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   Chapter 81 The Happy Candlelight Dinner

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After dinner, Lucian handed over the framed painting to Nicholas who was grinning from ear to ear.

Regardless of famous painter or not, Lucian's intention made him moved.

Since Fiona died, Lucian seldom went back to the Zhan mansion for the Spring Festival. So it was a great pleasure for Nicholas to have dinner with them this year.

Perhaps it was because it was during the new year, Fannie rarely spoke, but when she looked at the eyes of Amelia, there was still a bit of disgust.

"Mom, this is Amelia chosen for you. Have a try?" Lucian took the clothes out of the bag and handed them to Fannie.

There was a slight change in her facial expression. Fannie was probably surprised at first, but she soon calmed down and said without interest, "I have a lot of clothes. I don't need these."

For such a direct refusal, Amelia was trembled, but she still maintained the smile on her face.

"All right." Lucian didn't insist and returned the dress.

"It's new year, Fannie. Why can't you put on a smile?" Seeing all this, Nicholas couldn't help but put on a serious face and said.

Fannie had been trying hard to suppress her anger. Now all her anger was pouring out, and she asked, "Do I have to give you a big smile just to make you happy?"

Nicholas felt speechless and sighed deeply.

The good atmosphere was ruined by Fannie's words.

Lucian walked to the side of Amelia, took her hand and comforted, "It's okay."

Amelia smiled faintly and did not feel sad at all. After all, she had thought about this on the way here.

Before going back, Nicholas called Lucian to the study and asked Amelia to wait in the living room.

At the same time, Fannie was holding a cup of tea in her hand and tasting it. Her face was much calmer than just now. Amelia looked at her uneasily several times and wanted to say something. But Amelia was afraid that she might annoy her again, so she kept silent and felt awkward.

"I know Lucian and his father are warm to you, but I won't. Don't try to move me. I won't accept you for the rest of my life." Fannie said coldly.

Amelia bit her lips tightly and felt suffocated.

At this time, Lucian came down. He took the hand of Amelia and said to Fannie, "Happy new year, mom. We will go back first."

Perhaps it was because she was in a fit of anger that she didn't respond back. Fannie picked up the coffee again and took a sip.

"Hey, you promised not to take it seriously. Why do you frown?" After arriving at the SJ Garden, Lucian noticed that Amelia was frowning. He looked at her worriedly.

Amelia touched his forehead and asked, "Do I frown?"

"Like an old lady in her seventies!" Lucian teased her. Then he helped her sit on the sofa and asked mysteriously, "Guess why my father asked me to go to the study?"

Seeing that Lucian smiled happily, Amelia pouted, "I can't guess."

"Dong, Dong, Dong..." Lucian gave the red packet on his back to Amelia. "This one is from father and the other one is from me as a reward."

Amelia received two big red pockets at once. Not to mention the money with big bags, the one that moved her was enough to

Thinking that everything happened last night was just a dream, she blushed with shyness. She didn't expect that she would have a dream like that. However, when she moved her feet, she found that her feet were as heavy as lead. A slight movement of her feet made her feel a tingling pain.

At the same time, the door of the bedroom opened. With wet hair, Lucian walked towards the bedside and asked affectionately, "Do you feel uncomfortable?" After all, the impact of red wine was strong, and he did not control himself last night...

Amelia felt a little dizzy, but when she remembered that she took the initiative to kiss Lucian last night, she lowered her head awkwardly. "I got drunk last night."

When he saw that she looked so guilty, he smiled and said, "It's okay. You're at home. Besides, it's not bad to have similar situation twice."

"What do you mean?" Amelia looked at Lucian in surprise.

Lucian frowned and thought for a while. He kissed on Amelia's forehead and said, "I'll always be good to you."

By the time she felt Lucian' strong embrace, he had already removed the bed sheet and washed it.

The red rose blossomed on the bed sheet. How stupid she was...

"Last night?" It turned out that everything was real, not a dream.

She stood there stiffly and didn't know how to face Lucian.

"Amelia. We are a couple." Holding her face in his hands, Lucian said seriously.

Of course she understood what he meant, but it was inevitable that she was a little embarrassed. Her face turned red and she said in a hurry, "I... I'm going to wash my face and brush my teeth! "

After walking a few steps, she felt that her legs were so painful that she couldn't help trembling. So, Lucian immediately supported her and carried her into the bedroom. He carefully poured a hot water for her and said, "if you need any help, just call me, I'll be outside."

Amelia was so shy that she didn't say anything. Her heart was in a mess.

She had known that this day would come since she had been on the same bed with Lucian, but she still felt awkward when it came.

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