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   Chapter 101 You Are Mine, Amelia

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"You must be kidding, Mr. Lucian. I'm now Jonny's girlfriend. Why should I be afraid?" She took Jonny as an excuse to stay away from Lucian.

A smile appeared at the corner of Lucian's mouth. It was meaningful and intimidating.

"Are you Jonny's girlfriend?" "Well, it seems that you're not Mrs. Amelia An," said Lucian in a mocking tone.

It was not hard to find that there was satire in his tone. Amelia stopped looking up at him and said calmly, "Mr. Lucian, I don't think it's necessary to report this to you."

"Nothing important?" Lucian asked in a low voice, then his slender figure strode forward to cover her. In front of her was a long and thin figure, followed by a cold atmosphere, like a bitter cold wind, roaring past for a short time. In the face of the sudden cold, her whole heart was swept away.

She suddenly raised her head and looked at his cold and handsome face with panic. Her heart beat rapidly. Before she came to herself from the fright, she was held in his arms. She struggled subconsciously for a few times, but was frightened by Lucian who said in a cold voice, "If you move again, my mouth won't listen to me, and my body would be out of my control, I will... "

"Shut up!" Amelia was annoyed. She didn't stop.

Lucian triumphed over Amelia in protest. When Amelia was about to lose her strength to struggle, Lucian held her hands with one hand and gripped her chin with the other. He looked down at her as if he were a king. His voice was so cold as if could be heard from a Valley that was tens of thousands of feet deep. "Amelia, you can only have me in your life!"

"Hmm!" He said aggressively, and then gave her a kiss.

At first, she resisted, but gradually, she surrendered

They kissed in the quiet courtyard as if no one was there. In the eyes of outsiders, they must be a couple in love, but only Amelia knew that this kiss made her restless, sad and greedy...

Because of the complex feelings, she did not push him away in time, but unwittingly accepted it. The time for how long they kissed was unknown, all that she knew was that the moment Amelia released her, she was out of breath, face red.

The familiar scene made Lucian feel as if he had returned to the time when they lived together. There was a strong sense in his heart that he wanted to take away Amelia!

"Amelia, you love me, right?" He raised her chin and asked seriously.

Because of the kiss, Amelia was still blushing and her heart was beating fast. And the following question made her heart out of control.

He seemed to know that she was a double faced woman. He held her hands and asked again, "Did you sign the divorce agreement without asking me because you wanted to get the Zhan Group out of tr

w." She stared at him and said clearly, "If I have your baby, I will abort it without hesitation because I won't let it be born without its father."

After saying that, she smiled brightly.

Lucian's mind was somewhat unhinged by the scene, but the words she said to him was like a sharp knife stabbing into his heart.

A silent pain crashed into his heart. He had a lot to say, but whatever he said was useless. Although she smiled brightly, the strange in her eyes made him feel extremely disappointed.

The woman who had followed him and lost her temper from time to time now was so ruthless to him.

He knew what she was thinking, but he was still upset by her cold attitude.

"Amelia, I hope that Jonny can bring you happiness." After a moment of silence, Lucian said coldly.

Her heart was broken into pieces at that moment.

She wanted to turn around to see that figure off, but she was afraid that it would be even sadder if she saw it. So she refrained herself from doing that.

Before getting on the car, Lucian specially turned back, thinking that Amelia would turn around. He waited for a long time and a strong feeling of bitterness surged in his heart. He started the engine and drove away.

When Amelia looked back, Lucian was out of sight, including the luxury car.

A sense of loss surged up in her heart. She bit her lower lip, and tears welled up in her eyes.

At this moment, there came an anxious voice, "Amelia, why are the vegetables and fruits all over the ground?"

Hearing Mrs. Chen's voice, Amelia wiped her tears and squatted down to pick up the vegetables and fruits.

After she was kissed by Lucian, she struggled with her hands and all the things in her hands fell to the ground.

"The bag is broken, when I pulled it to the door." She whispered, forcing a smile.

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