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   Chapter 112 Do Not Flatter Yourself Anymore

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Amelia couldn't get rid of Lucian and didn't know how to reply. She just stood there. When she raised her head, she found Shelly standing behind Shelly.

Her heart skipped a beat. She was scared stiff.

"It's late now. Let me send you back." Said Lucian, who did not know that Shelly was here.

After Amelia came to her senses, she said in a very low voice, "Miss An..." She was so scared that she had no strength at all, and she was a little nervous.

Shelly stood in the dim light. Amelia could see the expression on her face clearly though Lucian was between them, and she could still feel the sharp look in her eyes.

Fear could be seen in Amelia's eyes. Lucian turned around.

"Lucian, you... How could you do this to me! " After a short moment of silence, Shelly pointed her fingers back and forth between Lucian and Amelia.

"Miss An, we are not..."

"Shut up, Amelia!" Shelly interrupted Amelia when Amelia was trying to explain. Then she pointed at the hands of Lucian and Amelia and said, "Do you really think that no one could notice it?"

Amelia got rid of Lucian's hand in a hurry. This not only didn't make Shelly feel good, but also deepened the misunderstanding in her heart.

"Let me send you back first." Lucian looked very calm. He ignored Shelly's yelling, turned around and said to Amelia gently.

Amelia was shocked by the news. When she heard what Lucian said, her face was full of surprise, which made her think that Lucian wanted to exaggerate the matter.

"Mr. Lucian, could you please respect me?" Amelia stepped back angrily and reached out a hand to stop him. After making sure that Lucian didn't come over, she looked up at Shelly and bowed deeply. Then she apologized, "Miss An, I'm sorry. I didn't expect that. Don't worry. This will never happen again."

"Nonsense! Watch your language, Amelia!" Lucian said in a slightly angry tone. And he walked to her.

"Lucian, you heard it too. Don't flatter yourself." Shelly followed them. She held Lucian's arm and leaned towards him.

Looking at the two people in front of her, Amelia felt a pang in her heart, but she still smiled and blessed them, "Mr. Lucian and Mrs. Shelly, wish you happiness all your lives."

When she turned around and was about to leave, a hand clasped her shoulder so tightly that she couldn't get rid of it.

"Lucian, are you really going to do this to me?" After seeing Lucian's act, two lines of tears ran down on Shelly's face. Her crying voice sounded very pitiful, which also hurt Amelia.

Even if she still loved Lucian, she had warned herself not to destroy their marriage. But the current situation made her feel ashamed. She felt like a third party that affected the feelings of Lucian and Shelly.

"I'll give you a chance to say what you want to say, but now I have to send Amelia home." Lucian didn't care about the tear

small matter. If you take the interests of the whole situation into account, you can go back to Mo family." Jasper begged.

"I'm not some accessories. Why should I care about the overall interests when you need me?" In the past, she was easily influenced and did whatever Jasper asked her to do. But in the end, she got nothing in return?

'It's best that they don't have anything to do with each other now, and I don't have to pretend to refuse him unconsciously, ' thought Amelia.

"Dad is sick about this. Come back quickly!" Jasper said anxiously on the phone.

She was really short of breath when she heard that Vernon was ill. After a short silence, she asked coldly, "Where is my father? Ask him to tell me."

The affair between Amelia and Jasper had destroyed Amelia's trust in Jasper.

"Amelia, if you are not busy, come back. I have something very important to tell you." Soon, Vernon's voice came from the other end of the phone. After he finished speaking, he coughed incessantly.

Amelia's heart clenched. She had no choice but to go back.

It was not too late, so she decided to go back and see what was going on.

Every time she came back to the Mo family, she would be full of disappointed and go back home. But thinking of Vernon, she went back for safety.

"Tell me the address. I'll pick you up." Jasper said eagerly.

"No, thanks. I can take a taxi." She didn't want Jasper to know where she lived. Even if he wouldn't disturb her, she didn't have to let him know.

Amelia did not want to be curious because she did not know the situation. In order to save time, she took a taxi to pay a lot of money. When the car arrived at the Mo family, she saw Jasper in a colorful shirt was looking at the intersection. Seeing her get off, he immediately rushed up against her, and asked enthusiastically, "You have been sitting for a long time. You must be very tired, right?"

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