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   Chapter 85 I Miss You So Much After We Separate With Each Other

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It was not until this moment that Amelia realized that she was teased. Her face fell and stared at Lucian furiously.

Worrying that she would be really angry, Lucian coaxed, "Honey, I'm sorry. I just enjoy the feeling of being cared. I promise it won't happen again." Lucian immediately raised his hand and swore.

Amelia thought that he was like a kid sometimes. Without any angry, she looked at his soulful eyes and slapped down his hand and said, "It sounded like I didn't treat you well."

"Of course not. My wife is the most virtuous wife in the world." He took the opportunity to behave well, and held Amelia into his arms and said happily.

"Sweet talk!" Although Amelia said so, she felt very sweet in her heart.

"But Mrs. Amelia, you really hurt me with that hit just now." Lucian held Amelia into his arms again and said gently.

Realizing that she might hit him a little hard, Amelia frowned with guilt, "Is there any clinic nearby?"

"It's early in the morning. By the way, you can cure my feet." After Lucian finished speaking, he lowered his head and kissed her lips to conceal all her emotions.

During one week after the New Year, Lucian took Amelia to many places. When the night fell, they returned to Lucian's newly bought villa. The couple lived a quiet but sweet life.

Soon it was the work time, but Amelia wasn't upset at all. After all, she could see Lucian every day.

After the vocation, Lily was so refreshed and made breakfast as usual. When she saw Amelia coming downstairs, she happily walked up to her and said, "Mrs. Amelia, I have a good news for you."

"Look at you. You look so energetic. Are you in love?" Amelia saw Lily was very happy and guessed bravely.

Lily just reached 20 years old this year. It was normal for her to fall in love at this age, so Amelia was not joking.

"Mrs. Amelia, I have to tell you this as a surprise..." As expected, Lily was in love.

"But it is really a surprise. It seems that you have a special time this year!" Amelia was happy for her from her heart, but then she asked, "Will you leave the SJ Garden because you have a boyfriend?"

Speaking of this, Amelia became melancholy.

Lily also pouted and told her the truth, "My boyfriend and I are in the same town. His family is very rich and he owns several chain stores. He told me to leave A City and run them with him."

This was undoubtedly a good choice. Although upset, Amelia said with a smile, "Lily, Make your decision following your heart. After all, you're going to spend the rest of your life with him, so if you can live together, then you can decrease your distances as possible as you can."

"Mrs. Amelia, I didn't expect you to be so considerate!" Since a long time ago, Lily had been lost in thoughts about how to express her thought to Lucian and Amelia. She had never thought that Amelia could understand her so well. Touched, she asked with concern, "Could you please tell Mr. Lucian about it?" If I just resigned suddenly like this, did I break the three-year contract we had?

By virtue of the

Amelia went to work as usual, and Frank picked her up on time every day.

Every employee she met in the company would greet her. There was a knock on the office door.

Amelia stood up to open the door, wondering who would it be when the visitor pushed it open impatiently.

"Mrs. Amelia, I don't dare to bother you to open the door for me, so I have to push the door open. Do you mind?" As Sasha spoke, with a playful smile on her face. She worn a set of professional uniform.

Amelia smiled at her. She poured a glass of tea and handed it to Sasha. "What can I do for Miss Sasha?"

Sasha took the cup and sipped from it. With a scornful smile, she said, "Mrs. Amelia, you're not experienced at all in making tea. I don't think you have the nerve to bribe your employees."

Amelia was stunned for a while, and then she realized what he meant. With a faint smile on her face, she said, "That's exactly why I don't need to show off my skills."

"Then you do it causally?" Sasha had deliberately provoked Amelia, so whatever Amelia said, Sasha wouldn't let her off the hook.

"Miss Sasha, if you don't have anything else to talk to me, please excuse me," The staff of two departments hadn't brought tea and coffee to their offices yet.

"I know Lucian loves you very much now. But do you have any idea how to help him with his work?" Aware that Amelia was trying to avoid her question, Sasha didn't beat about the bush. Instead, she said straightforwardly, "The stock market has fallen recently. The Zhan Group is affected by the scandal. So, Lucian went on a business trip because he has something urgent to deal with. You'd better stop making trouble for him."

"What did you say?" Amelia changed her face and looked worried.

"You don't understand even if I tell you the reason. I just kindly remind you not to cause any trouble to Lucian." When Sasha reached the door, she said deliberately, "You should have known the difference between Lucian and you. Serving him with tea and drinking can't solve the problem for him."

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