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   Chapter 109 The Relationship Between Ex-husband And Ex-wife

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Amelia didn't want to be connected with Lucian, but she couldn't help falling into his great tenderness each time.

Lucian looked around, expressionless, but his eyes were bright. He was not as angry as few minutes ago.

"There are only some cakes here. If you are hungry, you can have lunch in the opposite." Somehow, Amelia worried about his hunger and asked out of concern.

Lucian smiled with joy in his eyes. He looked at the time and said, "There's an hour left before you go to work. We have enough time to have lunch together."

It turned out that he not only knew her working place, but also her working time.

"You go and eat. I'm cleaning this place."

"Let me help you." Lucian snatched the rag from Amelia's hand and started to clean the table.

Amelia was shocked by this scene and wondered if Lucian was insane.

"Mr. Lucian, aren't you busy with your family business?" Amelia frowned and asked with some displeasure.

"You traded our marriage for the Zhan Group. Of course I am busy." He blurted out, but soon regretted.

This kind of blame would only intensify Amelia's psychological burden. Why did he have to say that.

Hearing that, Amelia stood in a daze. She had an unspeakable grievance, but as Lucian had said, she did give up their marriage to save the Zhan Group.

What she had done didn't work, but she had forced the man she loved to make a choice.

"Don't forget that you are carrying a baby in your belly. If you don't want to starve him, just come to eat with me." He threw away the rag in his hand and looked at the belly of Amelia.

Looking at her lower abdomen, she blushed and covered her lower abdomen with her hands shyly.

Lucian couldn't refuse. She looked at the time and thought one hour was enough, so she nodded in agreement.

The restaurant they chose was not very big, but it had a good environment. The moment they entered the restaurant, they could hear the popular love song which was very tempting.

Lucian sat by the window as usual, which was the preference of Amelia. She stared at the potted plants on the French window, feeling fretful.

It seemed that only in this way could she forget the embarrassing situation they were in now.

The dishes that Lucian ordered were all suitable for pregnant women. Because Amelia liked spicy food, he specially asked the waiter to add less pepper.

Amelia was deeply moved by what Lucian had said. She forced herself to remain calm.

"Are there any signs of morning sickness recently?" Dishes were served at the table. On the other hand, Lucian kept picking up food for Amelia and concerned about her with gentle voice.

Amelia trembled her hand holding the chopsticks with an uneasy look on her face. She reached out to

Carlotta, who was standing at the door, called tentatively. It seemed that she didn't expect that Lucian would appear here.

Lucian winked at Carlotta and coughed. Then he turned to Amelia and said, "Amelia, we have a guest."

Amelia turned around immediately and was about to greet her but found it was Carlotta. She smiled happily, "Carlotta, you are here."

Carlotta was dressed in a cotton linen costume, and its long black hair was swept up with a hairpin. It looked simple but elegant.

"Good morning, dear guest." Carlotta looked at Lucian with a gentle smile on her face.

"Uh..." Amelia didn't know how to explain it to Carlotta.

"Hello, I'm the ex-husband of Amelia. The decoration style of your shop is very unique. People will be happy to spend time here." Lucian calmly introduced himself.

Ex husband... He was so sneaky.

Carlotta raised her eyebrows, and looked to Amelia to confirm it.

Embarrassed, Amelia glared at Lucian.

"Thank you for visiting, wish you happy." Carlotta reached out her hand and said with a smile.

He held the her hand back and thanked her. Then he turned to look at Amelia and asked in a low voice, "Can I shake hands with Miss Amelia?"

Although it was a polite request, Amelia sensed that there was something hidden in the words.

She was not in the mood to be teased by him.

Just as she was hesitating, her hand was grabbed by a big hand and felt the temperature of the palm. She suddenly looked up and met with Lucian's deep eyes. Her heart was clasped and she was so nervous that her breathing was slowed down.

"Ahem, you two continue to display affection, I have to go to other branches." Embarrassed, Carlotta coughed a little, then walked out of the milk tea shop and rode her bicycle and left.

"Carlotta..." Amelia shouted, but Carlotta was gone.

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