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   Chapter 67 I'm Not Quite Familiar With You

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Yes, it was. But she was not a specialized cook. Amelia complained to herself.

"Amelia, you are really a cunning woman!" Lucian was amused by the cute look on her face. In the past, Amelia always behaved in obedience, but now, she was resourceful. This way of getting along really added a little fun to the boring life.

"If I have a bad idea, I can ask Lily to help me write." She answered without thinking.

"Although you didn't ask Lily for help, you thought of something like that. Were you still deny that you had a bad idea?" With his eyes closed a little, Lucian looked at Amelia and said.

Okay, she had thought about this when she really didn't what to write after finishing 1000 words...

In fact, Lucian just blurted it out to remind Amelia. After all, it was very dangerous last night. Why couldn't she understand?

"Don't you know that you were drugged last night?" Speaking of this, Lucian couldn't help frowning.

"Drugged?" Hearing this, Amelia could not help trembling. She could not help thinking of what happened last night. Last night, she had a fever all over and her heart itched very much. It turned out that she was drugged!

And the owner of the hot pot restaurant also touched her...

Fortunately, her will was strong enough, otherwise she would be tricked by that bad man.

No wonder that Courtney had just said that she didn't know the owner of the hot pot restaurant at all...

She had to admit that she was a simple minded woman.

"Amelia, everyone in this city knows that you are my wife. But you still gets drunk in public. You're really something!" Lucian couldn't help but berate her.

"That's right. It's not easy to be Mrs. Amelia," Amelia pouted and said.

"What did you say?" Frowning, Lucian came close to Amelia to confirm that he heard her clearly.

"Well... Nothing." Amelia didn't realize that she had said something wrong. But she got really scared when she saw the coldness on Lucian's face. She'd better not say it again to him.

"Amelia, you are not the Mrs. Amelia in form!" Lucian then added, "you are my wife!"

She really thought that she was just acting as Mrs. Amelia! Lucian felt very angry.

Stunned by what he said, Amelia nodded.

She just blurted it out and didn't mean anything else at all. Moreover, she really took Lucian as her husband so she spoke that without consideration. Even if she paid attention to what she said in front of him, she still wanted to make fun of him occasionally.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have drunk last night." She grabbed his arm and said apologetically.

"Are you throwing a tantrum?" Lucian was in a good mood immediately, but he still showed a poker face to Amelia.

"I can do it if you really like. But I am not good at it. I might disgust you!" Amelia said seriously.

Lucian rolled his eyes at her. He couldn't help smiling when he remembered how Amelia said she was hot last night.

Seeing him laugh, Amelia asked with confusion, "what are you laughin

nd it was not the real thought in her heart.

"How about I call him and ask him?" She wanted to ask Lucian if he wanted to go home later and apologized to him by the way.

After handing in the self-criticism letter with 5000 words, now she apologized again as if she was a person who was always making mistakes.

"Of course you can make a call. Maybe Mr. Lucian will come back soon." Lily agreed with her and said in a ridicule tone: "Mr. Lucian is a proud man. If you can save his face, he will be happy."

Although Lily was only twenty years old, she was good at dealing with the conflicts between lovers.

Amelia left the table, holding her phone in her hands and dialed Lucian's number. Her heart tightened when she was waiting for him to answer.

When the phone was answered, Lucian asked in a mellow voice, "what's up?"

He said coldly and she knew that he was really angry.

If so, Amelia really wanted to curse Lucian. She thought, 'Lucian, as a man, do you have to be so sensitive?'

But on a second thought, she was here to apologize, so she suppressed her anger.

"Do you have any appointment tonight? If not, I want you come home early. And I'll wait for you at home." Then she said carefully and thought that what she said was disgusted.

She felt like she was talking to herself.

The person on the other end of the line was silent. Just when Amelia thought that Lucian wouldn't answer her, he said calmly, "I'll be home soon."

Getting his affirmative answer, Amelia didn't frown anymore. He smiled with joy and said lightly, "Okay, drive slowly."

Just now, she was full of resentment, but now she felt very sweet, as if she had eaten honey.

"Mrs. Amelia, is Mr. Lucian coming back?" Lily knew that Mr. Lucian would come back as she saw the smile on Amelia's face.

Amelia nodded satisfactorily, pouting, "but I'm so nervous."

Was she hinting at Lucian by saying that?

By thinking it over again and again, she felt like she was flirting with him.

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