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   Chapter 93 Flew Away When The Disaster Came

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"I'm fine." Amelia withdrew her hand and answered.

Her voice sounded like she was crying. But in order not to make Lucian feel guilty, she forced a smile and said, "If these can make you feel better, we have nothing to say."

Lucian looked up and felt the pain in his eyes. He couldn't believe what Amelia had said and what they had done in the press conference just now.

Although he had been wondering the relationship between Amelia and Jonny, he never doubted her love for him.

But what was wrong with today's situation...

"Amelia, tell me. Were you just having fun with me during these times?" Lucian stared at her, his voice was as cold as ice that had not melted for thousands of years.

Amelia met his cold eyes. Through the coldness, she found that his eyes were bloodshot, and the stubble on his jaw. Comparing with the tiredness last time, he was much haggard, and a bit thin...

Amelia couldn't help crying.

"Lucian, don't talk to Amelia in such a rude tone!" Said Jonny as he stood in front of Amelia to protect her.

Lucian was in a towering rage. He turned to look at Jonny coldly and asked, "Do you really want to take everything I have?"

"Lucian, accept the reality." Jonny didn't want to explain more and was ready to leave with Amelia.

"Crack..." After a clear clap of applause, Shelly in a princess dress came over, holding her head high, as if a victor. She looked scornful and smirked, "What a realistic version of disaster is about to begin, and fly away. And you are always haunting to be my sister-in-law!"

Her voice was so sharp that it echoed in every corner of the hall.

Amelia knew that the more she explained to him, the more complicated it would be. And it seemed unnecessary to make any explanation to make the decision. It would be best if Lucian hated her to the core... He would marry Shelly.

"Lucian, don't be sad. A woman like her who only cares about fame and fortune will receive her retribution one day!" Shelly turned around and gave Lucian a sweet smile. She comforted him.

"Shelly, shut up!" Jonny stop her.

Holding Lucian's arm, Shelly looked like a meek and lovable little woman. She said to Amelia with a gloating smile, "Brother, don't think that you can do anything you want if you don't inherit An's property. This woman won't be able to marry into An's family!"

"I have a place to live with Amelia, so you don't have to worry about that." Replied Jonny in a cold tone.

"Oh, you two live together so soon!" After looking Amelia up and down, Shelly said with obvious contempt, "I advise you to hold a wedding as soon as possible. If she gets pregnant before marriage, Lucian will not be the scapegoat for her."

"You!" Amelia was so angry that she said without thinking. But when she looked at Lucian, she regretted not being able to control herself.

Since he had already misunderstood Amelia, what else should she defend herself.

"Thanks for your concern, Miss An. Jonny and I wi

y a word. He helped her back to the living room and poured a glass of water for her. He looked at the food that Amelia hadn't moved, thoughtfully.

"Amelia, Lucian and Shelly will give a banquet in the hotel tomorrow to invite me and you. Would you like to attend?" Jonny thought for a while in his heart and asked for Amelia's opinion.

Amelia's hand holding the cup trembled and her eyelids flickered uncontrollably because of uneasiness. She put the cup on the tea table and exchanged her hands in bewilderment. She looked at Jonny with a helpless look and said, "Jonny, do you think I should attend?"

When she asked this question, Jonny understood her resistance in her heart.

He could do it as he pleased, but she was different. She still had feelings for Lucian.

"Listen to your heart." Jonny didn't force her.

After thinking for a while, Amelia said, "Okay."

She and Jonny had to maintain their relationship for a period of time at least. Otherwise, if there was anything wrong between them, Lucian and Shelly would be suspicious. She had tried her best to calm down, but everything seemed to be out of control now.

"Amelia. In fact, you don't have to compromise for others' feelings." Jonny looked at her, feeling sorry for her.

Amelia smiled, "That's a good thing. I wish them well."

Compared with the adultery of Jasper, this time, she felt no regrets, no unwillingness or anger. Instead, she felt sorry for Lucian. After she said so many things that made him disappointed, she couldn't say anything even though he hated her.

As the two families were only invited to attend the banquet, Amelia dressed very casually. She wore a thin coat, a pair of jeans and white sneakers that she usually wore, and her hair was simply tied up. She looked energetic and pure.

Even without any make-up, her delicate face was as delicate as those well-dressed women's. her skin was as white as a baby's, and her big eyes were as clean and clear as the spring.

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