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   Chapter 77 Get Drunk In A Bar

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Only when Amelia was left alone in the spacious office, could she collapsed on the ground weakly. At the moment, the last sentence said by Lucian came to her mind.

Because of Jonny, he... The more Amelia thought about it, the more aggrieved she felt. Her tears fell one by one on the back of her hand, and her heart was very ach.

During the whole day, Amelia spent the whole day in her office. When she had lunch, Eric had come to her. She lied to him and said that she had ordered a meal online. She didn't sleep well last night, so she slept the whole afternoon. By the time she woke up, it was already dark outside.

She fumbled for the phone and found that it was already seven o'clock in the evening. There were two missed calls from Lily.

She turned on the light in the office and looked around. Suddenly, she didn't know if she should go back to the SJ Garden. But if she didn't go back, where could she go?

After breaking up with Kent, Courtney stayed in the mansion of her parents all day and didn't want to see anyone... If she went back to the house of her parents, she would be laughed at by Sophia.

At the moment, the building of the Zhan Group was pretty quiet. After leaving the building, Amelia walked along the shady road, not knowing where to go. Looking at the neon lights around, she had an indescribable heavy heart.

Did Lucian really get angry this time? Why didn't he call her. After feeling of loneliness, she couldn't help sneering at herself, "you are right. Why are you upset?

Not long after he left, his cell phone vibrated. Seeing that it was a stranger's number, she hanged up.

Because the shirt was torn by Lucian, she tightened the coat, but still feeling cold.

Her phone rang again. It was a message from a stranger. It said, "Sister-in-law, I'm Jessie. Lucian is drunk in the Moon Bar. He was calling your name all the time. Come over here!

Holding the phone, Amelia couldn't help but her hand kept shaking. She didn't know whether it was because of the cold weather or her care for Lucian.

She stood by the roadside and stopped a taxi directly heading to the Moon Bar.

Arriving at the Moon Bar, the memory of Amelia was pulled back to three months ago unconsciously. She just broke up with her ex-boyfriend and she wanted to drink here, but she was brought back home by Lucian.

The Moon Bar was still bustling with celebrities and handsome men. Everyone was happily chatting, and they all had a happy face except for Amelia. When they were searching around, Jessie had already waved at her. "Sister-in-law, here!"

Murmured Amelia in a low voice as she walked to the reception table and found Lucian behind Jessie.

She couldn't hear what Lucian was talking about as the bar was too noisy. But she heard from Jessie that Lucian had drunk a lot and kept calling her name...

"Sister-in-law, Lucian's car is just in front of the bar. You can drive him home. I need to get familiar with the scenario."

"Okay." The first thing she needed to do was to take the drunken Lucian out of the bar.

With the help of a waiter, Amelia carrie

apologized to her. This arrogant man would never say sorry so easily.

Amelia smiled when she took the glass. After drinking it, she gave it to Lucian and said, "Drink it if it's not dirty."

Without saying anything, Lucian took the glass and drank it.

Amelia asked in amazement with her eyes wide open, "Aren't you a clean freak?" He would go to the gym, but he didn't expect that he didn't care about personal supplies at all.

Lucian ignored her. He pointed at the remaining stone steps and suggested, "Let me lead you."

She didn't know why Lucian brought her here, but as she had already come up, it was impossible for her to give up halfway. Besides, with his company, she was not tired at all.

Although she knew that this idea was not courageous, she had to admit her feelings in her heart.

Staring at Lucian's slender and fair hand, she hesitated for a while and reached out her hand.

When her hand was covered by his big hand, she felt so happy that her heart was stirred like a headless fly.

Finally, they climbed to the top of the mountain. Amelia looked around the green scenery and suddenly had a clear view, even the cold air at the top of the mountain made people breath thin.

"Come with me." Lucian took a few steps forward with Amelia, and finally stopped in front of a tombstone.

There was no words on the tombstone, except for a grey and white photo. With a gentle smile, the woman looked like Lucian on a closer look.

"Mom, this is my wife I mentioned to you yesterday. I promised that I would bring her to you next time. And here she is." Lucian said with a smile in front of the tombstone.

She couldn't believe her ears. The woman on the gravestone was Lucian's mother. What about Fannie?

Her mind was in a mess, but she was not absent-minded at the moment. With respect, she bowed to the beautiful woman on the tombstone and whispered to her heart, "Mom."

"Mom, don't worry. I will live with Amelia happily for my whole life." Lucian promised to the beautiful woman on the tombstone, holding the hand of Amelia.

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