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   Chapter 94 Two Hearts In Love

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The banquet was held at the most luxurious hotel in A City. As soon as Amelia and Jonny entered the banquet hall, they happened to meet Edmund and his wife at the gate. Amelia gave a salute politely.

Jonny's mother, Emma Chen, gave a warm smile back and warmly greeted, "Jonny, Amelia. You're here."

"Mom." Jonny nodded his head and didn't greet Edmund. Jonny turned his head aside as if Edmund was invisible.

"How rude of you to not greet me!" He looked at Amelia and said to her coldly.

With an embarrassed look on her face, Emma Chen pulled Edmund's sleeve and said considerately, "Amelia is not familiar with us. Don't be so fierce, or she'll be scared."

"Can you stop being such a bummer?" Jonny couldn't help but retort. He furrowed his eyebrows deeply. His eyes were full of disgust when he saw Edmund.

"Fannie wasn't satisfied with her before. I do think so." After casting a cold glance at Amelia, Edmund entered the hotel.

Amelia's heart was trembling. She was not afraid, but she felt familiar with such a scene. It was the first time she came to the Zhan mansion and faced the sarcastic remarks of Fannie. And today, Edmund said to her in the same tone.

"Amelia. Jonny's father is not in good tone. Don't worry. Aunt is satisfied with you." Emma Chen was worried that Amelia would be sad, so she tried to comfort her.

Looking at the gentle smile and gentle tone of Emma Chen, Amelia felt less aggrieved. She smiled, "It doesn't matter."

"Let's go inside." Emma's smile warmed her heart.

Amelia didn't expect that Lucian and his family would be one step ahead of them, so as soon as they appeared, everyone's eyes gathered together. Although she was not sure that everyone's eyes were looking at her, she faintly felt that two sharp lights were staring at her.

As she walked to the door, she saw that Fannie, who was wearing a formal dress, was looking at her with disdainful eyes. And Shelly was in a purple dress, whose hair was coiled up and her makeup was delicate. She was so beautiful that people couldn't help but take a few more glances at her. However, the resentment in her eyes was really hard to suppress.

She didn't want to see Lucian on purpose, but from the corner of her eyes, she could still feel his existence.

An invisible aura attracted her heart, making her want to look in that direction several times, but she forced herself to hold it back.

"Well, everyone is here. Let's serve the dishes." Said Nicholas in his husky voice. It seemed that he was very happy.

Amelia kept her head down. She didn't know what to do with this situation. She rubbed her fingers with her nails, trying to make herself sober in this way.

"It's a good day. You two have been engaged a long time ago. Finally, it turns out," said Fannie with a smile as dishes were serving.

Although she could not see the expression on her face, she could tell how happy she was from her tone

the door, Lucian had already followed behind her, leaving Shelly shouting in front of the table.

The hotel was big enough, so she didn't have time to go to the bathroom. Squatting outside the door, she began to retch uncomfortably, feeling dizzy and weak.

"Are you all right?" A familiar voice came from behind, and then a pair of hands picked her up from the ground.

Tears were hung on her face because of the nausea of vomiting. And now because of the sound of Lucian, she was more and more sad.

She tried to control her emotions and said vaguely that she was fine.

At the same time, Jonny came over and asked with concern, "Are you all right, Amelia?"

When she heard Jonny's voice, she immediately stopped crying. She looked at Jonny with pleading eyes and said, "I want to go back and have a rest."

She just left the table because of her nausea, which had already affected the mood of everyone to eat. If she went in again, perhaps everyone's face would be unhappy.

"Okay." Jonny agreed.

Amelia looked at Lucian and said apologetically, "I'm sorry. I hope it won't affect your mood."

She was sincerely apologizing to Lucian, but her behavior made him feel that she was deliberately alienating him.

"After you get rid of this meal, I hope you can be happy." These were the words that Lucian said to Amelia before he came in.

Amelia stared at Lucian's back and finally burst into tears.

It made her want to cry for no reason. At first, she thought that Lucian would never care about her. But she didn't expect that he could still understand her feelings because she didn't like to be restrained. The dinner was a burden to her.

But what he didn't know was that if he did so, would she be reluctant to let go of him? Would she not forget him?

"Amelia, do you need me to take you to the hospital?" After a while, Amelia still kept staring at the door. But Jonny interrupted her. He was worried about her health.

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