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   Chapter 66 A Five-thousand-word Self-criticism

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Two-thousand-word self-criticism! Amelia was on the verge of breaking down. She sat up from the bed immediately and mumbled, "Two thousand words? That's too much! Besides, the key point of a self-criticism text is the sincerity of the one who writes it, not the number of words."

All of a sudden, Lucian got up. He glanced at Amelia and said, "two thousand words is too little. It's a five-thousand-word one that can show your sincerity."

After that, Lucian stood up and got out of bed, without any expression on his face.

Although he was dressed in pajamas, his figure was still perfect. The friendliness of a family man from him made her feel the warmth of the home, but the words he said made her heart ache immediately.

In order not to displease Lucian, she had to listen to him.

When the number of 5000 words went up to 10000, she could do nothing but to cry.

She also got out of the bed. Suddenly, she thought of Courtney and asked hastily, "Lucian, where is Courtney?" She only remembered to argue with him but forgot the most important thing.

Lucian couldn't help but roll his eyes at her. He thought she was so careless. "Fortunately, you are not a mother of a child, or you will lose the child."

Amelia was rendered speechless, so she just smiled awkwardly.

"I guess she's already up. She drank too much last night." With his brows furrowed, Lucian gave Amelia a warning look. "If someone is really fond of drinking, I can ask Darren to bring the best wine collected by our family."

Obviously, these words were said to her.

Yet, when she was described as a drunken woman by Lucian, Amelia still pretended to be aggrieved as if she had realized her fault, although she disagreed in her heart.

Lucian was pretty scary when he got angry. It took a long time for them to clear the misunderstandings. She didn't want to make him angry again.

"You don't have to go to the company today. Change your clothes and go downstairs to eat something." Glancing at her, Lucian said in a flat tone.

"Uh..." She had no temper suddenly and nodded obediently.

After getting changed, she went downstairs. Amelia just saw Lucian and Lily, but she didn't see Courtney at all. So she asked with curiosity, "where is Courtney?"

"Mrs. Amelia, Miss Courtney has already had her lunch. She said that she was still very sleepy and wanted to sleep a little longer." Replied Lily.

"Well... Fine." Amelia knew that Courtney was in a bad mood, and she thought it was a good idea to let Courtney stay alone for a while.

She peeked at Lucian and saw him eating quietly. She sat opposite him and took up the chopsticks to start.

"Lily, serve Mrs. Amelia a bowl of chicken soup first." After that, Lucian looked up and continued to eat, without looking at Amelia.

Amelia thought that Lucian cared about her, so she drank up the chicken soup without hesitation.

"Mrs. Amelia, you really scared Mr. Lucian last night." Lily took the empty bowl and said. Her heart was still fluttering with fear.

"Really?" Amelia frowned and felt ashamed.

"Of course, last night..."

"Lily, if you don't have anything else to do, call Frank and ask him to come to the SJ Garden after lunch." Lucian intended to interrupt Lily's

ally let her go.

But Courtney was proud girl. She felt embarrassed after the call, but when the driver came to pick her up, she got on the car pleasantly.

After sending Courtney away, Amelia went upstairs to finish her self-criticism.

An hour had passed, but she didn't get 1000 words. More importantly, she had written down all the mistakes she could identify. How could she make up for the rest four thousand words?

It was not easy for her to be convinced to write the self-criticism text, but the result was that it was difficult for her to write so many words.

It was time for dinner. Hearing the noise at the door, Amelia immediately sat up straight, with a pen in her hand, and a serious look on her face.

'Now that the number of words was not enough, she would keep a good attitude at least, ' she thought to herself.

She hoped that Lucian could be lenient to her behavior.

"Where is the self-criticism?" When Lucian entered the bedroom, the first thing he asked was the self-criticism.

Amelia handed the self-criticism to Lucian and said with hesitation, "I'm sorry... I... I cannot write enough words..."

She found that it was even more difficult than writing her graduation thesis. If she just wrote a few words, she would definitely come up with them. She was afraid that if Lucian got angrier, she would be terribly punished.

In the past two months, she had got to know what kind of person he was. That was why she tried her best not to think wisely.

Her handwriting was neat. Although some of them were covered with black dots, it could be seen that she wrote them carefully.

Lucian still looked cold even though he had accepted the self-criticism in his heart. "You haven't even achieved the half of the requirements. How dare you show it to me?"

It was hard to tell whether he was angry or not from his tone, but his cold tone was really frightening.

Amelia was so nervous that she crossed her hands continuously. After thinking for a while, she frowned and said, "do you want to punish me to cook for a month?"

Lucian glanced at Amelia and asked her, "Isn't it normal for a wife to cook for her husband?"

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