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   Chapter 87 Sign The Divorce Agreement

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Amelia fell into silence. Her heart ached as she stared at the coffee.

"Okay, I'll get back and prepare for the divorce agreement." Although she was in a dilemma, she made a decision.

Shelly smirked. She looked down like the winner in the first place, "I always take you lightly. But this time, I'm impressed by your decision."

There was no expression on Amelia's face and she felt extremely uncomfortable in her heart.

She felt that their love had just sprouted and it was cut off by herself ruthlessly.

"But you know Lucian better than me. It's hard to change his stubborn attitude. I hope you can work hard and make him hate you." Shelly reminded Amelia before she left.

Amelia had been alone in the coffee shop for a long time. The dim light shone on her face, which was of warm color, making her feel cold.

Gentle music could not ease her pain in her heart. The smell of coffee in the air was so tempting that her sight became blurred and in her illusion, the figure of Lucian appeared. He sat opposite her with an attractive and gentle smile...

It was already midnight when Amelia went back to the SJ Garden. Lily fell asleep on the sofa. Amelia went over to wake her up and asked her to go back to her room. Lily asked in a sleepy voice, "Mrs. Amelia, the news said the Zhan Group was going to go bankrupt. Is that true?"

Amelia tried hard to comfort herself, but now it was back in mind. In order not to make her thoughts affected, she replied flatly, "There are not so many reliable news on the report. I didn't hear it at the company today."

"I agree with you. Those journalists are trying to attract eyeballs. Mrs. Lucian is so good at business. How could this ever happen?" Holding the cushion, Lily muttered. Then she said good night to Amelia in a sweet voice.

With one hand on the stair railing, Amelia felt so depressed that she could hardly breathe.

Back in her room, she upset herself by reading the divorcing agreement, and then she printed it in the study of Lucian. It was not until quite a while later that she trembled and signed her name at the signature area.

She still remembered the time when they registered for marriage, and she signed her name on the agreement in a complicated mood. At that time, she just felt that her future life would be a risk, but she did not expect to face such a painful decision.

It seemed that she hadn't cried for a long time.

When she saw the word divorce, she couldn't control her emotion any more. Tears welled up in her eyes.

She didn't know how Lucian would feel when he saw the divorce agreement, and she hoped that he wouldn't be sad.

She hadn't slept all night and her tears were dry. She couldn't cry any more.

All the things in this room were bought by Lucian. So when she packed up her stuff, she only brought a few of the clothes she had bought before.

Although getting along with each other for four months, it seemed that they had loved each other for many years.

Since they fell in love, she never thought that they would be apart one day, and under such circumstances.

She got up two hours earlier th

were still many branches under the management of the Zhan Group. If he hadn't instigated some shareholders to withdraw capital and caused investors panic and chaos, the Zhan Group wouldn't fall into a stiff situation.

During the one week business trip, Lucian had been negotiating with major shareholders. He convinced part of them, but there were still some shareholders who insisted on withdrawing capital.

What made him even more upset was that he found the divorce agreement left by Amelia in his study when he returned to the SJ Garden.

"Mr. Lucian, I have always been respecting you. We are not only superior and subordinate but also comrade in arms. No matter how difficult the battle is, I will fight with you to the end!" Eric didn't know what condition the An Group had made. He simply thought that the An Group would give a hand, for their relationship for so many years. So, he couldn't understand why Lucian was so angry.

"Thank you for taking care of me these days. Don't worry. I know what I'm doing." Lucian looked much better now.

"Mr. Lucian, just leave the mission to your men. You can have a good rest after getting home. We are only human beings after all," Eric reminded Lucian before he went out.

The office fell into deathly silence again. Lucian suddenly stared at the empty desk. He felt a sharp pain in his heart. He took out a cigarette and lit it, which made him indulge in the erosion of the cigarette.

At the dinner time, the landlady asked Amelia to have dinner with her. Amelia felt a little embarrassed and was about to refuse her politely, but the landlady said, "Amelia, come and have a look. Is it you who's in the newspaper?"

She was shocked and followed her, reading the striking headline of the newspaper: the young lady of the Zhan Group disappeared.

In the content, it said, "Whoever knows Amelia's location may be provided a huge reward.

Amelia didn't expect her leaving would cause a sensation in the city. And she didn't expect that Lucian would inquired about her whereabouts when his company was in distress.

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