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   Chapter 78 Still Unable To Be Admitted

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These honest words were even more touching than the announcement made in the church.

When they went down the mountain, Lucian explained to Amelia about his whereabouts after work the night before yesterday.

After he got off work, he had already prepared the supplies and came here. Sasha knew that it was the day of Fiona's death, so she proposed to come here to worship with Lucian. At that time, he didn't disagree with her, because he didn't want her to stay in the office for this thing. However, after work, he didn't agree to let Sasha go with him.

The reason why Sasha had said those words was to irritate the jealousy in Amelia's heart. Only in this way, was the fight between Lucian and Amelia more serious.

"Amelia, use your brain from now on." After they got into the car, Lucian caressed Amelia's head and reminded her with affection.

"Well, that's the last time." She admitted that she was too coward to believe what Sasha had said. She had been fooled twice.

"I should thank her. Otherwise, I wouldn't have found that my wife cared about me so much." Lucian was pleased. All the unhappiness that had happened yesterday had gone away.

"Lucian, can you promise me one thing?" She decided to tell him what she really wanted to say when he was in a good mood.

"Since you took me home from the bar last night, just say what you want to say." Lucian promised directly as if he knew what Amelia was going to say.

Amelia knew that the name "Jonny" was a taboo in front of Lucian. But if she didn't make it clear, they would have a quarrel because of Jonny in the future.

"Jonny and I are just friends. It's not what you think." She hoped that Lucian wouldn't lose his temper because of misunderstandings, which would hurt her feelings.

Amelia frowned. She knew she was a little emotionally unstable last night, so she said apologetically, "I shouldn't get angry with you because I still can't forget it. I'll pay attention to my behaviors in the future."

"In fact, I was wrong too. I shouldn't have argued back..." She apologized in time.

"More importantly, I owe a lot to Sasha. After all, my mother... It's Fannie. She did something to harm Sasha. I owed her." That's why he broke the rules to invite Sasha to the Zhan Group.

"I know." Amelia's smile suddenly became bright. She said confidently, "because I am the only one in your heart!"

Looking at her bright smile, Lucian felt relaxed, but he couldn't help but ridicule, "With such a stupid wife, it's difficult not to remember."

"I'm not trying to hide anything from you. I'm just trying to make a fool of myself. By the way, some people even praised me for being smart a few days ago!" She did not think that she lost something because the one who praised her was Lucian and the one who said her stupid was Lucian.

They had made up now. Despite the foggy weather, Amelia still felt radiant in her heart.

All of a sudden, Amelia felt that what she had experienced was somewhat similar to that of Lucian. They both had experienced the pain of losing their mothers. Fannie was the younger sister of Fiona. Since his mother had passed away, Fann

heard the tough words of Fannie, she would be sad, so he refused to stay the Zhan mansion for dinner.

It was no wonder that Lucian would be surprised. When Amelia came to the Zhan mansion for the first time, she was worried that Lucian would stay and have dinner with them. Hearing the voice of Fannie, she was in panic.

"Amelia can cook? I want to try it. " Nicholas started to smile, with expectations in his eyes.

"She is not only good at cooking, but also very delicious." Lucian echoed, casting an approving look at Amelia.

Amelia was a little embarrassed by her compliment and said modestly, "I can only cook some home cooking dishes."

He didn't see Fannie, nor did Nicholas mention anything about her and Lucian did not ask either. At eleven o'clock, Amelia came into the kitchen and asked the servants to do the cooking with her together. All she needed to do was to make dinner. Several dishes were ready, and it was just the lunch time. After she and the servants put the dishes on the table, she heard the shrill voice of Fannie. "Wow, we have a bountiful meal today!"

Fannie threw her bag to the servant. Her face darkened when she found that Amelia was here. She snorted coldly, took off her cape, and went upstairs in her high heels.

It was obvious that she didn't like her. But Amelia had been used to it.

At that moment, Lucian and his father came downstairs. At the stairs, Nicholas called Fannie, "The lunch is ready."

Pretending not to hear it, Fannie said sourly, "Today is your family gathering. How disappointing it is to have me!"

"Stop talking nonsense in front of the kid!" Nicholas scolded Fannie angrily.

"Why didn't you tell me when you came back, Lucian? I don't want to see you in the kitchen."

Fannie was so angry that she wanted to embarrass Amelia on purpose.

Lucian didn't get angry but replied calmly, "Amelia is my daughter-in-law, not an outsider."

"Haha, last time you said that it didn't matter if the family would recognize her or not, but this time you could even claim that she is the daughter-in-law legally!" Fannie said.

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