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   Chapter 84 Questions About The Couple Life

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How exaggerated! Amelia was so embarrassed that she really wanted to find a hole to bury herself. In order to cover up the embarrassment, she picked up food into Courtney's bowl and urged her to eat quickly.

"You are right." Lucian agreed with Courtney with a smile.

It didn't mean that Amelia couldn't accept these praises. But in the face of Lucian, she always blushed with shyness when she heard these words, although her heart was filled with joy.

"By the way, Lucian, I have a question to ask you. And I ask straightly." Courtney suddenly became serious, raising her red wine glass.

Looking at this situation, Amelia was a little scared and thought what bold things Courtney would say.

"Go ahead. I will tell you what I know." Lucian also raised his glass.

"Good. Cheers!" Courtney drank all the wine in her glass in one gulp. Then she gave a mysterious smile to Amelia and said, "I heard from Amelia that you haven't... Haven't had a closer relationship yet."

Courtney had thought that she would gain some courage after swallowing that glass of wine, but it turned out that she was still hesitating.

Though Courtney was speaking in an implicit way, she understood what Courtney meant completely. Her face flushed. She hurriedly interrupted Courtney, "you're talking nonsense with only a little wine."

Courtney was very clear now. She stared at Amelia and added, "You are really an idiot. If I don't help you ask, you won't have the nerve to ask!"

Amelia was so embarrassed that she couldn't help glancing at Lucian secretly. She found that he was smiling, and he seemed to be very happy.

Because they were sitting next to each other. She couldn't tell his expression, but the smile on his face...

"I cooked a table of dishes with all my efforts. Why don't you eat them but only remember talking?" She felt a little flustered and picked more food into Lucian's bowl, in order not to continue this embarrassing topic.

"Lucian, it's your private affair. I can't interfere. But, Amelia has been with that jerk for five years. She has never had any intimate contact with him except holding hands." Courtney was even happier talking about this topic and trying to sell Amelia as if she was a good saleswoman.

Amelia was completely embarrassed. She put down her chopsticks and sighed.

Just at last night, she and Lucian... Thinking of this, her face turned red, from red to hot, to the ears, and her face was buried deeply because of shyness.

"I know." He smiled broadly.

"You know?" Courtney was surprised. She pointed at Amelia whose face was red and asked, "You have already..."

"Yes." Lucian nodded honestly. Embarrassed, Amelia could not even raise her head.

She avoided such a straightforward topic on purpose, but she didn't expect that Lucian would take it as a normal topic and talked to Courtney with ease.

"Okay, okay. I don't have to worry now! Cheers! " With a sudden burst of happiness, Courtney raised her wine glass and drank it all up gallantly.

Seeing that Amelia kept lowering her head, Lucian

ot of lovers." Amelia stopped struggling and bit her teeth, tolerating his teasing in a gentle tone.

"There are many admirers. But you are the only lover of me." Lucian made himself a beautiful scenery line and bit Amelia's ear after that.

At the very moment, Amelia's heart was stirred up by Lucian. Although she was a little angry with his teasing, she still couldn't stand it.

"Forget it. It doesn't matter if you don't return them to me. Most people in A City know that I'm your wife. I'm not the one to be embarrassed if these pictures are seen by others." She wanted to motivate him to bring her photos out.

Unexpectedly, Lucian shamelessly said, "Don't worry. I will definitely collect them well and enjoy them alone."

Amelia bit her teeth and stepped on Lucian's foot hard.

Due to his poor defense, Lucian, who had always been dexterous, failed to escape this time. Due to the heavy kick of Amelia, he grimaced in pain.

Amelia escaped from Lucian successfully and gloated aside watching Lucian.

Seeing her smile, Lucian came up with an idea. He frowned, pretended to cry and said, "You just need to teach me a lesson. Don't use brute force. My feet must have been swollen."

Lucian had never thought that he would act like a weak little girl one day.

When Amelia saw that he frowned and looked terrible, she became anxious and rushed to him, squatted in front of Lucian and said, "Sorry, I... I didn't mean to..."

Noticing that Amelia was about to cry, Lucian felt warm. He continued, "It doesn't matter. It doesn't hurt." After saying that, he bit his lower lip with his teeth and made a look as if he was trying to subdue his anger.

"How could it not hurt? Take off your shoes. I'll go and see if there is anti-inflammatory drugs." Amelia pretended to help take off Lucian's shoes. Her anxious look was really pitiful.

Lucian didn't want her to cry. He grinned, "Don't worry, I was just bluffing you."

He stood up, jumped a few times in front of Amelia agilely to prove that his feet were okay.

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