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   Chapter 79 Acting Like A Soap Opera

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Amelia interrupted as she didn't want to see their quarrel, "Dad, mom, the dinner is ready."

Amelia was so nervous that she spoke very fast.

"Who is your mother?" The more Amelia spoke, the more depressed Fannie became.

"Amelia, don't take her words seriously. If she doesn't eat, let's eat!" It seemed that Nicholas was very angry. He held the wheelchair and moved towards the dining room.

On the other side, Lucian frowned when he heard this, as if he was very unhappy.

It never occurred to Amelia that the air would be so awkward. She just stood there still.

After Darren took the wheelchair from Lucian, Lucian walked to Amelia and coaxed her, "You stay here to face it. Don't put too much pressure on yourself."

Because he thought Amelia was right and he didn't have to do as Fannie's will.

Going upstairs, Fannie said to Lucian angrily, "You can just ignore me, but all I do is for your own good!"

Nicholas praised the skills of Amelia in cooking. Although there was no Fannie around the dinner, the atmosphere was wonderful.

After the dinner, Lucian said he wanted to go back. In consideration of his mother's stubbornness, Nicholas didn't try to make them stay.

"Guess what my father said to me just now?" On the way back, Lucian suddenly asked with a smile.

Amelia shook her head with confusion.

With a smile on his lips, Lucian conveyed honestly, "He said that we should consider having a child."

Amelia's face immediately turned red. Shyly, she turned her head and pretended to look at the scenery outside the window.

Luckily, Lucian didn't tell them in detail, or she would feel embarrassed.

When the weekday came, as usual, Amelia worked in the Zhan Group with Lucian. Although the life there was simple and quiet, she felt at ease.

Lucian was more considerate to Amelia than before since he promised in front of her mother's tombstone that he would spend the rest of his life with Amelia.

There was a regular meeting every Monday. The meeting began at ten o'clock in the morning. With the help of Eric, Amelia began to arrange the meeting and place the documents needed for the meeting. When everything was ready, she went to the CEO's office and reported to Lucian. In the company, they were a superior and subordinate. She called him CEO, just like other employees.

After being familiar with the whole process, Amelia's work was much easier. During the meeting, she could take care of the regular files quickly. She didn't make any mistakes during the whole meeting.

It was not a big deal, but compared with the last conference in which there was an accident, they finished the meeting this time peacefully.

In the washroom, Amelia was washing her hands. Suddenly, a voice came from behind, "Amelia, don't think you can have him just because you are married to Lucian. You will never be able to take my place in his heart."

Sasha came in with a bright red dress, a small coat, and a sexy black silk stockings.

Sasha and Shelly used to wear thin silk stockings in winter.

"Ms. Sasha, please don't sa


Courtney looked at her and suddenly smiled.

They sat opposite to each other, stirring the coffee in the cup in a consistent manner, and then picked up the coffee in a tacit manner, taking a sip, with a faint smile on their lips.

"Why do I see the sunshine outside the window?" Courtney reached out a hand and shook it, her eyes blurred.

"That's sunshine." Amelia echoed, with a wider smile on her lips. Accompanied by the aroma of coffee, she became much soberer.

She stopped saying anything to comfort Courtney because she thought it was useless.

Only she could get over the pain of a relationship and no one else could help her.

Once a person's heart was hurt by someone, it would either sink or get rid of the pain. The whole process would be very difficult.

"Amelia, I've thought a lot in the Lin family these two days." Courtney held the coffee cup in her hand, with a slight smile on her face and an expression of melancholy on her face. She looked out of the window, as if there was really sunshine outside the window.

"I still remember that when I was separated from Jasper, you told me that the hurt meant growing up. But looking back now, I felt that the five years were like a dream, as if it had never existed." Amelia couldn't help letting out a sigh, and more importantly, she felt grateful that she had met Lucian. If he hadn't suddenly appeared, she wouldn't have been recovered so fast.

"I know that Kent made a mistake, but the truth is that we can't avoid it." Cynthia smiled bitterly and told her Kent's explanation in details.

The sales department was so busy that they had to attend dinners. In a party, Melissa got drunk and was sent back to the hotel room by Kent. Both of them go drunk and got together.

After that, Melissa had been threatening Kent to break up with Courtney with this excuse. Kent was very guilty that he didn't want to break up with Courtney, and he was even more guilty that he didn't dare to call her. No matter how Courtney yelled at him later, he didn't say anything.

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