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   Chapter 89 Lucian Belongs To Me

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After Mrs. Chen left the kitchen, Amelia took a deep breath, adjusted herself and focused on cooking.

"Amelia, I didn't expect you to be such a good cook at such a young age." Mrs. Chen praised Amelia sitting at the table when she smelled the good flavor of the dishes.

She received too much praise for her cooking, and of course, she couldn't help thinking of Lucian.

She wondered whether he had eaten or not...

"Mr. Lucian, you don't have breakfast. And smoking is not good for your health." Pushing the lunch box forward, Eric whispered in Lucian's ear, "Miss Sasha made this soup herself. Would you like to have some first?"

Without even raising his head to look at it but dealing with documents, Lucian said, "Please help me thank Sasha. I'll drink some more when I'm free."

Eric knew that Lucian said that perfunctorily, but he was afraid that his words might infuriate him. So he nodded and agreed.

"Mr. Chen, How was it? Have Lucian drunk my soup?" When Eric walked out of the office, Sasha, who had been waiting at the door, quickly walked up to him and asked anxiously about the result.

Eric sighed and shook his head. "Mr. Lucian asked me to say thank you to you on his behalf." Eric sighed, as Lucian didn't sleep or eat well every day because of his busy work.

"So, Lucian doesn't drink?" Sasha opened her eyes wide. She was stunned for a while, and then angrily said, "It's all on Amelia. She loves vanity so much. She embarrassed Lucian!"

"Miss Sasha, it has nothing to do with Mrs. Amelia. And you know clearly about the situation of the Zhan Group." Eric was also confused about Amelia's leaving, but he tried to defend her.

With a displeased look on her face, Sasha retorted, "Lucian would have been mine if it weren't for Amelia's appearance."

With a frown, Eric was worried that those words might have gone to Lucian's ears. He changed the subject immediately, "Miss Sasha, I'm going to take a file for the CEO. I'm leaving now."

After Eric left, Sasha stared at the door of the CEO's office and smiled proudly. "Amelia has finally realized her difficulties and left. It seems that my chance has come."

In the evening, Amelia received a call from Courtney, who told her that she would have dinner with Lucian.

"You didn't spill the beans, did you?" Amelia asked nervously on the phone.

"I have promised you to keep it a secret. How can I break my words?" After saying that, Courtney sighed and said, "Usually, Lucian is high spirited and vigorous. I feel so sorry for him when I see him today."

Amelia's heart missed a beat and she asked nervously, "What's going on with him?"

Her tone was full of eagerness. She was almost out of breath.

"Although he has mustache and very manly taste, his eyes are tired, his tone is cold and indifferent, which is not as relaxed as usual. He didn't mention anything about you during the meal, but I have a faint feeling that he wanted to find out your whereabouts. But he was afraid of touching anything, so he deliberately avoided it." Courtney said over the phone.

"Courtney, what sho

a big fight with Fannie

"Help me upstairs." She looked more friendly than usual, so Lucian didn't stop her.

In the bedroom, Fannie looked serious. She asked coldly, "Since you've signed the divorce agreement, why don't you be more decisive?"

Her words sent a chill down Amelia's spine. 'Signing the divorce agreement is an indescribable cruel thing to me, and it will hurt Lucian as well. Why does it become a common thing for Fannie?' she thought?

But on second thought, she knew that her mother-in-law didn't accept her as her daughter-in-law, so she should have hoped that she and Lucian could get a divorce.

"I wouldn't have appeared if it hadn't been for what happened this morning." Amelia couldn't help but run to them when she heard the news.

"I knew you would come." After giving a gloating smile, she then cast a cold glance at Amelia and said, "Lucian is your weakness, and so are you. If you can make him hate you, then the Zhan Group will have a slim chance of survival."

Amelia had never thought that the existence of the Zhan Group would have anything to do with her.

Seeing that Amelia went downstairs, Lucian said to Nicholas, "Dad, we're leaving now."

Amelia did a small curtsy to him as well. The moment she turned around, Nicholas called out to her, "Amelia, you are a good girl."

What he said touched the softest part of Amelia's heart. Her eyes were full of tears, but soon, she smiled and said, "Dad, take care of yourself."

It might be the last time she called him daddy.

After coming out of the Zhan mansion, Lucian got hold of Amelia's hand, and then he forcibly dragged her into his arms. Before she came to her senses, Lucian's lip covered hers fiercely...

Her sadness was pulled out by what he had done to her. Tears rolled down her cheeks and soon covered her whole face.

Tears ran down on their lips, and Lucian stopped kissing her. He held her face and felt as if a knife were piercing his heart.

"Why did you leave without a word?" The originally angry questioning turned to a soft one.

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