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   Chapter 111 A Married Man

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"Yes, Mr. Lucian, I've also been beaten, and you should fulfill your promise, shouldn't you?" Jasper said in an aggrieved tone, and his face was full of pain.

Lucian's eyes became deep, and the displeasure on his face did not disappear at all. He said coldly, "Is this your attitude to mistake others?"

With a guilty look on his face, Jasper asked disapprovingly, "What else do you want me to do, Mr. Lucian?"

"Jasper, don't spoil the good news!" Feeling the impatience in his voice, Vernon was in a panic and reminded Jasper immediately.

Jasper didn't dare to show his anger. He put on a smile instead and flattered, "Mr. Lucian, you're the boss of A city. Anything you ask will be done easily here!"

"The slaps were given to you because I, as an ex-husband, was seeking justice for my ex-wife. You have to apologize to Amelia to her face" Lucian said expressionlessly.

Facing with Lucian's cold face, the patience on Jasper's face suddenly faded away. He could not help but feel angry, and he asked resentfully, "Since you said that you would seek justice, then I have been hit. Why don't you just let it go?"

"Jasper, don't..."

"Dad! Why don't you tell the truth? The reason why I have been humble to him is because of your stupid company! " Jasper stopped Vernon. His tone turned angry.

With an embarrassed look on his face and a look of fear on his face, Vernon said in a husky voice, "Mr. Lucian, I hope you can help me for the sake of our family."

Lucian was not hardhearted. After the turmoil in the Zhan Group some time ago, he felt it painful to be short of money. What upset him more was that after slapping Amelia, instead of showing any remorse, Jasper was slapped in the face in order to obtain the capital flow of the project, which made him more and more upset.

"Family? Have you ever treated Amelia as your family? " Lucian asked with a sneer.

Shocked and speechless, Vernon frowned and looked at Lucian for help. He was anxious.

"Amelia is not..."

"Jasper!" Vernon snapped and turned to Jasper with an apologetic smile, "Mr. Lucian, you're right. I do owe someone for Amelia."

Lucian raised his eyebrows and said straightforwardly, "I don't like to beat around the bush. I offer funds to invest in your company, which is that you must admit your mistakes to Amelia. In addition, you are not allowed to bully her in the future. Otherwise, your company will be in a complete mess."

After saying this abruptly, Lucian picked up the tea and slowly sipped it.

The more leisurely he behaved, the more powerful his cold demeanor was.

So, after hearing this, Vernon began to shiver, and Jasper looked guilty.

Although the Zhan Group had gone through a storm, it had been at the head of A city for so many ye

just like the reaction of her carelessly hitting the wall when she was too serious with her mobile phone in the past.

"You know very well who is in my heart." His cold voice was like a dagger that kept dangling in the night and dropped on her ears, making her became nervous.

They seemed to be too close to each other now. A sense of guilt inevitably rose in Amelia's heart. She struggled hard, trying to get rid of Lucian's hand and keep a certain distance from him.

To be honest, the moment she saw him, she should have turned around and left. It was better than being chased by him. She was just standing there waiting for him.

Amelia's hand froze and was held by his fist tightly again. That sentence was like a bullet shooting into her heart, making her heart dull and painful.

Knowing that it was no use struggling, she did not move again, but there was extreme coldness in her voice. "You make me unable to live my own life. I am disgusted with it."

Inexplicably irritable feelings welled up in her heart, and she was a little angry.

Lucian's heart froze, but he still didn't want to let go of her. He said stubbornly, "You can live your own life, but you can't lose me."

His tone was not overbearing, but it sounded very overbearing.

"I have to live my own life without you." She coldly retorted, with anger on her face.

Amelia's words were like a thorn in Lucian's heart.

"You can say one thing and mean another, but I can't do it. If you are not in my life, my life will be meaningless." He looked down at her and said in a sonorous and forceful tone. The deep and overbearing love in his words made Amelia feel very restless.

After all, in their relationship, it was her fault. He had never betrayed their love. She had no complaints even if he had given up. So much guilt was filled in her heart.

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