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   Chapter 88 A Scandal After Amelia Left

Addicted Love By Xing Jiayi Characters: 10379

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"I'm indeed the one they are looking for. But I don't want to be found by them." Although Amelia hadn't spent much time with the landlady, she was very kind and loved Amelia like a grandson. Amelia believed that the landlady wouldn't divulge the news that she was here.

"Amelia, don't worry. I won't gossip in front of outsiders. On the contrary, just tell me if you have any difficulty, and I will try my best to help you." The landlady put down the newspaper and said kindly.

"Thank you." Amelia was very grateful to him.

"Silly girl, I live alone in this courtyard. This courtyard has a new life since you moved in. I should thank you for that."

The landlady's last name was Chen. A few years ago, his husband had a cerebral hemorrhage and died. Before, she had been busy with her career at a young age, and had never wanted a child. Later on, due to her poor health, it was too late to have a child. That was why she had lived alone in the past few years of her husband's death.

After dinner, Amelia borrowed the computer from Mrs. Chen, the landlady, browsed the latest city news and read the latest news of the Zhan Group. It was about the news that most shareholders of the Zhan Group withdrew capital, or about the crisis of the capital turnover...

When she read the news about her whereabouts, she could not help shaking her hands. At the end of the report, it wrote, "If you still remember what I said at my mother's grave, come back to me. You promised me that you would be with me for the rest of your life. How can you break your promise?"

Amelia murmured in a low voice. She couldn't help but burst into tears as if she was on the verge of breaking down. She lowered her head on her laptop and burst into tears.

Her heart was full of guilt, not because of the curse for her in the commenting area, but because she felt that she was unable to help Lucian get through the difficulties. The only thing she could do was to leave, so that Lucian could accept the help from the An Group.

"Amelia, what happened?" Hearing her crying, Mrs. Chen walked towards her and comforted her, "If you don't want to give it up, you can go back and have a look."

Go back to... She also wanted to see Lucian, but when she went back, she still couldn't change the crisis situation that the Zhan Group was facing.

She wiped her tears and forced a smile. "I'm fine."

"Alas, what a pitiful child." Mrs. Chen sighed. She poured a glass of hot water for Amelia and said, "If you really don't want to make people who cares about you worry about you, you should take care of yourself."

Amelia nodded.

Her phone was turned off. If she hadn't logged in to her e-mail, she didn't know that Courtney had left so many messages.

At that time, she had no choice but to trust Courtney. She asked the landlady to buy a mobile phone card for her and called Courtney.

Perhaps because of the new phone number, it rang for a long time before Courtney answered it. When she shouted out her name, the other end of the line scolded, "Damn it! I thought you were kidnapped! To find out where you ar

eminded him in a cold voice.

Hearing this, Edmund stood straight. It seemed that he didn't expect that Lucian was so tough. He turned around and said, "You and I know the situation of the Zhan Group. I wouldn't have talked to you if your father hadn't asked me for help from time to time. I was just seeking the barrier to protect my daughter's happiness. Is it wrong?"

"Protection? Don't you think this is a humiliation? " With a sneer, Lucian raised his head and told Edmund frankly, "Amelia is the only woman I love in my life."

"Nicholas has also said this to me that he will only love your mother. Does it mean that he failed Fiona for Fannie?" He didn't think it was a big deal.

With his eyebrows frowned, Lucian felt uncomfortable in his heart, "Don't mention this in front of me!"

"Lucian, you'd better know the time to be a paragon of men. There are many women in the world, but there is only one Zhan Group." After that, Edmund turned around and left.

Lucian clenched his fists, with no emotions in his deep eyes except the coldness of erosion. After accumulating some emotions for a long time, finally, he couldn't help but punch the table made of marble.

Bang! Bang! Bang... Suddenly, the knife in the hand of Amelia, who was cooking lunch in the kitchen, fell on the ground. She was so scared that she broke into a cold sweat on her back, and then she felt nervous and uneasy.

"Amelia, is your hand okay?" Seeing this, Mrs. Chen who was picking up vegetables quickly came over and checked Amelia's hand.

"Mrs. Chen, it's okay. My hands were stained with oil, so I didn't hold them tight just now." Amelia explained slowly with a smile.

"You take a rest in the room and I'll do it." Mrs. Chen picked up the knife on the ground and said kindly.

"Mrs. Chen, I said that I would make lunch. Why don't you go to watch TV? I will finish soon." It had been over one week since she moved in, and Mrs. Chen had cooked several dishes for her. Mrs. Chen treated her very well, so Amelia wanted to cook one meal and express her gratitude.

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