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   Chapter 76 Stay Away From Jonny

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"Take this with you." Amelia handed the coffee to Lucian and returned to the desk.

Lucian looked at her in surprise and said, "Didn't you hear what Eric said? Let's have breakfast at next room. "

"What?" Amelia looked up in surprise. She couldn't believe her ears.

She thought that the two-people breakfast mentioned by Lucian was for him and the other, but she didn't expect that it was her.

She didn't have breakfast and didn't have a good rest last night. So even if she was hungry, she didn't have much appetite.

"Let's go." Lucian's voice softened and he reached out to hold her hand.

Amelia was not used to it. She smiled awkwardly, "I have already eaten at home."

On hearing this, Lucian frowned with displeasure flashing in his eyes. He immediately exposed her lie, "I asked Lily about it, but she told me that you left home without having breakfast."

I see... Amelia bowed her head in shame.

Lucian took her to the office next door. There was a lot of nutritious breakfast on the table. She pressed her empty stomach and sat down. Then selected a bowl of millet porridge.

"So little?" Seeing that she only had a bowl of porridge, Lucian asked curiously.

He had already had breakfast. Knowing that she hadn't had breakfast yet, he asked Eric to prepare it specially. As a result, she only had one bowl of porridge.

"I'm done here. I'll go first." She stood up ignoring his worries.

But Lucian didn't stop her. After she left, he asked Eric in a serious tone, "Are you sure it was Jonny who drove Mrs. Amelia to company this morning?"

"Yes, it's Mr. Jonny. And the car is ten meters away from the Zhan Group. It seems that he is avoiding something on purpose." Eric reported carefully.

Lucian's face darkened. He looked at the untouched breakfast and said coldly, "Take it off."

The moment Amelia entered the office, Lucian came in. She thought he would eat for a long time.

Bending over the desk in horror, she immediately cheered herself up.

After taking his seat, Lucian glanced at the direction where she was sitting. Then he said indifferently, "I don't have anything to do this morning. You can go to the back of the room and have a rest."

Hearing Lucian's words, Amelia was first stunned and then replied, "It doesn't matter." She smiled awkwardly. In order to become more energetic, she took a gulp of the tea.

Lucian glanced at her and saw her frown. He frowned and said angrily, "This is an order!"

This sentence made Amelia come to life. She sat straight and continued to sort out the items on the table, ignoring the last sentence. However, there was nothing to do after sorting out.

She secretly glanced at Lucian and found that he was browsing the documents, thinking that he had already forgotten what he had asked for. Then she relaxed and prepared to take out her mobile phone and play games, so that the sleepiness

and said.

"Lucian, when you were with Sasha last night, you knew how I felt?" Amelia looked at him and told him her feelings, "When I felt that I was the happiest woman in the world, you always treated me in a different way. Every time I followed you around carefully, but after I had dinner with Jonny or had a talk with him, you changed greatly. How could you be so mean?"

If Jonny didn't specially tell her that she couldn't tell Lucian that she knew Jonny ten years ago, she could have told Lucian that she knew Jonny for a long time. But if he hated Jonny, he might hate her too because she was familiar with Jonny.

The look in Lucian's eyes darkened, like a black hole. He leaned over, opened his hands, and clasped the marble-made table, and held Amelia in his arms, leaving her no chance to escape. His sharp eyes stared at her stunned face, and pinched her chin with the other hand. He asked coldly, "Because of Jonny, how dare you say I'm narrow-minded?"

The man in front of her had a cold and arrogant tone, and the anger in his tone was so strange to Amelia.

She struggled for a while, and Lucian was holding her even tighter.

"Isn't it true?" Amelia asked fearlessly.

In fact, the calmer she looked, the faster her heart beat.

She knew that Lucian was in a bad mood, but she still provoked him on purpose.

"Okay, then I will be a mean man!" After that, Lucian released the hand from Amelia's chin and tore her clothes.

As the heating was on in the office, Amelia took off her coat before and now she only worn a simple designed shirt inside. When she heard the sound of clothes breaking, she pushed away Lucian in fright and shouted at him, "Lucian, you're crazy!"

She couldn't believe her eyes. Was he really the man she loved?

After a moment's distraction, Lucian looked at Amelia's messy clothes and felt apologetic. But he still pretended to be strong and said, "Stay away from Jonny!"

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