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   Chapter 100 Jonny Is Not Nice to You

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"If you and Jonny live apart from each other like this, then Lucian won't find out anything unusual?" Then, Courtney mentioned what had made Amelia worried.

She had thought about it before, but she didn't think it was a good idea to live in Jonny's villa for a long time, so she had to move out. After all, she had to work hard in the future.

"Though we don't live together, we still maintain a relationship of lovers." Amelia told the truth.

"Well, sometimes I really don't know what you're thinking. To be honest, It's better with me than you're outside alone. You always act first and report afterwards, thus taking me by surprise!" Courtney signed at the other end of the phone, and then she whined in a tone of disillusionment, "It's not wrong for you to choose to be self-sufficient. Look at that Kent. He once promised me a bright future, but what about the result? He became a father in a twinkling of an eye! "

Kent had not been mentioned by Courtney for a period. Amelia thought that Courtney had already let go of her pain in her heart. Now when she mentioned him again, she realized that Courtney seemed to be strong and optimistic, but in fact, she had never forgotten him in her heart.

"Courtney, remember to look ahead. There is a scenery ahead." She knew that it sounded very optimistic, but she did want to tell her now.

She and Lucian couldn't go back. The reason why Shelly came to her that day was that she wanted Amelia to cut off all contact with Lucian and not to disturb their lives.

Amelia knew that they would not disturb each other no matter how much they loved each other. However, their love was just like a seed that was buried deeply in the earth.

After talking with Courtney, Amelia specially sent Jonny a message to set him at east.

The next morning, Amelia went to work on time. Although she had morning sickness recently, she felt better than before.

When she first came to work in the company, she would lose her head because of strangers. Fortunately, an old colleague brought her up, and she was so considerate that she got familiar with the whole morning.

Her colleague was called Maggie Wang, who looked thirty years old. She was thin and tall, and she didn't like to smile at all. But was hardworking when she talked about the work to Amelia.

"Are you Amelia?" There was a break room for employees upstairs and a restaurant. There was a work lunch at noon. In order to cut the cost, Amelia had lunch at the restaurant. As soon as she got seated, Maggie sat opposite her and smiled to her.

Seeing her smile, Amelia's nervous heart relaxed instantly. She smiled and replied, "Yes, thank you for showing me around the work process in the morning."

Maggie shook her head and smiled, "You're the smartest one among all my colleagues. You've saved me a lot of trouble."

"Really?" Amelia was a little embarrassed. She looked around and asked curiously, "There are around twenty staff in the supermarket. Why only we eat

would never be relaxed when met him.

It turned out that what he did to her had become a burden.

"Since you are so happy, why do you still choose to work in a place like supermarket?" Lucian frowned and felt sorry for her.

He couldn't turn a blind eye to what Amelia had done, no matter how badly she hurt him.

Amelia panicked. She didn't expect that Lucian was so well-informed. She just had an interview yesterday and didn't go to work until this morning. He already knew her very well.

"Mr. Lucian, do you think it's meaningful to do so?" She didn't want to be involved in her life, not to mention it was from Lucian.

"No matter what, we used to be a couple, so my desire to take care of you has become a conditioned response, making it difficult for me not to care about you." His tone was cold and emotionless, but his caring words carried a lot.

Amelia's heart seemed to be disturbed by his flirtation. Her calmness just now suddenly came out and made her mind in a mess. She felt very nervous and difficult to control.

"Mr. Lucian, please don't interfere in my life again if you really care about the relationship between us once." With her brows knitted, she begged him.

There was a flash of gloom in Lucian's face. He looked at her in silence. He didn't withdraw his sight until the expression on Amelia's face became guilty and fearful.

"Amelia, smart people are stupid enough to make decisions by themselves." Lucian said coldly.

Amelia trembled with fear. She looked at him in disbelief. After a moment of silence, she asked in horror, "Do you know anything?"

Did he know why she moved out from the house of Jonny?

"Are you afraid?" Lucian bent down and gave her a bleak look. It seemed that there was an electric current in his eyes, which made her eyes burnt and numb.

Amelia could feel that her back was sweating and her heart was trembling. But she reminded herself that she couldn't tell him the truth. Even if he knew, she had to deny.

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