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   Chapter 99 A New Job

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Amelia blushed with shyness and panic.

"Jonny, in fact, I want to move out of here after a while." Amelia stuttered.

"But it's not the right time yet." Jonny answered her seriously.

"When the time comes, it will only increase the unnecessary trouble." She didn't want to bring trouble to Jonny and she also didn't want her unborn baby to be criticized by everyone.

Jonny seemed to have read her mind. He said immediately, "Actually, what you are worried about is the long-term scandal between us. You hope to end this relationship as soon as possible."

Amelia acknowledged that it was part of the reasons. She pursed her lips and struggled for a long time in the bottom of her heart. Then she looked at Jonny and said in a tone of discussion, "Can I move out of here?"

Jonny's expression changed obviously. After a while of silence, he looked at Amelia with concern and said, "I didn't expect that you are so eager to make a clean break with me." A bitter smile appeared at the corner of Jonny's mouth, which aroused Amelia's guilt.

"Edward, the baby was a surprise to me. I wasn't expecting it as well. I hope I can adapt to the life alone as soon as possible. Then I can support the baby by myself." Perhaps it was because of trust that she told her inner thoughts to Jonny.

"Amelia, do you really think that I'm not Lucian, and that I won't feel sorry for you after hearing your words?" Jonny looked at her and said in a low voice, but there was deep concern between his words.

Amelia felt nervous when he said that.

Perhaps it was because that Jonny didn't want her to be troubled to move out of here or not, he agreed. But he said, "we have to maintain our relationship."

Amelia was confused. She didn't understand why Jonny said so.

Now that he had agreed to help her move out of here, why did he still want to maintain the fake relationship?

"I've told you just now. When the time is right, let's do it." Jonny replied concisely.

Jonny didn't make it clear to Amelia. But after a short consideration, she nodded and said, "I hope you can find your true love as soon as possible."

In this way, her fake identity could be replaced, and they wouldn't have to be so upset.

"I already have someone I like." Jonny told her specifically.

"Really?" Amelia was very happy. She asked curiously, "Who is she? Why can't you be sure of your relationship? "

Jonny raised his eyebrows and smiled bitterly. He helplessly said, "The person I love doesn't like me." After saying that, Jonny quickly crossed his hands, as if trying to relieve his embarrassment.

"Well..." The joy on Amelia's face disappeared, and then she said with great regret, "It's not easy to find a person you like, let alone to find a lovely love."

Jonny nodded in agreement. He looked deeply at Amelia's regretful face and comforted her with a smile, "At least you and Lucian like each other."

Amelia didn't know why Jonny brought up the name of Lucian from time to time, but she had a deep impression of him and co

re so smart. I haven't nodded my head." Although the manager said in a helpless tone, there was a hint of smile on his face. "Well, you can try for three days here. If you can really handle this job, then we will sign the employment contract."

"Well, thank you for giving me this precious opportunity!" Although she didn't like to say words like that, it wasn't easy to find a job in an unfamiliar environment. One of the benefits of working here was that it was not far from her living place.

Amelia shared the good news with Courtney that night. She thought Courtney would feel happy for her, but she didn't expect that she would hear Courtney at the other end of the phone, "Amelia, are you crazy? You are pregnant now, what's the matter with you?"

Amelia was so frightened that she pushed the phone outside. After keeping a proper distance, she smiled and replied, "Who says pregnant women don't have to work?"

It was written on the book that pregnant women should go out frequently. How could they stay in the house all day long.

"But you can't go to the supermarket to work. There are a lot of people coming and going. You're such a simple sheep. Sooner or later, you'll be bullied to death!" Courtney said sourly, as if she had seen her awkward situation at work.

"They are human beings, not as bad as you said. What's more, I'm working there, not to compete for my parents' love. They won't dislike me!" Amelia refuted with a smile.

"All right, all right. I know you are stubborn. If you have made up your mind, it's useless for me to say more. Look out for yourself!" Courtney knew that she couldn't persuade her not to do so, so she just agreed with Amelia. But finally, she couldn't help but worry about her. "I'm really worried about you that you live there alone and don't have anyone to take care of you."

"Mrs. Chen is nice to me. Besides, I'm not a kid anymore, so I can take care of myself." Amelia understood that the reason why Courtney yelled was that she cared about her health.

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