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   Chapter 95 The Surprise From The Heaven

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She came to her senses and smiled carelessly. "Don't worry. I have a weak stomach. Maybe it's because I have stomachache for several times a month."

She had eaten chili and irritating food once a month before, but she seldom had it since she went to the SJ Garden. In addition to the time when she had drunk wine, Lucian corrected her and she seldom ate spicy food.

"Then we should go to the hospital." Jonny insisted.

Amelia refused and said stubbornly, "If people go to the hospital, they will be diagnosed as sick even though they are not sick. I'd better not go there."

"That's not the way you keep away from a doctor. Let's go and get a check-up." Jonny opened the door of the car and insisted on sending Amelia to the hospital.

In fact, her diet has been very regular recently, and her appetite is also very good, but there have been symptoms of nausea and vomiting these two days. However, it is clear that the previous inflammation will cause stomach cramps, but this time, she is obviously not. She just wants to retch...

She remembered that she didn't take the safety precautions every time when she made love with Lucian, so was she pregnant?

At the thought of this, her heart began to pound.

"Amelia, if you don't want to go, then don't go. I'll go to the pharmacy to get some medicine for you to cure inflammation." Hearing no response from her, Jonny thought that she didn't want to go with him, so he didn't do anything about it.

Amelia was in a trance. At this moment, she wanted to go to see Courtney because she wanted to tell Courtney what was in her mind.

"Jonny, don't you have work to do? I happen to want to see Courtney now." She said with a smile.

Jonny was worried about her physical condition. He frowned and asked, "If you don't go to the hospital, then go back and have a good rest?"

"I'm fine now." She still smiled lightly.

Jonny didn't insist and was about to drive her to Courtney's, but Amelia said she would take a taxi.

In the past, when she went to visit Courtney, she always got a drive from Lucian. She was not used to the new environment at this time. It was not because she was being sentimental. It was because she didn't want to hear Courtney say something about her and Jonny, which made both of them felt sad.

She took a taxi to Courtney's milk tea shop. When she arrived, Courtney was busy servicing guests. Seeing her, Courtney hurriedly stopped what she was doing and asked, "Didn't you say that you were going to have lunch? Why do you come back so soon? "

After finishing her question, Courtney cast a glance deliberately behind Amelia.

"Today's business is good. Let me help you." She avoided Courtney's question and serviced the guests smilingly.

Most of the customers in this shop were regular customers, and some of them recognized that she used to be the wife of the CEO of the Zhan Group. Therefore, as soon as she appeared, she attracted a lot of criticism.

About those discussions, Amelia blocked them out habitually with a smile on her face.

"Amelia. Come and sit here. I'll service them." Courtney didn't turn her head. She didn't want to let these comme

him, the child will definitely not have his father's love, but I can't be cruel enough to abandon him..."

This was her panic. She didn't mind being a single mother. She felt that although God liked playing tricks on people, this child was also a comfort.

"Should we tell Lucian about this?" Courtney came up with an idea.

"No way!" Amelia didn't want to tell Lucian at all. She frowned and said, "The Zhan Group has got out of the crisis, but I can't let Lucian be a person who eats his words."

Besides, she had said a lot of unkind words to Lucian. Now, seeing Lucian with a child in front of him meant that she wanted to use the child to maintain the love between them.

"Then what should we do? Are you going to be a single mom?" Courtney looked at her in disbelief.

Amelia didn't think it was a problem. She smiled and said, "This child is the motivation for me to live happily in the future, so I want him!"

"Amelia, are you crazy?" With her eyes wide open, Courtney wanted to help Amelia solve the problem, but she didn't want Amelia to be a single mother.

"Don't worry. As long as I try my best, the child won't suffer." She said in a firm tone. In her heart, she had been determined to give birth to the child. Even if she had never experienced raising children, she believed that as long as she was willing to pay attention to her child, everything would be fine.

"I advise you to think it over. It's easy to have an abortion in the early stage of pregnancy. Don't waste time..."

"Courtney, don't try to persuade me. This is not what you think at all. You are just afraid that I and my child will suffer a lot." Amelia knew that Courtney was just bluffing, but actually she was too kind to support an abortion operation.

"Yes, yes, yes. Although the business of my shop isn't very good, it has survived at least. It's okay to buy milk powder and clothes for my nephew or niece!" Courtney stopped persuading her. She suddenly became happy with a smile on her face. She reached out and touched Amelia's flat belly, and said in surprise, "Do you think it's a boy or a girl?"

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