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   Chapter 98 Taking Me As The Father

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"Well... Got married... " She had no choice but to answer. Her marriage status was in fact changed, so she felt uncomfortable in her heart.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean anything else. It's just an idle question." The middle-aged woman doctor put on her glasses again, looked at the results shown on the report, and said with a smile, "Congratulations, you are pregnant."

Amelia was with mixed feelings. Although she felt a little nervous because of the lack of security, she felt a little comforted at the thought that the baby was brought to her by Lucian.

The doctor reminded her of some common sense about pregnancy, so she said in a serious tone.

"Actually we have already known it. We just wanted to confirm it." Courtney whispered to Amelia, "The doctor in the private hospital is all gossip. Now that they have diagnosed it, let's go."

Amelia nodded as her face flushed.

"I have to take a closer look at what I've learned about pregnancy recently, so I can't give you any more useful advice. Miscarriage is obviously not the same as induction. I didn't use my words properly yesterday, so I must be very careful." Courtney sighed and regretted as she said, "Damn it! As an aunt, how can I give up my nephew, this is the drive for our future struggle, you must love him! "

Amelia just smiled. When she came back to Courtney's milk tea shop, thinking of the current situation, her heart was full of trouble.

"Are you thinking about how to tell Jonny?" She read what was on Amelia's face.

"I tried to mention it last night, but he said he would help me anyway. I always feel that he knows about my pregnancy." Amelia wondered if she had worried too much and thought too much. She always felt that Jonny looked at her strangely last night.

"We can't hide the pregnancy from others. It will be more obvious as time goes by. Besides, if Jonny really tell others about it, it will have a bad impact on his reputation." Courtney took a sip of water and analyzed.

Amelia shook her head and said firmly, "Even if I tell him, he won't tell others."

"Then what's your concern? Tell him! " Courtney didn't know what Amelia was thinking. She thought Amelia could only hide it for a while.

Hesitant, Amelia said no more.

Perhaps Jonny was a little busy this week. She hadn't seen him for several days. She only received messages from him every night.

Amelia didn't feel lonely at all. Every morning, she got up early to make breakfast for herself, cleaned the room and took a nap after lunch. After breakfast, she opened a book and read it. The contents of the book were all about pregnancy.

If without the baby in her belly, such days would surely make Amelia bored and even disgust her. But when she thought of the baby in her belly, the boredom just born in her heart was relieved.

Just after Amelia finished her lunch, the doorbell rang. She thought it was Jonny, so she opened the door without thinking too much. Her face froze when she saw the man standi

y looked at the nervous face of Amelia and gently said, "Amelia, don't you trust me?"

With confusion in her words, Amelia looked back at Jonny and said, "If I don't trust you, why..."

"Then why didn't you tell me the truth?" Jonny kept staring at Amelia and seemed to have found something.

Amelia was a little nervous. In astonishment, she asked, "Do you know anything?"

She didn't mean to distrust Jonny. She just thought that it would be less burden if only she knew that she was pregnant.

"Let me be the father of the baby. I will give him all my love." Jonny said and his eyes were full of gentleness and seriousness.

Amelia was so scared that she covered her mouth with her hand. It seemed that she didn't expect that Jonny would know it.

"Jonny... You... When did you know that? " This book alone could not be used for confirmation.

"Amelia, you're good at hiding your feelings, but I can see through them at a glance." Jonny gave her a warm smile and his eyes were full of love.

Amelia habitually bit her lower lip, after a few minutes of silence, she looked at Jonny and said honestly, "Jonny, I am indeed pregnant."

Jonny wasn't surprised at her words. He replied naturally, "Pretty good. It's good for you to have a baby. If you are a mother, you will be happier."

Amelia asked curiously, "Do you agree with me giving birth to the baby too?"

"Why not?" Jonny asked her with a smile. Then he expressed his own opinion, "This child is the fruit of your love with Lucian. It's a gift from God for you. You should accept it."

What Jonny said warmed Amelia's heart. At least, what he said was on her mind. She also wanted to give birth to the baby.

"Thank you, Jonny." With his support, she had a stronger sense of security.

"Amelia, it seems that you ignored my words intentionally." Jonny stood up and poured a glass of water for Amelia. He squinted at her and repeated, "Let me be the father of your child. I'll love him the same as my child."

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