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   Chapter 115 He Is Loving Her Silently

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"A previous friend gives me a ride when we meet on the road." Amelia explained with a blush.

"It's good if a girl is beautiful. If he's still single, you can consider it!" Carlotta made fun of her on purpose.

Amelia opened the door of the store to invite her in.

Seeing this, Carlotta couldn't help laughing, "you're so naughty."

It was not yet 1:00 pm, so Amelia arrived at the shop ahead of time. When she was about to clean up the bar counter, she heard Carlotta asking, "Amelia, is that handsome young man your ex-husband?"

Amelia's hand trembled when she held the glass. If she hadn't held it tightly, it would have broken into pieces on the ground.

Lucian called himself "my ex-husband" in front of Carlotta. And if she denied, it meant that she would lie to Carlotta, so she nodded.

Carlotta stopped her hands from caring for the potted plants. Then she went to the bar counter and inquired inquisitively, "how can you be willing to divorce such a handsome husband?"

Carlotta's shocking words made Amelia's face freeze and she could not say anything.

How could she have the heart to part with such an excellent husband?

"He is living a happy life now." She answered indifferently, feeling a pain in her heart.

"But your expression shows that you love him very much." Carlotta stared at her, as if she could read her mind.

Amelia touched her face and forced a smile to deny, "really? I don't think so. "

Her eyes were empty. She couldn't help but make fun of herself for her duplicity.

"I has experienced something before, so don't be too vague with me. Tell me what happened." Carlotta was going to dig out the secrets to the end.

Amelia looked up at the clock and found that there was still a while before the working time. She could not find an excuse to refuse. "We don't have emotional foundation. Besides, he has his own life now. I feel happy for him."

"Although I'm 40 years old, I do check the Internet every day, including the news of your divorce with Lucian, and the curses to you. I didn't know you before, thinking that you were really like what they said. But after meeting with you, I found that you are a person with no desires. It's not like what they said. I think there must be some reason, right?" The reason Carlotta had known from Lucian and the reason why she asked Amelia again was that she wanted to know how much Amelia loved Lucian.

In order to take care of Amelia, Lucian spent a large sum of money to buy the shop. He also asked her to find a suitable reason to shorten Amelia's working time. In addition, he hired a waiter to make the payment for the night shift as well.

"Carlotta, it's all over. I don't want to talk about it anymore." Amelia forced a smile and looked embarrassed.

"All right, I won't mention it. But promise me, promise me, Amelia be happy in the future, because an optimistic woman is the most beautiful!" Carlotta encouraged.

Looking at the positive face of Carlotta, Amelia slowly had a smile on her face, and said, "I hope I can be as rich as Carlotta in

s old, fair skinned, tall, with a little baby fat on her face. She looked warm when she smiled, but her voice sounded hoarse.

It reminded Amelia of her twenties. At that time, she met Jasper, the man who had always said that he would take care of her for a lifetime. Just like Nancy boyfriend, Jasper also rented her an apartment and promised to marry her after graduation...

However, five years later, he cheated on her and married her stepmother's daughter. She was worried about Nancy who would meet the same condition with her when Nancy shares happiness with her.

"Nancy, cherish your own happiness." Even so, she still encouraged Nancy. After all, every love was different, and the feeling of happiness was also different. From the look of Nancy, she felt a strong sense of happiness.

After saying goodbye to Nancy, Amelia went back to the rented house. She felt happy as the lights in the yard were on.

When Mrs. Chen knew that she got off work late at night, she specially left a lamp in the courtyard for her. She felt warm in her heart the moment she opened the door and saw the light.

Probably hearing the door open, Mrs. Chen walked out and said kindly, "Amelia, you're off duty. I made some porridge for you. Please come and have some."

"Mrs. Chen, it's late. Why don't you go to bed?" Amelia followed her and saw Mrs. Chen was holding a bowl of steaming porridge from the kitchen.

Amelia took it over with both hands. She was too moved to speak.

"Enjoy the food. You should pay attention to your nutrition during your pregnancy. Don't miss the baby in your belly." Mrs. Chen said earnestly.

Amelia couldn't help but touch her stomach. She nodded and finished her porridge.

"Good girl." Seeing that she ate up all the porridge, Mrs. Chen smiled happily.

"Thank you, Mrs. Chen." Amelia always felt that she was so lucky to meet so many nice people.

"My silly girl, don't be so formal with me. It's not until you move in my house that I find the life so interesting." Mrs. Chen said with a smile.

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