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   Chapter 80 The Bell Of The New Year

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The reason why Kent broke up with Courtney via text was that Melissa was pregnant.

"Do you think our fates are miserable? The same trick is played on us!" Courtney sipped her coffee and laughed grimly, "It's so sweet!"

Amelia bit her lips and didn't know what to say.

"Don't try to comfort me. I have to thank that little life! If not, I won't let them go so easily! " Courtney said angrily.

Amelia knew that she was just being stubborn and soft hearted, so she didn't intend to comfort her. She casually proposed, "Do you want to go on a trip?"

"You accompany me?" Courtney's eyes lit up. It seemed that she really took it seriously.

Amelia was almost choked on her coffee.

Amelia wanted to ask for Lucian's opinion before she could decide, so she didn't make the decision immediately. Instead, she said, "Let's wait until we decide which city to go."

"Amelia, when my parents heard that I broke up with Kent, they didn't show any pity to me. Instead, they said that Uncle Shang's son just came back from his study, and that we might have time to meet..." Courtney rolled her eyes as if she couldn't stand it any more. And all of a sudden, her melancholy disappeared.

Amelia added, "Maybe we should go to see him. Maybe he is your type." Amelia knew that it was not right to say so, but at the thought that Courtney and Kent could not go back anymore, she hoped that Courtney could walk out of the shadow of being lovelorn.

"Do you think I'm as lucky as you to meet a handsome man like Lucian?" With a disappointed look on her face, Courtney asked in a gossipy tone, "What's the relationship between you and Lucian?"

"What step?" Amelia didn't expect that Courtney would change her mood so quickly. She was overwhelmed by her expression of gossip for a while.

"Do you want to have a wedding? Do you sleep with him every night? Are you planning to have some kids? "

"Stop it. I'm sure you're all right." Amelia interrupted Courtney quickly and replied honestly, "I don't know. I just sleep in the same bed with him."

"Really?" Courtney was shocked. She reached out her hand to serve the forehead of Amelia and said to herself, "Don't you have a fever?"

Amelia felt that Courtney was talking nonsense. Amelia shook her head and was about to go back, but was stopped by Courtney. "Amelia, I admit that you've married a good man, but love can only be maintained within a short period of time. Don't be foolish every day. You think there is pure love in the world. You're already twenty-five years old, but you still don't want to sell yourself. By that time, there will be no love between you two. "Don't cry at me if you are defeated by those bitches! "

God, was this a woman who was crossed in love? She had planned to comfort Courtney, but it turned out that Courtney was trying to tell her the truth.

"You scared the shit out of me!" Amelia stood up and poured a cup of coffee for Courtney. "Have a cup of coffee to refresh yourself. If you have nothing else to do, just go home early. Your family will give you unlimited

e took away his gold card from the cashier and gave her credit card to the cashier.

"Amelia, don't be so mean. If so, why don't you let me pay the bill?" Lucian whispered in her ear.

As soon as they walked out of the mall, Amelia showed the dress in her hand and commented, "It's a nice dress. I believe your mother will look good on it. As for the price, I think it's beyond price."

Seeing the serious look on her face, Lucian comforted her, "This year-end bonus you are going to spend on this dress. This is a very sincere gift. As for whether she likes it or not, it doesn't matter anymore."

Maybe it was during the Spring Festival, the smiling face of the pedestrians running on the road could be seen easily. In the face of the heavy traffic, Amelia noticed the colorful trees along the road flapping in the breeze.

When she was a child, she looked forward to the new year's day most. In addition to the new clothes and shoes, there was also a lot of lucky money. Thinking of this, Amelia's eyes moistened. A smile appeared on her face.

Time flied.

The moment they arrived at the Zhan mansion, Amelia suddenly felt the joy of the new year. Under eaves hang a red lantern, the entrance of the house was decorated with a red chiffon couplet. Darren stood in front of the gate in the morning, took over the stuff from Lucian with a bright smile and said in a joyful voice, "Mr. Nicholas was so excited to learn that you and Mrs. Amelia are going to visit them. He ordered the servants to prepare something delicious for you."

It was said that a woman who gained 3 pounds at every festival, like Amelia, who was not afraid of eating, would not get fat no matter how much she ate. So when eating, Nicholas told her several times that she was too thin and that she must eat more.

Amelia lowered her head awkwardly. Sitting opposite to Fannie, Amelia's eyes always met hers inadvertently. She was scared out of her wits during the meal.

Luckily, Lucian kept adding food to her bowl, so that she wouldn't be overcautious.

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