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   Chapter 83 Everyone Has An Ex

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Jasper was speechless with embarrassment. He touched his nose, gave a stealthy glance at Amelia, and asked, "Amelia, do we still need to rent the house we rented before?"

Amelia's hand that was peeling the orange paused and she looked at Jasper with a puzzled look. She didn't understand why he talked about the past thing and added the word "we" in front of the "rent house".

Amelia looked at Lucian subconsciously and found that he was drinking the tea as usual. When he noticed that she was looking at him, Lucian smiled and said, "I'll go to your bedroom to have a rest. You can chat slowly."

"What?" Amelia didn't expect that Lucian would stand up and leave. She guessed if he was angry.

"I was wondering if the landlord had returned you the 2000 dollars he kept?" After Lucian left, Jasper asked her in a low voice, looking around with restlessness.

Amelia showed a straight face. She didn't expect that what Jasper said was the 2000, and she sneered in her heart. But it was also good, because she didn't want to owe him.

"How about giving me your Alipay account? I'll give it to you when I come home later." Amelia replied directly.

With his eyebrows frowned, Jasper begged in a low voice, "Amelia, I'm running out of money recently. Can you lend me some money?"

She used to see the man who had been high spirited and vigorous, but now he was borrowing money from her so easily.

Amelia collapsed and refused directly, "I'm sorry, Mr. Jasper, I can't help you." She could even accept if people said that she was a narrow-minded woman. She didn't want to get involved with Jasper anymore. She couldn't get along with the unreasonable women like Yolanda.

"Amelia, even if we can't be lovers, we should be families, right?" Jasper begged with frowned eyebrows.

Amelia looked at him coldly. She bit her lips tightly and remained unmoved.

Perhaps in the eyes of Jasper, Amelia was softhearted. No matter how much he had done sorry to her, she would still help him for the sake of their friendship in the past. However, he did not expect her to be so indifferent today.

" Ha-ha, there really is a huge gap between the rich and the poor. Everything has changed." Jasper stopped the look of plea. With a sneer, he lay down leisurely on the sofa and stared at Amelia.

Birds of a feather flock together. In the past, Jasper never looked askance at others. Since he was together with Yolanda, he had this bad habit.

She sipped her tea and ignored his sarcasm.

Yolanda was taking a nap now, so Jasper dared to come to the living room to talk with her. But he didn't expect that Sophia went downstairs at this time. Seeing that there were both of them in the living room, he walked up quickly and pointed at Jasper's face, saying, "Why don't you go back to the room to accompany Yolanda? What are you doing in the living room?"

The man walked towards them and said it in a sharp voice that could shake the building. Therefore, his words successfully attracted the attention of the people in the room.

After that, Lucian went to the living room first, and then Yolan


"Do you think I'm willing to do that? The both families are friends for generations. Yesterday, his whole family paid a sudden visit to my family and met the legendary young master of Mr. Shang..." Courtney pouted. There was no trace of displeasure on her face, but when mentioning the Mr. Shang, her face blushed.

"What about after your meet?" Amelia looked at Courtney curiously, hoping that she could get rid of the pain that Kent brought to her and start a new relationship.

"He's one year younger than me, but he's very mature in mind. He behaves decently and I have a good impression on him." Courtney replied shyly and blushed.

"So you mean there is room for you to develop a relationship?" Amelia was more excited than Courtney. She held Courtney's hands and said, "If you have a good impression, try to date with him for a period. Maybe he will be your Mr. Right!"

Courtney pouted and thought for a while. Then she nodded and said, "You're right. If I don't come out, how can I encounter a more beautiful view?"

Amelia became silent. She just patted on Courtney's hands without saying anything.

At lunch time, Amelia went to the kitchen to prepare lunch for them while Courtney was eating on the side and Amelia went upstairs to call Lucian after lunch was ready.

The door of the study was half open. Amelia politely knocked on the door, and then peeped into the study with her round eyes curiously. She found that Lucian was collecting envelops hastily, which could still be seen from a distance.

It happened three times in this kind of situation.

She pretended not to see it and said, "Lucian, it's time for lunch."

Lucian stood up and walked to Amelia. He hugged her tightly and said gently, "Thanks for your hard work."

Amelia shook her head shyly. Though she wanted to indulge in his warm arms, it was not good to leave Courtney alone downstairs. So she said: "Let's go. The dishes are on the table."

"Wow, you are a good cook, Amelia!" While eating, Courtney complimented, "Lucian, it's your fortune to marry Amelia!"

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