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   Chapter 86 Don't You Love Him Very Much

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After Sasha left, Amelia kept repeating the words she had said to her. She felt frustrated that she could do nothing.

She felt uneasy. When she returned to the SJ Garden, Amelia wondered if she should make a call to Lucian. On the other hand, she was afraid of interrupting him. In order not to disappoint her, Lily cooked the dinner. She ate a little.

When she went back to the bedroom, she was even more nervous when she saw that Lucian still didn't call her. She wanted to know why he did not call her today?

She kept thinking about what Sasha had said to her today, feeling restless.

Just as she was immersed in her thoughts, her cell phone rang. She thought it was Lucian calling, and she answered it immediately, "Lucian."

"It's me, Amelia." A soft, calm voice resounded from the other end of the line.

"Jonny?" Amelia was so excited that her heart sank when she noticed the caller ID on the screen.

She sounded disappointed, so the person on the other end of the line asked, "Are you waiting for Lucian's call?"

"No... I'm not." She denied with embarrassment.

"He should be very busy these days." Said Jonny on the other end of the phone.

"Jonny, I... Do you know what has happened in the Zhan Group recently?" She didn't know much about it and she thought Jonny should know it.

"Do you have time now? Shall I pick you up? "

"But it's too late now." Amelia was a little hesitant. On the one hand, she wanted to know the situation. On the other hand, she had scruples.

"Don't worry. I just want to take you to the coffee house and have a chat. I will answer your questions one by one." Jonny reassured her.

She agreed and waited for him at the gate. Soon Jonny drove here.

In the tranquil coffee house, the melodious sound of the blue music was echoing around her ears. It was difficult to appease her heart, and she was getting more and more restless.

Jonny ordered a cup of coffee for her. He didn't ask her until the coffee was ready. "It seems that you are absent-minded. Have you heard something?"

Amelia looked up at him with worries on her face, "Jonny, I majored in Chinese and didn't know anything about finance. I heard that the Zhan Group suffered from the decline in the stock market today. Is it true?"

"That's true, but don't worry. Lucian will handle it." Jonny nodded his head and tried to comfort her.

It turned out to be true. Amelia had already been restless, and now she was more anxious.

"Jonny, what can we do to reverse the situation?" Amelia asked eagerly.

"The Zhan Group was just a small company at first, but later developed into a well-known and listed company in two years operated by Lucian, which caused a great sensation in A City..."

Jonny said briefly to Amelia about the general situation of the Zhan Group and analyzed the current situation.

"So the An Group has funded the Zhan Group?" Amelia caught the key words and looked at Jonny hopefully.

Jonny's eyes roll

in the downtown area and felt extremely sad. She felt that the tall building might collapse at any time.

She wanted to take a walk alone, so Amelia didn't let Frank send her home.

It was a chilling winter. The trees on both sides of the road were blown with the wind. A gust of cold wind came through her skin, mixing with her inner temperature, like the water in a deep well. She could feel the chilling coldness as soon as she touched it.

The last sentence Fannie uttered echoed in her mind, like a curse that she would never be able to get rid of.

She took out her phone and tried calling Lucian, but his phone was still powered off.

She looked up at the gray sky, feeling confused.

Beep The continuous horn pulled back the consciousness of Amelia. She followed the voice and saw Shelly in a sweet suit walking out of the red Ferrari.

"It's really you! I was about to go to the SJ Garden garden to look for you!" After walking up to the side of Amelia to confirm, Shelly turned her head and hinted her to get in the car.

Thinking of what Fannie had said, she knew what Shelly wanted to say.

In an extremely elegant coffee shop, Shelly and Amelia sat on the opposite side. Both of them seemed to be brewing a kind of emotion, and finally Shelly spoke first.

"You must have heard about the current situation of the Zhan Group, haven't you?" Shelly took a sip of her coffee and said with a faint smile, "Have you made up your mind?"

Amelia didn't expect that Shelly would ask her directly. She was totally in a mess and didn't know what to do.

"If Lucian agrees to the request of An Group, the Zhan Group will definitely get through the hardship?" Amelia found her voice trembling.

"Of course!" After Shelly gave an affirmative answer, Shelly smirked and said, "The alliance between the Zhan Group and the An Group is very powerful in the business field. With this guarantee, the present situation of the Zhan Group can hardly happen again!"

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