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   Chapter 103 For The Baby's Sake

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Knowing that Courtney was in love, Amelia was overjoyed. Her heart shone in the mist.

A new relationship is equivalent to a rebirth. She hoped the man Courtney met this time could accompany her through the rest of her life and do not suffer from the hurt of love anymore in her life.

Thinking of her own situation, Amelia frowned. Even if she was angry, she couldn't call Lucian for the second time to question him. After all, the entanglement between the two would only make them more connected.

Amelia planned to give up the interview of some big companies after failing to find a job, and to start working in flower stores and bakeshops so that she wouldn't have nothing to do every day.

No matter how Lucian interfered with these business shops, he couldn't manage them well, so Amelia soon found a job.

She worked as a manager in a small but artistic milk tea shop. In other words, she was the shop clerk.

She had to clean the shop, and prepare the desserts and the milk tea for the guests.

The boss was a forty year old woman. If she did not mention her age, looking only at her dress, Amelia would think that she was only thirty years old.

Her style of the dress was similar to that of the store. With a braid, was dressed in a floral skirt and her smile was extremely gentle.

Her name was Carlotta Xiong which is pretty special too. .

During the whole day, Amelia had been learning the making methods of different drinks. To win memory, she wrote down notes carefully. Maybe she had helped Courtney before, so she learned how to make drinks very quickly. After one guidance of every drink, she was able to make it on time. And the drinks she made were praised and recognized by her owner, Carlotta Xiong.

"Amelia, you are talented in this respect. I thought I would teach you a week. Judging from your current progress, I can give you the whole shop tomorrow." As she was quite satisfied with what she just did, she couldn't help but sigh, "I own several shops by myself, and it's hard to manage them all at by myself."

Amelia looked around the shop and found its name beautiful. It was called "one meter sunshine". There were various kinds of succulent plants in front of the shop and it was labeled as not for sale. There were dried plants hanging on the wall, wooden floor and wooden tables with cherry flowers. It looked very simple but special.

Working in such an environment made her feel happy all day.

"Carlotta, don't worry. I will learn it as soon as possible." Amelia promised with a smile.

"I'm not worried about this. You're so smart. It's estimated that you would learned all of my exclusive formulas in ten days or a half month." Carlotta Xiong said with a smile.

Amelia was confused. She looked at Carlotta Xiong and asked, "What are you worried about? Are you worried that I might be too busy to handle them by myself? "

Amelia had a general understanding of the traffic. The most popular time was from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m

arried Shelly.

"You looked at me like a bomb. My heart was broken." He said in a low voice, a little upset.

Amelia moved her lips slightly and wanted to say something, but in the end she failed to utter a single word.

"Have you had dinner yet?" After being silent for a long time, Lucian broke the silence somewhat uncomfortably and asked in a tone of concern.

Amelia's heart was stirred by his words of concern. She couldn't help but look at Lucian's face. She missed him so much, like a vine, crawling all over her body. All the feelings gathered in her eyes, turning into a spring water. Her eyes were full of tenderness.

As a smart man, Lucian could read the emotion in her eyes, and he understood all her emotions all the time. That was why he only felt sorry for her when he was involved in love-hate relationship.

He strode forward and pulled her into his arms before she could say anything. Then he gave her a deep kiss on her soft lips.

The way he missed her was torturing.

Amelia was pressed against the door by him. With a bang, he tenderly reached out to her sexy waist to protect her and kissed her at the same time. The just embarrassing situation was suddenly interrupted by the ambiguity, and the room was filled with the sweetness of love.

A kisses swept over her, and Amelia was irresistibly overwhelmed by it. She was out of breath by the kisses, and meanwhile, Lucian loosened his grip on her. A familiar, charming and extremely dangerous look came into her eyes.

Before she lost her senses, Amelia pushed away Lucian. She was out of breath, glaring at him with her rare sharp eyes. "Lucian, we've divorced."

She thought she would beat him on the head like a hammer to wake him up.

But she didn't know that the two words were enough to break his heart. He wanted more badly to have her under his control, so that she would remember that she belonged to him forever.

"So what? You are my woman!" He acted like a rogue, saying cheekily.

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