Mr. Shang that Courtney had mentioned to her a few days ago, she asked, "is it the Mr. Shang?"

Courtney rolled her eyes at Amelia and replied sourly, "no wonder they said that pregnant women were suspicious."

"Tell me, what on earth happened to you?" Amelia was also worried about her, so she kept asking.

Of course, Courtney understood what she was thinking about. In order not to make her worry, she told her the truth, "I'm here to look for comfort. The Mr. Shang is a good man, but I'm not interested in him at all. I'm still thinking about the heartless guy!"

After Courtney said that, Amelia fell into silence.

She sighed in her heart that they had been together for so many years. How could she just let it go so easily.

"What about your milk tea shop?" She couldn't give up her business to avoid the emotional storm. But thinking of the wealth of the Lin family, Courtney could still be a freeloader.

"I have sold


Amelia's face darkened. She pressed her lips together and then put her hand on her belly. There was a hoarse voice in her heart. She would not treat this child shabbily even if she was a single mother...

"Well, let's not talk about such bitterly sarcastic questions. You are not afraid of anything under my protection from now on!" Courtney didn't want to see Amelia in a panic. She felt sorry for her and gave up the thought of getting to the bottom of it.

It was noisy in the An mansion.

"What's the use of you? You can't even get a man's heart!" Throwing a pile of documents on the ground, Edmund pointed at Shelly and scolded her.

Shelly was so frightened that she trembled all over. She cried bitterly and said, "Dad knows that Lucian doesn't like me. But no matter how hard I try, he still loves Amelia!"

On hearing the name of Amelia, Edmund was burning with rage. He paced back and forth in the living room and said with anger, "That woman looks ordinary. But she can win Lucian's heart."

"Not only Lucian but also my brother is totally fascinated by her!" Shelly wiped the tears on her face, stopped sobbing, and took the opportunity to say. "My brother has always been against you. He said he didn't care about the property of An Group, but now with that woman who disregards moral principles, he might not be determined to pursue the An Group!"

Edmund had no sense of security. He often worried about his family or other people who often thought about the An Group's industry. Hearing what Shelly said, he suddenly felt nervous and frowned. "If Jonny wants to be an ungrateful person, I will not care about the father and son's feelings!"

Shelly had seen Edmund losing his temper more than once in these years, especially the way he beat Emma. He was so horrible that she didn't even dare to breathe. So when she was facing Edmund, she echoed every word he said, almost wanting to vent her anger at the same time with him, so that she could have her place in the An family.

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