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   Chapter 106 Intimate Relationship Between Father And Daughter

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Entering Mo family, Amelia had a feeling that she couldn't tell. She felt familiar with this house, but she didn't come back since she had rented the house. But she spent her childhood here so it could not say that she was unfamiliar with this place, and Iris was also in her childhood.

After she left the SJ Garden, Amelia took away the photo of Iris.

Now she came back here, she could hardly find any trace of the past except recalling the past.

The maid told her that Vernon was in the study upstairs. Sophia was living in Yolanda's new home. He came back every few days but still in a hurry. Vernon kept flowers when he was free, or read books in the study...

Knowing that Sophia and her daughter were not at home, she felt a little easiness in her mind. She felt that she was finally able to dodge the sarcastic remarks of Sophia and Yolanda.

Putting the cake on the table in the living room, she went straight upstairs and knocked on the door of the study. After she knocked on the door, she heard Vernon's hoarse response. She opened the door and saw Vernon sitting at the desk with a cigarette in his hand. There was a book on it. After Amelia entered, he put the cigarette into the desk, he pinched it out. His smile was unnatural, but his tone was as concerned as before: "Amelia. I haven't seen you for a long time. How are you doing?"

This kind of greeting was warm but strange.

Thinking of what had happened recently, Amelia couldn't help feeling sour in her nose. She didn't say anything but nodded.

Vernon's dark eyes fell on her face and looked her up and down. With some worries, he asked, "Are you really divorced with Lucian?"

Amelia had thought that Vernon would ask this question before she came, and she thought that she could answer it calmly. But when Vernon referred to the name of Lucian, she was panic and frozen in place. She looked at Vernon with dull eyes, nervously and hurriedly said, "Yes, we have divorced."

When she said it by herself, it was like a bomb was tossed in her mouth. Her consciousness was instantly overwhelmed, and only the appearance of Lucian was left in her mind.

Seeing that she was not in a good mood, Vernon didn't ask any more questions. Instead, he tried hard to wear an embarrassed smile on his face and said, "You haven't been back for a long time. How about staying at home for a few days? Or staying forever?"

She hadn't heard the words that she was asked to stay by Vernon after Iris' death, so Amelia felt warm and bitter when she heard it. After all, Vernon was her father. If she had any unpleasant memories of the past, those contradictions would naturally disappear in front of the blood.

"Dad, I'm here to see you. I have to go back to work later." She smiled faintly and took a look at the time.

With an astonished look on his face, Vernon looked at Amelia up and down and said in disbelief, "You divorced with Lucian. Did he not give you any material compensation or property transfer?"

Vernon's question caused Amelia's pau

despised Sophia and her daughter even more.

Amelia felt that Vernon was too inconstant in love. After all, he and Iris had been in love for more than ten years. He went into the house with another woman within a short time after her death. Apparently, he was forcing Iris to leave Mo family.

"Dad, have a seat. I'll cook for you." Amelia shook her head and dared not to think further. She was afraid that the resentment hidden in her body would affect the relationship between the father and the daughter. No matter what unpleasant happened in the past, at least now the relationship between the father and the daughter was peaceful.

As soon as Amelia entered the kitchen, Yolanda's voice came from the living room. Amelia opened the fridge with a pause and came out from the chicken. When she saw the heavily pregnant Yolanda, she was surprised at first and then walked up to her and said with a smile, "It's been seven months. Your baby will meet you in two months."

With a long face, Yolanda seemed a little unhappy. As usual, she glared at her with sharp eyes. "Why? Mrs. Amelia cannot stay Zhan family anymore. Did she come back to Mo family?"

Amelia had predicted that Yolanda would hurt her, so she kept smiling and answered, "I'm a member of the Mo family. The Mo family is always my home."

She didn't want to fight with Yolanda, but Amelia's response made Yolanda feel that Amelia was provoking her. Her face darkened and she said unhappily, "Amelia, I thought you were an honest and unsophisticated girl, but I didn't expect that you would abandon Lucian when the Zhan Group fell down and ran into Jonny. A woman like you is surely despised by the whole world. You deserve it!"

With a calm look on her face, Amelia yawned no matter how much Yolanda jeered at her. After Yolanda finished her words, she said with a faint smile, "Today is my father's birthday. I don't want to see it come to a bad end, so please accept your advice. Maybe in this way, I can still be a family with you calmly."

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