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   Chapter 74 The Love Of Courtney

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"I tell you, Kent. If you dare to make a decision behind me, you know the consequence!" Melissa entered the elevator after leaving these words.

At the moment when the door of the elevator closed, Amelia sensed that there was a ray of resentment shooting at her.

"It's about time to get off work. Let's find a place to talk after work." Amelia thought that it was improper to ask for personal affairs in the company.

"Amelia, I know you and Courtney are good sisters. Even if you don't come to me, I will go to find you." Kent kept frowning and seemed to have trouble.

"You haven't changed your phone number, have you? I'll call you after work. " She was filled with anger, but when she saw the guilt on Kent's face, she lost her temper at once.

"I'll call you later." Kent then entered the elevator.

When she returned to her office, Amelia looked preoccupied. Seeing that Lucian was looking at her, she forced a smile and said, "Sorry, I left my post without permission."

"I'll ask Frank to drive you home after work." After that, Lucian got up, put on his suit and picked up his briefcase, ready to leave.

Looking at him, Amelia asked, "Do you have anything to do tonight?" She had heard the conversation between him and Sasha, but she still couldn't help asking.

"Yes." Lucian replied. He looked at Amelia gently and said, "I'll go home as soon as I finish my work."

He didn't say what it was, but since he didn't say it, she wouldn't ask more.

"It doesn't matter. Go ahead with your work." She happened to have an appointment with Kent tonight.

After Lucian left, Amelia's phone rang just after she finished the unfinished work.

"I'll be right downstairs." It was Kent. Amelia hung up and rushed downstairs.

When she walked out of the building of the Zhan Group, Frank had been waiting by the car. Seeing the figure of Amelia, he walked up to her, smiled and said, "Mrs. Amelia, Mr. Lucian asked me to drive you home."

It occurred to Amelia that she had forgotten to inform Frank in advance. "I'm sorry, Frank. I have something to deal with now. I'll take a taxi home later," she apologized.

"But Mr. Lucian asked me to drive you home and report to him." Frank looked baffled.

Amelia didn't want to make it difficult for Frank, so she said, "I'll call Lucian later. He won't blame you."

"Okay." Frank wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought.

Until Frank drove away, Kent slowly walked over.

"There is a coffee shop across the street. Let's talk there." Amelia pointed at the coffee shop and looked at Kent who was in a low mood. "Did you call Courtney?"

"Yes, she is on her way here." Kent stopped smiling and said in a low voice.

After sitting down, Amelia asked first in a soft voice, "as for Courtney... Do you have no feelings for her? "

She knew it was a risky question, but if she wanted to figure out the situation, she had to go straight into it with one shot.

"No! I still love her!" Kent replied quickly and excitedly.

Amelia was a li

If possible, who would like show sorrow to others.

"Let's go to eat something." When they made the appointment, it was time for dinner. Amelia thought that Courtney hadn't had dinner. She wanted to use food to ease the sadness in her heart.

Courtney shook her head and forced a smile. "My parents are so happy for my coming back! They must be waiting for me at home."

Amelia could not bear to see her awkward smile and her hidden sorrow. So she had to agree with her. "All right. I'll take you to the car."

"No, the driver is waiting there." Courtney pointed at the luxury car not far from them.

Watching Courtney get in the car, Amelia left in relief.

She was still thinking about Courtney. Even if she was hungry, she was not in the mood to eat.

Turning a corner, she came to a flower shop. Amelia stopped unconsciously and was attracted by the white lily.

One piece was ten dollars. She bought ten pieces, and the boss also saved ten dollars for her. This was the most generous thing she had ever done.

Smelling the faint fragrance of lily, she felt better and prayed to God that Courtney could be happy again quickly.

On the way back to the SJ Garden by taxi, Amelia suddenly realized that Lucian was not home. She remembered the conversation between Lucian and Sasha... The more time she thought about the conversation between them, the more upset she became. She started to imagine the moment when Lucian and Sasha met.

When she arrived at the SJ Garden, Lily had just got the dinner ready. Seeing that Amelia was back, she said excitedly, "Mrs. Amelia, the dinner is just ready. You're back!"

It was already seven o'clock. Lily had cooked one hour later than usual. Although Amelia felt strange, she did not ask for details. She thought it was a pure coincidence.

Amelia smiled as she saw the beautiful face of Lily. She put the lily flowers into the glass bottle and filled it with water. Her depressed mood was inexplicably happy, and the smile on her face became even bigger.

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