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   Chapter 71 Turn Jealous

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However, things didn't go as Amelia had expected. This intensified her guilt for him. She held on to his arm, and asked, "Is that really your mother's idea?"

'Fannie doesn't like me?' Why did she urge them to have a baby?

"Amelia, I was just kidding." Lucian found that Amelia frowned. He looked at her and said word by word.

"Okay. Whatever you said" Seeing that his expression became more and more serious, Amelia answered in fear.

After the delicious dishes were served on the table, Amelia didn't talk about the topic but focused on the food.

This was the place where Lucian used to go, so the waiters knew him. In addition, the shares of the restaurant were owned by the Zhan Group.

The atmosphere was good, but a picky voice broke the warmth of the moment.

"Lucian, why do you take her with you?"

Amelia looked up suddenly and met the eyes of the strange woman.

The woman in front of her gave Amelia an unspeakable feeling of familiarity. Amelia felt that she had met this woman before. Besides, she was dressed in fashion, with a tall figure. She was a beauty in fashion.

She naturally moved next to Lucian and looked at Amelia with disgust. "I don't think it's a good idea to bring her to this place. At least she should wear clean clothes."

Looking into her eyes, of course Amelia knew that woman was picking at her clothes.

Although Amelia admitted that she was wearing plain clothes, it was not so bad as she said. She was stained with the oil when she was cooking in the construction site. She could still smell the oil and smoke.

Lucian didn't detest her, so how could she do that. Amelia thought indignantly.

"Jessie, what a coincidence! Have you eaten yet?" After glancing at Amelia, Lucian asked the woman who was sitting next to him, Jessie.

On hearing the gentle voice of Lucian, Amelia felt even more jealous.

"Lucian, how long have we not seen each other? You are so heartless! " Jessie's voice sounded soft and feminine even when she was angry, so her complaint sounded more like a spoiled child.

It was all because that the handsome man and pretty woman in front of her were so eye-catching that Amelia felt deeply hurt in her heart. She pouted her lips with displeasure. She didn't want to look for sadness, so she kept sending delicious food to her mouth. She tried to ignore the woman in this way and also had unhappiness in her heart.

"You are too busy everyday. It's difficult to meet you." Lucian returned while eating.

Fine, she was right. They began to chat without noticing her.

She swallowed the food in her mouth in one swallow.

"I heard that you are married? Is your wife beautiful? " After the waiter served the dishes, Jessie also started to eat. Her free and unrestrained manner made Amelia feel lik

un of Amelia.

Embarrassed by the ridicule of him, she lowered her head even more.

Since it was a mistake, she didn't want to be starved so she began to eat with great appetite, completely ignoring what Lucian had said.

Seeing that she was eating with a good appetite, Lucian smiled.

After returning to the SJ Garden, Amelia went upstairs and took a shower. After changing her dirty clothes, she stood in front of the mirror and thought for a long time. Then a voice said insider her in doubt, 'Are you a woman, Amelia? No makeup, no dressing up, no...'

"Why do I care so much about that?" Was she worried that Lucian didn't like it? To please him?

After entering the bedroom, Lucian found that Amelia was looking at herself in the mirror. He quietly walked over and stood behind her. He laughed and said, "Is there anyone so narcissistic?"

It was until then that Amelia found a man in the mirror. Panicked, she turned around and gave a hard look at Lucian that walked without a sound.

"You must be tired today." Lucian hugged her from behind and whispered in her ear in a gentle voice, which made her heart twitch.

"Yes, I'm very happy." She felt what she had done was meaningful and not tired at all.

"You did a good job, Amelia!" He let go of her and said wearily, "I have to take a shower and have a good sleep."

Watching Lucian walk into the bedroom and then staring at the dressing mirror, Amelia smiled.

The way they got along was quite harmonious. They seemed to be a couple for a long time.

After all, they had slept in the same bed before. Now that Amelia didn't care whether Lucian would sleep in the guest room or not, she got into bed and held the mobile phone at hand, pretending to play with it.

After Lucian walked out of the bathroom, Amelia glanced at the screen again and again, trying to calm herself down.

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