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   Chapter 107 A Victim In The Marriage

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"Don't be so hypocritical, Amelia. You become Mrs. Amelia of the Zhan Group in a confusion. You used to be so cocky that you thought you could ignore us as you hooked up with the rich. But now you are nothing but a deserted woman and treat us as your family. Shame on you!" It was hard to hide her anger. Yolanda snorted and said sarcastically, "You think the Zhan Group is a time-long-term ticket, so since then, you look at others with your chin. But in the end, you are only a mistress!"

The look on Amelia's face changed. She began to speak so frivolously to Yolanda just for the sake of Vernon. She didn't expect that she would be insulted by Yolanda. She said with a cold face, almost the same as before, "Don't you also like to eat other people's food?"

Amelia knew that Yolanda would seize the opportunity to insult her. Now, she was already a mother of her child. She could not let this kind of humiliation become a normal in her life. If that was the case, when the baby was born, these bad words would spread into the ears of the child. Therefore, she could not let Yolanda think insulting was a pleasure.

Hearing this, Yolanda turned from stern to grim. She glared at Amelia and questioned, "You and Jasper didn't sleep together. How could you treat him as a leftover?"

Amelia didn't expect that Yolanda would brazenly go on with this topic. She sneered, "Even if he is not a leftover, it's just a simple meal that I despise!"

"Amelia, you're getting more and more eloquent. I don't want to argue with you, because you're at most an abandoned woman that no one likes!" Yolanda was so angry that her eyes went straight and said fiercely.

Looking at Yolanda's big belly, Amelia restrained her anger in an instant. Her anger was thoroughly suppressed by her reason, and she just reminded Yolanda in a low voice, "For the sake of your baby, you'd better pray for your own good."

Now that Yolanda was back, she could go back to work. She took off her apron, walked around Yolanda and was about to say goodbye to Vernon in the living room.

"Oh my God!" When Amelia walked past Yolanda, Yolanda let out a painful scream.

Amelia turned to look at Yolanda. Yolanda was lying on the ground and one hand was holding her leg. She said with difficulty, "Amelia, I know you don't like me. But you can't hurt the baby of me. It's the fruit of the love between Jasper and me. It's my life!"

All of a sudden, Yolanda screamed like a ghost. If her legs were not grabbed by Yolanda, she would leave without hesitation, even though she was acting really to the point.

"Yolanda, what's wrong?" Hearing the noise, Jasper came to the ward. When he saw Yolanda lying on the ground, he seemed to understand something as Yolanda held her belly with one hand and pulled Amelia's leg with the other. "Amelia, what did you do to Yolanda?" he asked with a stern look.

"I'm standing st

was scared to stay still. She huddled in his arms and looked at his handsome face nervously.

The scent was so familiar. The masculine charm radiated from his body made her blush.

After putting her on the passenger's seat lightly, Lucian looked at her affectionately and said in a gentle tone, "I just want to drive you home. That's all."

Perhaps the softness in his eyes was so touching that Amelia didn't refuse him. She didn't feel panic until the car was started.

She thought of Shelly and those words she reminded her of.

"I heard that you have found a new job?" On the way, Lucian asked.

His tone was cold. Although she could not tell he was worried about her, she felt a ripple in her heart due to his coldness.

In her eyes, he was just concerned about her. That was why she couldn't help but fix her eyes on him.

"You are well-informed." She replied with a little sarcasm, and then she couldn't help but sneer at herself, "Lucian, you know, I have no secrets from you."

There were only two of them in the car, so Lucian heard what Amelia said easily.

After hearing Amelia's self-mockery, Lucian felt a kind of sadness in his heart and replied, "What you wanted to hide from me is that I cannot understand totally."

She didn't ask him for any compensation in the humble divorce agreement. She still didn't mention when she was pregnant with his child.

Lucian wanted to see it all clearly, but he could not do anything because of the intention of Amelia.

He understood what she was worrying about and felt sorry for her.

"Why should you know it thoroughly? It doesn't seem to be a bad thing to keep a low profile." She turned her face to the scenery outside the window, and her eyes followed the sunlight to the direction.

Lucian's lips twitched. After a while, he said, "Amelia, if you save the Zhan Group by sacrificing our marriage, I'm not grateful to you, but will blame you."

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