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   Chapter 96 Still Love Him

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Amelia patted her hand off and said with a smile, "It's not easy to be sure."

Courtney then said seriously, "I will accompany you to the hospital to do the blood test tomorrow morning and let the doctor confirm. By the way, I also want to know some dos and don'ts. Look at you. You are so bony. If you give birth to a baby without enough nutrition, can you have a miscarriage?"

Amelia thought that Courtney's words made sense, so she nodded in agreement. But then she remembered that Jonny had just sent a message to her, so she frowned and said, "I have to go to An family tonight. Jonny's parents want to see me, so I don't know what it is."

At the mention of Jonny, something occurred to Courtney suddenly, "By the way, don't you plan to tell Jonny about it?"

"If I keep this relationship for a long time, he will notice." The more she thought about it, the more complicated Amelia felt.

"I don't know much about Jonny's personality. But he helped you a lot this time. If he could pretend to be the father of your baby, it would be much easier!" Courtney wasn't worried about it at all. She smiled and said, "If Jonny doesn't mind that Lucian is the father of the baby, you and the baby's life will be guaranteed."

"Courtney, Jonny will get married and have his own child soon. What's more, I don't want to cheat his love!" It was a serious matter, which was related to a person's reputation. Moreover, she didn't want to get too close to the ANS. after all, Lucien was now the son-in-law of the ANS. they didn't meet every day, and he had to attend the important day. As Jackson's "girlfriend", she must appear.

"How could you call that you were cheating him?" I think that Jonny must have a crush on you. There is no pure friendship between men and women in the world. Only you are so stupid to believe that he is a kind healer and you just want to repay him!" Courtney retorted sourly.

Amelia had never told Courtney about what had happened in middle school. Therefore, Courtney didn't know that Amelia and Jonny knew each other a long time ago. Therefore, Courtney must think that Jonny had a special purpose for helping her.

Since Jonny had warned her not to tell anyone about their acquaintance, she had to keep silent.

At dusk, Amelia received a call from Jonny. He drove to pick her up after she told him the address.

"Mr. An, I am the best friend of Amelia. If she gets hurt in An family because of you, I will beat you!" When Courtney was saying goodbye to Amelia, she stood outside the car, putting on an evil look at Jonny and shaking her fist.

Courtney looked like a naughty girl. With embarrassment on her face, Amelia reminded Courtney, "The door hasn't been closed yet. Clean it up quickly and go home."

After Courtney left, the smile on Amelia's face hadn't faded away. She turned to look at Jonny and said apologetically, "My friend is always joking. Please don't mind."

"It's okay. It's a blessing to have such a good friend." Jonny smiled and said gently, "My father isn't at home tonigh

o Shelly's side and saved her from the embarrassment. "Shelly, this is the first time we have Amelia to the An family. don't let others down."

Shelly was furious. She immediately retorted, "I affected whose mood? Jonny has no intention of taking over the An Group. Why should I care about his mood?"

Emma's face changed. There was embarrassment and more sadness on her face.

"Shelly, if you keep acting like a spoiled girl, I believe that Lucian will soon be unable to stand you!" After that, Jonny pulled Amelia aside and greeted Emma. "Mom, thank you for what you have done for me and Amelia. If you miss us later, you can go to the villa in the south of the city and find us," he said.

"Jonny..." Before Emma could persuade them to stay, Jonny had already pulled Amelia's hand and left.

Perhaps Jonny was too angry to control himself, so he walked very fast. Only by jogging could Amelia maintain the same speed.

The villa was so big that Jonny took Amelia out of it before they arrived, but she was out of breath.

"I'm sorry, Amelia. I was too rash just now." Jonny apologized to Amelia when he saw that she was hard to breathe at once.

Amelia waved her hand and said guiltily, "You didn't tell me when you left just now. I did not have a chance to say goodbye with aunt."

"Don't worry. My mother won't mind." Before starting the car, Jonny took a cold glance at the An mansion and said, "I won't come here again."

"What?" Amelia exclaimed. She didn't understand why Jonny would say that. Was it because of the deep conflict between him and Edmund?

"You have seen what happened just now. Someone is afraid of me," Jonny snorted.

Amelia understood and comforted him, "Shelly is in a bad mood, not against you."

"You are wrong. She was obviously targeting at me, and deliberately vented her anger on you." Jonny corrected her in an affirmative tone.

"Don't be so dramatic with your sister? But the An mansion is so big. Why isn't there a maid here? " Amelia tried to change the topic.

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