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   Chapter 113 A Family With Different Thoughts

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For Jasper's greetings, Amelia didn't say anything, nor did she show any superfluous expression on her face. She glanced coldly at Jasper's clothes and wondered, 'Doesn't he hate colorful clothes most? Why is he wearing this colorful shirt?'

Noticing the weird look in Amelia's eyes, Jasper felt a little embarrassed and pulled the dress a little, with a look of disgust on his face, he said, "It's the most popular style this year, and the price is a bit high. Yolanda chose it for me in person. As her husband, I won't let her down."

Amelia's mouth twitched. She didn't mind Jasper showed off their love, but she wondered why Jasper called her over.

"Your wife picked clothes for you in person. You must cherish it." Amelia smiled.

The smile on Jasper's face froze. He reminded Amelia in a low voice, "When Yolanda's mother says those harsh words, you can ignore them."

Jasper was so kind today that Amelia was confused. She gave a cold snort inside.

As she walked into the living room of the Mo family, Amelia saw Sophia who was beaming with enthusiasm, greeting her warmly than ever. "Amelia, I heard that you would be home, so I cooked your favorite dish today."

Almost right at this moment, Amelia knew that she might be of some use to the Mo family.

In the past, Sophia and her daughter would glare at her or say something bitter, but now she treated her with enthusiasm, which made her a little nervous.

However, Amelia didn't show any surprise on her face. Her eyes were fixed on the gorgeously dressed Sophia, as if she was watching a good show.

"Is Amelia back?" Vernon said in a hoarse voice. It was hard to hide his excitement.

When hearing their shocking words, Amelia couldn't help but sneer at them. It seemed that she hadn't been home for eight years or ten years. What's more, she never liked her home.

After all, Vernon was her own father. Amelia raised her head and forced a wry smile when she saw Vernon who was approaching slowly.

She found that it was an impossible thing to smile in the face of Sophia. She didn't like to disguise her emotions. In front of Sophia, she always kept any emotions on her face, showing her silent coldness all the time.

However, the poker faced expression on Sophia's face was much better than that in the movie theater, where Sophia was dying to eat her up.

"Everyone is here. Let's have the meal." Jasper urged.

At this moment, it was not the time for a meal, but the time just after breakfast. But Amelia did not say a word. She wanted to observe for more time and secretly understand the reason why Jasper called.

The three of them were holding different facial expressions. The mind of Jasper and Sophia could be seen from their enthusiasm, which was rare to see. However, Vernon seemed preoccupied with something in his smile.

"Vernon, please wait for Yolanda. She will be here soon." Sophia had a gentle smile on her face.

sper said surprised Amelia. She looked at Yolanda subconsciously, and noticed that her face changed a little. Probably she felt Amelia was looking at her, so she smiled and nodded in agreement.

"Well, we are a family and we don't have to be so formal. Help yourself!" Vernon seemed to be very happy and drank a lot after saying that.

Amelia wanted to stop him, but when she opened her mouth, Vernon had already drunk the wine.

"Dad, you are not in good health. Don't drink too much." Her returning home was the happiest thing they had talked about. The more she thought about it, the more depressed she felt.

"Amelia, let's have a drink together." Then, Sophia raised up the glass of red wine. The liquid of the red wine was in the blink, which looked creepy.

Amelia smiled and proposed a toast politely.

"I have said a lot of bad words to you, and I have done many things that I'm sorry for you. I hope you can forgive me. From now on, we are still family." As if giving a presentation, Sophia spoke fluently. After she finished her speech, she drank up the red wine in her glass specially.

Amelia was in a rage but she didn't show it on her face. She took a sip of the milk and looked like a lonely flower. She was moved by the way someone who didn't like her showed her affection.

"Amelia, I'd like to propose a toast to you too!" Jasper stood up immediately, with a glass of red wine in his hands. Apologizing, he said, "I've done too much wrong to you. I don't ask for your forgiveness. I just hope you can live a happy life."

Jasper was like Sophia drinking up the wine after he finished speaking, which seemed unreasonable to her. However, she took a sip of the milk and then sat down, still nervous.

It was not that she thought too much. It was just that she felt that the person who had never spoken kindly to her before had suddenly changed to a friendly face for her. It was difficult for her to not feel curious.

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