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   Chapter 72 Making Fun Of Each Other

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On the other side, Lucian pulled back the quilt and thought that Amelia had already fallen asleep. But the light reflected on the screen of her phone told him that she was still awake. He took the phone away from her and said in a cold voice, "Don't watch it before you go to sleep. It's not good for your eyesight."

The phone was taken away before Amelia came to herself.

"Lucian, can you be less bossy?" As she was reading the gossip, and it was someone next to her now, she was more interested in it.

She was just trying to calm down. But when she accidentally saw the gossip about Lucian, her mind was suddenly preoccupied.

"I'm such a bully!" With Amelia in his arms, Lucian let her rest her head on his strong arm.

Amelia moved a little at first, but she yielded to Lucian's coercion.

She turned her head a little and looked at Lucian from time to time. In the bright crystal light, his well carved face became more and more attractive. Even he looked cold, people still wanted to stay close to him.

She rested her head in his arms and felt secure.

Smelling the fresh fragrance of mint, Amelia closed her eyes, smiled and fell asleep.

When the person beside him didn't move, Lucian looked at her face. Under the light, her fair skin looked like a baby's, and her cherry like little mouth was slightly upward. In this way, Lucian's thin lips could not help but draw a happy arc.

"Sleep tight, my sweetheart." He whispered in her ear, followed by kisses like raindrops.

When she woke up the next morning, she found that Lucian had already got up before her.

She felt warm when Lucian had already squeezed toothpaste for her and helped her to match the work clothes she would wear today.

Amelia, who was standing in front of the mirror, was all smiles. While she was washing her face with strength, she couldn't help thinking whether she should wear makeup?

She didn't care about what Jessie said yesterday, but felt that as Lucian's assistant, she should wear light make-up during working hours to show respect to others.

After doing some makeup in front of the mirror, she noticed that due to her heavy hand, or her eyelash was smeared on the bridge of her nose, or her foundation and cream were not applied evenly, and her eye sight was not inferior to a panda.

In a hurry, she had to give up.

"Amelia, how can you be a woman?" She looked at herself in the mirror and said pathetically, as if she had nothing to lose.

At that time, Lucian was standing behind her. He looked at her with smile, eyes full of affection.

It took almost half an hour from the process of her wearing making-up to the process of removing her make-up. During the nearly half an hour, Amelia had observed everything carefully. Under the gaze of him, Amelia did not notice his existence at all.

When she took off the makeup and looked up suddenly, she found that there was a man standing behind. Then she stepped back in horror and leaned her thin body against the edge of the dre

ont of the mirror. As expected, there were several red marks on her neck.

"Did mosquitoes bite me last night?" She stood in front of the mirror and talked to herself in bewilderment. She felt that there was something wrong again. Where did mosquitoes come from in winter? Moreover, even if there were, how could a man like Lucian who attached great importance to details of life allow a mosquito to have a place in his room...

And, it was absolutely different from what she had been bitten by mosquitoes. The mosquito bites should be the red dot. But what else could it be?

Hearing her confusing voice, Lucian's expression changed a little. He cursed this stupid woman in his heart!

Walking out from the cosmetics shop, Amelia couldn't help shouting, "Stop, Lucian!"

As expected, Lucian cooperated with her and looked down at Amelia who was much shorter than him, thinking that she had understood.

She reached out her hands to hold his neck and looked at him carefully. She found no red marks on his skin and asked depressingly, "Why didn't mosquitoes bite you?"

At this time, they two were standing in the street, their intimate behavior attracted the attention of many people.

However, Amelia seemed not to notice that. She put her hand on his face and looked at him surprisedly.

"Because the mosquito slept very well last night." Lucian answered expressionlessly.

"Bullshit!" With her hands on her neck, Amelia decided to let it go. "I have to buy some medicine to treat them when I get home. It's a waste of money to use foundation everyday." she whispered.

Lucian didn't know why he... Out of control.

He didn't expect that the woman had such a simple mind and even thought that it was caused by mosquitoes.

When they arrived at the Zhan Group, they were nicely late. It was lucky for them to take the special elevator for the CEO because of Lucian, so no one noticed that they were late.

There was a knock on the door of the CEO's office as soon as Amelia sat down.

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