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   Chapter 104 She Give Up Her Love

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Hearing what he said, Amelia was stunned. After taking a glance at him with a poker face, she answered in disgust, "It was in the past, not now, not in the future."

No matter what, the An Group saved the Zhan Group. It was a foregone conclusion that Lucian and Shelly had been married. She couldn't continue to mess up with him because of her unwillingness. If so, what was the difference between her and a home wrecker?

Looking at her with deep eyes for a long time, with a livid face, Lucian pretended to be calm and asked, "Do you want your child to be born without a father?"

His question successfully provoked the anger in Amelia's heart. Perhaps at the moment, the last thing she wanted to face was something about the baby.

She didn't deny that Lucian was the baby's father, but she never thought about asking him to be responsible. So he threatened her with the baby by saying so.

Amelia took a deep breath to calm down. Then she looked at Lucian and said coldly, "He is mine. He has nothing to do with you."

She was so determined that there was no trace of gambling in her tone.

Of course, Lucian understood what she meant. Amelia was making a cold comment on their relationship and separated them.

"But this child is mine. You could not cut off everything through one sentence. Lucian stared at her and replied her coldly.

There was a sort of confrontation between them.

Amelia was almost out of breath. After a short while, she said in a low voice, "If you insist to be associated with this child, I will do an abortion right now."

Maybe it was because she was in a rage, or she wanted to protect the baby too much that she said such vicious words.

After saying that, her lips trembled, and her heart jumped wildly because of her fierceness.

With his eyes glowing down, Lucian felt sad. He looked like a loser who had just lost a battle. His previous hostility had gone, and now he looked a little sad.

After a long time, she heard his cold voice with a hint of compromise, "As long as you take care of yourself, I will not come to bother you."

Amelia turned to him in panic. When she saw his sad face, her heart hurt.

Lucian stood by the door, holding the doorknob. He turned his head slightly, so you could see Amelia's side face. It was in a beautiful line, showing the attractive beauty that could move his heart. However, there was no sadness in the familiar beauty, which was totally different from the smiling little woman before.

"Lily asked you to drink the chicken soup that she made for you, or she would be sad." Lucian said before leaving.

Her heart ached for it when she heard the door close.

After crying for a while, she felt a little tired. She stood up and walked to the table in the living room, then she opened the big bag of chicken soup and opened it. The scent of the chicken soup, mixed with a warm steam, immediately wafted around her eyes. The tears that had not been dry in her eyes were dried under the towe

ld make people feel relaxed to play these music during the afternoon tea time, but it was easy to get sleepy because of the spring.

At a quarter past three, Amelia had her first guest.

"Hello!" Amelia walked out of the bar counter and struggled to greet the customers in front of them. Then she tried her best to search the English that had been left behind for a long time...

The man in front of her was a foreign friend whose skin was dark. After hearing the awkward pronunciation of Amelia, he smiled, and the neat teeth were particularly white. He said clearly, "I want a glass of lemon black tea, thank you."

"Okay, please wait for a moment..." Amelia's eyes were wide open out of amazement. She never expected that he could speak Chinese so well

Maybe Amelia's English was even inferior to that of a junior high school student. She was absent-minded in class and didn't know the answer during the exam, so after scratching her head, she didn't come up with a complete greeting.

It never occurred to her that the first client she would receive was a foreign friend. But after hearing his fluent Chinese, her nervous mood was eased a lot.

When making the lemon black tea, Amelia was extremely careful. She followed the steps taught by the bear doll to control the quantity and time. Therefore, the making process was also very smooth.

When she handed the prepared black tea to the foreigner, she wanted to speak English, but she found it difficult to pronounce. Flushed, she said reverently in Chinese, "Enjoy your time."

The foreigner smiled at her, and slowly tasted the lemon black tea she made.

In order to create a familiar atmosphere to those foreign friends, Amelia deliberately found the song in the classified of their country.

When the music began, the foreign friend was holding the glass of lemon tea, looking out of the shop. It was hard to guess what was on his mind, but Amelia could tell from his long eyes that he was not averse to these songs.

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