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   Chapter 82 Enjoy A Romantic Moment

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After she walked out of the bathroom, Amelia dressed herself in a black bathrobe. She looked around with her bright eyes and didn't change her clothes until she was sure that Lucian was not in the bedroom.

"Today is the first day of the lunar new year. You must look beautiful in red that you has fair skin!" Amelia was wearing a thin sweater. When she heard Lucian's voice, she shivered and looked to the direction where the voice came from. Then she saw that Lucian was even looking at her with hands crossed over his chest leisurely.

Amelia put on the sweater immediately. She followed Lucian's advice. The coat was dressed in red, and the plaid skirt was down. Her long hair was casually over her shoulders, making her look pure and warm.

"Good." After looking Amelia up and down, Lucian nodded with satisfaction. Then he said to Amelia in a low voice, "It's new year's day today. We have to go back to the Mo family to celebrate new year."

It was rare that Lucian was so considerate. She hadn't expected that he would mention it.

'He has got all kinds of feelings.

It was a new year's day and the weather was very sunny. There were colorful lanterns on both sides of the road, which reflected the festive atmosphere. The passers-by were smiling, carrying various gift boxes in their hands. The entire family was laughing happily outside.

Standing in the square and looking at them, Amelia couldn't help smiling.

"I've bought all the things. Get in the car." Seeing her in a daze, Lucian stood in front of her and reminded her.

"You don't have to buy some many gifts actually." Looking at his heavy bags, Amelia frowned and said.

With a smile on his face, Lucian returned, "Mrs. Amelia, as a son-in-law, it's the basic etiquette. Besides, my wife's father is my father. I should treat him well."

She found that Lucian, who used to be a man of few words, became very talkative now. But in fact, he looked so charming when he spoke.

Now she had become the most infatuated fan of him.

"If you keep staring at me like this, I can't focus on driving." Lucian said with a naughty smile.

Amelia blushed and turned her head to the outside with a smile on her face all the time.

The car was parked in front of the gate of the Mo mansion. As soon as she got out of the car, she heard the cheerful laughter in the house. Amelia frowned for no reason, probably hearing Yolanda's voice.

Hearing the noise of the horn, a servant ran out of the house to receive them. When she saw Amelia and Lucian, she said happily, "Mrs. Amelia and Mr. Lucian are here."

Hand in hand, Lucian and Amelia walked into the living room. The laughter immediately stopped and everyone looked at them with surprise and disdain. Only Vernon came over with a big smile and asked, "Lucian, Amelia, you are here. Have you had breakfast?"

"Happy new year, Dad. We already had breakfast." Amelia answered with smile and remained silent.

"Don't stand here. Take a seat." Vernon greeted them in a hurry and then t

ce and forced a smile. "Dad, it's new year, don't say these sad words."

"Okay, okay, I won't say it." Vernon stopped immediately and asked mysteriously, "I heard that you work in the Zhan Group?"

"Yes, I'm Lucian's personal assistant." She answered without hesitation. She felt this position seemed to be a charlady, but she was very leisurely and free.

"So you are familiar with Lucian's work?" Vernon lowered his voice and looked into the living room from time to time, seeming to be on guard against something.

"Dad, I didn't have good education background. Lucian graduated from a foreign prestigious university. Even if I read his work content, I don't understand." She thought his father wanted to see if she could offer him any help in his work. But thinking of that, she got goose bumps.

"Then you should work harder to cooperate with Lucian." Vernon patted Amelia's head and said gently.

"Okay." Amelia gave him a knowing smile. She felt much better now.

Over the years, she had a very subtle relationship with her father. Sometimes it was very close, sometimes very far, but now that she had married into the family and rarely came back. She felt warm in her heart when she heard these words.

Back in the living room, Lucian was lowering his head and busy texting back. When he saw Amelia coming, he smiled and peeled an orange for her. "Very sweet."

Amelia smiled shyly and felt that Lucian had a tongue in the cheek.

Jasper wore a suit of casual clothes. When he came out of the bedroom, he coughed to himself when he saw Amelia and Lucian were feeding fruit. Then he took a seat opposite them and said awkwardly, "Lucian, Amelia, Yolanda is very eloquent. If she offend you, please forgive her."

Amelia didn't say anything. She picked up an orange and started peeling it. She had better keep silent, in case anything unexpected would happen.

With a thin smile on his face, Lucian didn't take his words seriously. "We don't care about it, because we live happily together."

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