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   Chapter 108 I Won't Beat A Woman

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Lucian pointed out why Amelia drew up the divorce agreement. She was so shocked that she couldn't say anything.

"You love me so much, why do you still act so indifferent and heartless?" After stopping the car, Lucian turned slightly sideways, reached out his hand to turn the direction of Amelia's face, and gently rubbed her slapped face with his finger pulp.

A tingling sensation ran through her body, and her heart jumped nervously, causing her cheeks burning to the earlobe. The pressure made her neck and the lower part of the body stiff.

Before she came to herself, her lips were covered by Lucian's cold lips. Amelia nudged Lucian out of instinct. But due to the car's limited space, Amelia couldn't move in the car. So Lucian controlled her very well. He wouldn't hurt her and she couldn't get rid of his arms. So, she became powerless to fight back but became silent later to the domineering kiss...

As they were having a great time kissing, there was a knock on the car window. Lucian loosened Amelia reluctantly. At the same time, Amelia threw her eyes out of the window and saw that Sophia was slapping the window violently with her palm, with a particularly angry expression on her face.

"Don't get out of the car. I'll get down to have a look." After Lucian said that, he kissed on the forehead of Amelia.

Before Amelia could say anything, Lucian had got out of the car. He walked to Sophia even though Sophia was a fierce woman, but as Lucian stood in front of her, she didn't have enough strength and kept on fighting.

Amelia feared that Lucian would be stimulated because of the harsh words said by Sophia. She got off the car and walked up to Lucian, trying to persuade him, "Didn't you say that you would give me a ride? I'm late. Let's go! "

Sophia glared at Amelia from head to toe and sneered disdainfully, "Didn't you divorce him? How did they get together again? "

Amelia trembled and the look on her face was stiff. She tried her best to comfort herself, looking at Lucian with a sight of begging.

However, such emotion did not give up the idea of Lucian to put in a good word for Amelia, but deepened his heart to feel sorry for Amelia.

His anger surged up every time he thought about how Amelia visited Mo family.

"Mrs. Sophia, you don't brush your teeth every day, do you?" Lucian held Amelia into his arms, his sharp eyes staring at Sophia who was in a colorful cheongsam.

The cold words from Lucian stunned Sophia a little. He subconsciously covered her mouth with a hand. As soon as she came to herself, her face returned to an expression of anger and discontent.

Sophia always had a bitter face, and she was thin in weight, so as she was said in unpleasant words, she looked meaningfully mean.

"Mr. Lucian, I'm only talking to Amelia. Don't automatically match yourself with others!" In the mind of Sophia, Lucian had made a successful achievement, and

continued to be a guilty feeling in her heart.

Her reason told her that she couldn't do that.

As a woman, Shelly had already married with Lucian. As Shelly's husband, Lucian should be responsible. Although she knew that her words might irritate Lucian, she couldn't help saying, "Mr. Lucian, Miss An loves you very much. Please cherish her."

Lucian's expression became strange. There was unconcealed disappointment in his eyes. He gave a long sigh out of his nose, and his chest rose and fell. That was a sad reaction.

"I'm deeply moved when you called me Lucian."

Amelia's heart suddenly tightened, with a touch of warmth in her eyes, and she was also moved.

She could only whisper about the intimate calling she had given him in the middle of the night, or in her dreams.

When the car stopped at the place where Amelia worked, Amelia was surprised because she was curious how Lucian knew where she worked.

But as long as Lucian wanted to know, he would know. He was Lucian.

He had told her this before.

"Thank you." She greeted him politely.

Amelia thought he would drive away as they arrived at the destination, but he got off the car with an attractive smile on his face, walked to the door of the store and asked in a low voice, "since you want to thank me for driving you home, may I have a seat in your shop?"

Amelia's face darkened. She pointed at the door of the store and lied, "I don't have the key."

With his eyebrows raised, Lucian looked around as if he was adapting to Amelia. He pointed at a restaurant nearby and said, "It's almost lunch time. Since we haven't had lunch yet, how about we go out for lunch together?"

Lucian said in a relaxed tone, which was rare to find any unpleasant emotions. Looking at him, Amelia thought that he would stay here today.

"All right." She gave in and opened the door.

When Amelia turned her back to Lucian, a gloating smile flashed across his face.

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