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   Chapter 70 The Urge To Have A Baby

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"Let's warmly welcome the CEO and his wife to the base!" The middle-aged man in the lead got up in high spirits, and then a burst of applause followed.

A tinge of trepidation followed. Most people were discussing about the identity of the young lady of the Zhan Group. They didn't expect that she would dressed so simply and behaved so well.

"Mrs. Amelia, I'm so sorry that we women in the base are so short-sighted that we didn't recognize you. Please forgive us." A woman came up and bowed to Amelia apologetically.

Amelia was so scared that she held her at once. She frowned and said honestly, "If you knew it from the very beginning, could I still feel the happiness in it? You're welcome. "

She had never treated Mrs. Amelia as someone else's superior, so she didn't want others to find fault with her.

"Mrs. Amelia is a kind and nice person. You don't have to be restrained." After a while, Lucian finally spoke. He dragged her to his side and looked at her affectionately.

"Mr. Lucian, Mrs. Amelia cooked all the lunch. She even helped us to pick the ingredients and cut the vegetables together. I'm afraid it's hard for a virtuous wife like her." Maybe because of the words Lucian said, the women who had been careful all the time no longer had to be restrained. They spoke highly of Amelia.

After saying that, all the women complimented Amelia. They thought she was a capable woman. As the condition here was limited and the quantity of food she would cook was higher than that of her own family, she took action step by step. It surprised them that she was able to do it.

Amelia felt shy by the compliment and bowed her head shyly, flushing from cheeks to ears.

There was a faint smile on the corner of Lucian's mouth, but there was a look of complacency in his eyes.

"I want to try the food you cook." In a low and deep voice, Lucian whispered in Amelia's ear. It was cold and sexy.

Amelia was about to stay for lunch. Now that Lucian had asked for it, she didn't have to bother to ask.

The delicious food was in the pot and there were a lot of people there. The more they thought about it, the more excited they were.

Although she was slow and warm-hearted, she was willing to release herself to communicate with others.

When they were having meal, Lucian always put food in Amelia's bowl and said "thank you" to her.

Even if he said it in a low voice, all the people present listened to this. They looked at each other shyly, which made Amelia even more uncomfortable.

"Enjoy your meal." She murmured and then ate up all the dishes in her bowl.

During the meal, Amelia got a lot of praise from the guests. They spoke highly of Amelia's culinary skills and that Lucian was so lucky to marry her.

Although it was suspicious for her flattery to say those sweet words, Amelia smiled tacitly.

After lunch, Amelia planned to have a walk around. She stepped

ember all kinds of rules in dinner, which would be exhausting.

"I'll pay the bill. You only need to enjoy the meal." Lucian looked at the slightly thicker menu and naturally pointed to some dishes. His tone was light, but his words showed great concern.

The implication was to swipe his card.

With a straw in her mouth, Amelia mumbled, "Lucian, I think there's no need for us to waste money. Just two of us."

Lucian was about to pass the menu to Amelia. After hearing her words, he asked the waiter to serve as soon as possible, in case that she would refuse to eat when seeing the high prices.

"I'll just treat it as a reward for your hard work today." Lucian looked at her and asked in a tone of discussion.

Amelia knew that Lucian was trying to make concession now. She couldn't be insatiable, so she nodded obediently.

When Amelia nodded with agreement, Lucian couldn't help but tease, "Mrs. Amelia, you're so frugal. For whom do I work so hard for?"

"If Mr. Lucian can't use up all the money he has, he can donate it for charity!" She answered quickly.

Since he took over the Zhan Group, he had been doing charity all the time.

"You are right." "Other than that, you can start to plan for a baby," he quipped.

"What did you say?" Amelia was almost choked by fear, and she thought she had misheard, so she also confirmed, "Having a baby?"

How ridiculous!

"Mrs. Amelia is so frugal. We have to provide for more children so that I will have more motivation to work." Lucian advised calmly.

When she saw that Lucian spoke with a serious look on his face, Amelia thought that what he said was true. She felt shy and panic, and asked, "Did your mother ask you to do that?"

After these words, Amelia thought of the angry face of Fannie, which made her shiver.

Speaking of his mother, there was a significant change in his facial expression. He replied in a low voice, "I was just kidding. Let's eat."

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