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   Chapter 97 Don't Cry

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"My mother is the only one who lives here. She is so frugal that she is unwilling to hire servants." Jonny answered her question, and he felt sorry for his mother.

Amelia got more confused, but she didn't dare to ask too much about it because it was not suitable for her to take part in Jonny's family affairs. She just said, "Your mother has a temperament. She is gentle and she is very good at doing housework. She is very approachable."

"You are so sweet! My mother will definitely give you the most money in a big red envelope!" Jonny finally had a smile on his face and played the joke.

"Oh, Jonny, our relationship will be over a while later." Her pregnancy was known to all soon. She didn't want to bring trouble to Jonny nor just live like this. She had to find a job to support her future life.

Jonny slammed on the brakes, and Amelia was so frightened that her body leaned forward. Fortunately, she had fastened the seat belt, and her was just in a moment of panic.

"Amelia, am I not worthy of your trust?" The smile on Jonny's face disappeared all of a sudden and his eyes was so dark that she couldn't catch it.

"Jonny, don't get me wrong. I just... I just want to live on my own. And you know why I divorced Lucian at that time, so I... " She spoke disorderly. She felt that the more she explained, the more likely she would be misunderstood.

"I know you love Lucian. But everything can't go back, right?" Jonny's eyes were not as warm as before. Even his tone was strange to Amelia.

Because in her memory, Jonny was always warm and sunny, and there was rarely sadness.

"Jonny, I remember that you often wrote to encourage me in middle school. Now I am an adult. No matter what I have experienced, I have to be alone." She suddenly mentioned her past, trying to ease the current unhappy atmosphere.

There was light flickering in Jonny's eyes. With a slight smile on his lips, he said melancholy, "Yes, that was a wonderful time."

"Wonderful?" It was the hardest time for Amelia. If not for the fact that Jonny encouraged her with inspiring stories, she would still be in a sad dead end, unwilling to accept the outside sunlight.

"Oh, nothing. I just miss it." Jonny immediately corrected his words, and his expression became unnatural.

After sending Amelia to her home, Jonny exhorted her, "Even though you are an adult, you still need to be taken care of. Don't worry. I have no other intentions."

After listening to these words, Amelia suddenly felt guilty. She was remorseful and wondered if he should tell Jonny about the pregnancy. But on second thought, if she told Jonny that Shelly was his sister, it would be stressful for him? She couldn't tell this to Jonny simply because she was deeply touched by his words.

"Thank you, Jonny. I understand." She nodded and waved goodbye to Jonny. Then she turned around and walked into the villa.

As she had ma

to the hospital, or she would throw up.

After they both went into the hospital, a luxury car stopped at the gate. The man took off his sunglasses and said to the person on the phone in a cold tone, "Help me check where and what's the result of Amelia's examination."

"Courtney, have you made an appointment with the doctor?" There were still many pregnant women waiting to be checked in the waiting area. She was surprised that the nurses would receive them as soon as they arrived.

"They said that the Lin family is rich and I don't care about it at all. But now we get the priority and I really appreciate our ability." Murmured Courtney with joy.

So, it turned out that Courtney's parents helped them.

"Courtney, have you told your parents about this?" Amelia was a little uneasy, and she didn't want to tell anyone for the time being.

"Don't worry. My mom made an appointment for me. Besides, the doctor is not only for gynecology. So, don't worry."

"What if your mother asks about the result?" Amelia said with a guilty conscience.

"Don't worry. If others know this, I will have a miserable death!" To show his sincerity, Courtney swore.

"Bah, bah, don't talk about that word!" Amelia stopped her immediately and said, "Of course I trust you. I just don't want to tell anyone about it. It's not good for the baby."

Courtney understood her concern and comforted her in time, "Don't be afraid. I'm here with you. When the baby is born, I will help you with it. "

"Yes." Courtney's words were really warm-hearted, then Amelia went into the room for inspection.

The result came out quickly. A middle-aged woman doctor came to examine her. She took off her glasses, examined her carefully, and gently asked, "Girl, are you married?"

"Doctor, what does it have to do with getting married or not?" "Nowadays, there are a lot of unmarried women who are pregnant!" Courtney continued in a tone of confusion.

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