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   Chapter 105 Marry Him As Soon As Possible

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It was her first day to work and the first guest she received. She was nervous and excited.

The doll said that it could send a small pastry to a customer when she was not busy, so Amelia made a tiramisu on purpose. When she put it on the table, the foreign friend was a little surprised, and then smiled and gave her a thumbs up.

"It is the first day I work here, and you are the first guest I've received. I'm glad to gain your acceptation," Amelia said, burying her face in front of the foreign friend.

"Your tiramisu is very delicious. I remember you." The foreigner kept complimenting the tiramisu made by Amelia.

"Thank you for your praise. Welcome to our store." Amelia said politely.

She finally felt relaxed after getting a guest's help. In the evening, there came several couples. What they ordered were these she was good at, so she didn't panic and didn't keep the guest waiting.

It wasn't weekend, so there were no more than ten customers today.

At ten o'clock, Amelia finished cleaning and was ready to go off work. Just when she locked the door, her phone buzzed.

It was a message from a stranger, but under the name of the message was Shelly. Shelly asked if she was free tomorrow and if she had time, Shelly could meet her.

Amelia didn't reply to it at once. She wanted to return home first. When she just crossed the road, her cell phone rang.

Although she hesitated for a while, she still answered the phone in one breath. She had been used to what Shelly said. She could bear that what Shelly said on the phone was unpleasant to hear.

"Come on, sister-in-law. Don't you think you are something? Why didn't you reply to my message?" Shelly complained on the other end of the line.

Hearing Shelly call her sister-in-law, Amelia felt cold on her back. After a pause, she replied, "I was on my way and didn't notice that."

"Oh, I see. I thought you were a coward," Shelly raised her voice, and then expressed her intention of calling. "Lucian and I have ended the separation. He was very gentle to me last night. I'm calling to thank you for what you said to me last time. Since then, his attitude towards me has changed."

There was a sense of complacency in Shelly's tone. It sounded like she was thanking Amelia, but actually it was a showing off, which hurt her badly.

Amelia froze when she heard what Shelly said over the phone. She stood at the corner in the dark and her heart was broken.

Heartbroken, she breathed for a while, and then said calmly, "that's good. Congratulations."

"Thank you! But why do you sound so angry?" Shelly said casually on the phone.

"Miss An, I'm very calm. If there's nothing else, I'll hang up." She had a long way to go. The bus was gone at this point, and she felt it was a waste to take a cab. So even though she wasn't about to breathe because of the pain in her heart, she could still finish the sentence in a ca

or him to get into her world.

"Don't worry, Jonny. I can sleep eight hours a day before dawn, so it won't affect the baby's development. Besides, the atmosphere in the milk tea shop is very good, except making drinks, there is no fatigue at all." She smiled and answered him. She was quite satisfied with her current work.

"That's good. If anything happens, remember to call me." Then, Jonny drove away.

Standing at the gate of the yard, Amelia was in a daze. The dim light fell on her, making her especially cold at night. Amelia took a deep breath and looked up at the dark sky. For a moment, she forgot what Shelly told her on the phone.

After freshening up, Amelia checked her phone in a small voice. Then she checked the calendar and noticed the lunar calendar. It suddenly occurred to her that tomorrow was Vernon's fiftieth birthday.

Ever since she divorced with Lucian, Amelia had been out of touch with Vernon. She once thought about calling him to greet him, but when she thought of the way he had advised her, she gave up the idea.

The next morning, Amelia went to the pastry room and ordered a birthday cake. Although she was very conflicted last night, since she knew it was Vernon's birthday, as his daughter, she had to go home.

The taxi charge was rather expensive, so Amelia chose to take a bus. It only needed 40 minutes to go there, but she felt very uneasy because there were so many things in her mind.

Then she hailed a taxi to Mo family.

Amelia wanted to go back to work before 2 pm, so she pressed the time along the way, but she arrived at Mo family at 9:30 am.

A servant of the Mo family was hired by Lucian. When the servant who was cleaning the house saw Amelia, she ran to her happily and said, "Miss Mo, it's been a long time to see you again. Come in."

Amelia greeted with a smile. When she walked past the garden taken by Vernon, the flowers had blossomed and swayed in the breeze.

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