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   Chapter 69 Husband Singing, Wife Accompanying

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Amelia's face turned red with the clothes in her hand. Noticing that Lucian had left the room, Amelia changed her clothes without hesitation.

Although she knew that Lucian was her husband, she still felt very embarrassed when he appeared naked in front of her.

When she came downstairs, Lucian was already having breakfast. Seeing her walk towards the dining table, he pushed the food in front of her and said in a forced tone, "Have more breakfast, or you will feel dizzy."

"A long journey?" It was far from downtown.

"Nearly an hour." Then he looked at her and asked, "If you can't ride for a long time, you can stay at home today."

Although he really wanted her to be with him, he couldn't help feeling distressed when he thought of her carsickness.

Perhaps because Amelia was much shorter than Lucian, or because his intelligence was inferior to hers, she was left far behind by him even though they went out together.

She ran to Lucian and looked at him. She complained, "Why are you walking so fast?"

"I'm not pushing you." Lucian opened the door, pushed her into the car, and closed the door.

Amelia was out of breath after running. She didn't have any strength to fight back.

"The road to the base is narrow and there are also many curves. I'll drive slowly, or you'll get carsickness." Lucian said gently before leaving.

She decided to get into the car and go to sleep as soon as possible, because she might feel better this way. However, as soon as she closed her eyes, all she could think about was Lucian's face. More importantly, she knew that he was sitting next to her now, so she didn't want to waste their time together.

After a series of thoughts, Amelia couldn't help peeping at Lucian. She felt warm-hearted because of love.

"What's wrong?" Feeling her gaze, Lucian asked in a calm voice and drove the car with his eyes looking straight ahead.

Embarrassed, Amelia lowered her head and shook her head.

"What kind of song do you like?" Worrying that she would be bored, Lucian asked.

Seeing that he was about to play music, Amelia browse the list and clicked a slow song in English.

Raising his eyebrows, Lucian said abruptly, "It seems that your English is very good."

'No, it is not reasonable to judge the standard by preferences.' Thought Amelia inwardly.

When she was in school, except for math, English was the worst subject. She loved to listen to English song, but she didn't understand the meaning of it.

The music in the car added a hint of romance to the warm atmosphere.

Amelia glanced at Lucian from time to time. A sense of happiness filled up her heart.

Maybe it was because she was in a good mood, she did not feel dizzy at all. Even if the car was on the lane with more than one curve, she did not feel dizzy at all.

Originally, Lucian could have Frank drive them. But Lucian wanted to give them some space to get along with each other, so he decided to drive by himself.

When the car went on a narrow and uneven road, Amelia

Amelia. After she skillfully cooked a dish, they all gave compliments to her. They thought she was so young but her cooking skills were great. Besides, she cooked many big dishes.

Surrounded by the crowd, Amelia finished cooking several dishes, but after a few dishes, she was sweating profusely and was smelly.

The size of turner she used for cooking are similar to the size of shovels used in the construction site, so when they were pulled, they consumed a lot of energy, and for the first time, Amelia felt that cooking was a physical work.

"Wipe the sweat from your face." A lady warm-hearted took the towel and gave it to Amelia. Amelia felt warm and happy when she saw the kind smile on her face.

It occurred to her that Iris had offered her a handkerchief to wipe off her sweat when she was running all over her school.

"Young girl, have you learned cooking before? How can she cook so well? " One of the women tasted the dishes and couldn't help but praise it.

The others looked at her with admiration. All of a sudden, she became the focus of attention again.

Amelia smiled awkwardly and answered honestly, "My mother taught me that."

She felt sorry for her mother. She still remembered that one month before her mother passed away, she force Amelia to learn how to cook food and wash clothes. Iris wanted Amelia to learn to take care of herself. At first, Amelia was not very pleased. She found that these items were not within the scope of studying, so she showed no interest at all. For this, Iris had put a lot of effort into ignited the enthusiasm in Amelia's heart.

It was not until the day her mother passed away that she realized her mother's good intentions. Iris decided to leave this world forever during the month Amelia was taught to cook.

As Amelia was lost in her thoughts, she didn't notice that someone had come in. When the women marveled at the masculinity and charm of the men behind her, she turned around and saw Lucian in black suit standing straightly behind her.

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