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   Chapter 75 Lucian Didn't Come Back Overnight

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"Mrs. Amelia, you like lily, too!" Lily walked over, smelled the pure white lily, and said excitedly, "In our hometown, the valley is full of lilies, and every time I play there, when I go back home, I'll hold a big bunch of lily!"

"Really? If it is possible, I will pay a visit to your hometown." Amelia replied happily.

The careful Lily found that there were eleven flowers and couldn't help but ask curiously, "Eleven flowers mean you will love one during your whole life. Do you mean that you want to stay with Mr. Lucian for a life?"

At the mention of Lucian, Amelia's hand froze as she was organizing flowers. She didn't think that the flowers were for Lucian at all. In theory, she just took a careful look at the number of the flower and picked eleven ones.

"What's delicious food for dinner? I'm so hungry." Amelia shifted her attention from the lily.

Lily didn't ask more questions. She was so happy and said, "Mr. Lucian cares about Mrs. Amelia very much that he figures out the time when you go home and calls me to cook for you. He told me that you were on your way home. I thought you would come back together."

Lily said happily while taking the rice for her.

"Do you mean that Lucian called you before I came back?" Amelia asked in surprise.

When Amelia thought that he was dating with Sasha, she was unhappy.

"I thought Mrs. Amelia wouldn't come home for dinner, so I didn't start cooking until I received Mr. Lucian's call." Lily replied frankly.

During the dinner, Amelia was lost in thought. She wondered why Lucian knew where she was and if someone was following her.

She was not curious about that as she knew that the man was Lucian. Was there anything that he couldn't do?

It was unknown if Lucian would go home tonight. At zero o'clock, she didn't want to wait any longer, so she turned off the bedroom's light and covered herself with the quilt. When she was about to sleep, her mind was like being trapped by many ropes. It was totally out of her control.

There was only one voice in her heart, wondering why Lucian hadn't come back... Was he with Sasha now?

It was not easy for a woman to be petty and paranoid if she cared about a man. Amelia had experienced it deeply in this moment.

She held her phone in her hand and thought about whether she should call Lucian to ask if he would come back tonight. The screen of her phone was on and off again and again, but she finally did not have the courage to call him.

She was half awake the whole night. When the alarm rang, Amelia got sober. She opened her sore and swollen eyes, looked at the time, and then sat up on the bed. Maybe she was too quick that she felt dizzy. Feeling a little defeated, she lay on the bed again. She wanted to get up, but she was too weak because the poor sleep last night. Unwittingly, she got up and washed up, ready to go to work.

The room was very quiet. There was no other sound except the sound made by her. And she had to admit that Lucian didn't come back last night.

In order to cheer herself up, she washed her face with cold water in such a cold morning with a few degrees below zero. When she just put her hands into the sink

"Ding" interrupted the sound of Sasha. Amelia walked out of the elevator and threw Sasha's arrogant voice behind her.

After entering the office, she found that Lucian was not there. She heaved a sigh of relief and sat down on the seat. She rubbed her swollen eyes and was about to get a cup of Laura tea to refresh herself.

As soon as she put the tea leaves into the teacup, the office door was open and the beautiful face of Lucian came into her view.

Amelia's hands trembled, and the tea leaves sprinkled on the table. She wiped the tea leaves with paper towel hastily and bent over to put in the basket, trying to hide the panic on her face.

"Eric, go to the canteen to prepare the breakfast for two persons." Wearing a beige suit, Lucian said coldly. Then he walked to Amelia and asked with concern, "Didn't you sleep well last night?"

This sentence made Amelia moved, and then came with unspeakable grievance.

It's because of you that I didn't sleep well last night. How could she say that.

"I fell asleep at eight o'clock last night. But I woke up in the middle of the night because I went to bed too early. Since then, I haven't fallen asleep." She tried to explain for herself, pretending that she did not care about him very much.

Lucian gazed at her with a complex look in his eyes. The corners of his lips curved into an indifferent arc. It was not like a smile, but a bit sarcastic.

Amelia didn't think carefully about his expression, but asked, "would you like some coffee?" That was one of his habits in the morning.

"Yes." He answered coldly and took off the suit. After hanging it, he unbuttoned two buttons on the shirt with thin stripes and then sat at his desk.

The heating in the office was on, which was totally different from the temperature outside.

Lucian looked especially handsome in his suit. He was full of aristocratic temperament, and no one could be more elegant than him.

As soon as Amelia made the coffee, Eric knocked on the door and entered the room. He reported as usual, "Mr. Lucian, the breakfast is ready. Please move to the next room for breakfast."

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