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   Chapter 64 Courtney Was Missing

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Amelia was a little dazed. But she was clear in her mind and replied incoherently: "of course... I don't want to do that!"

"Shit! Our boss is a renowned person in the city. How dare you refuse him!" The fat man seemed to have lost his patience, and his tone became more violent. He was ready to force Amelia.

Amelia squinted at the fat man and asked, "is your boss a big shot in the city?"

The fat man thought that Amelia was afraid when he heard Amelia's question, so he answered proudly, "of course, people in the city are afraid of him!"

"He must be a tough guy!" Amelia nodded, though she did not fully understand what he meant. With a scornful smile, she said, "everybody in the city must have some prestige."

The fat man seemed to feel being teased. He frowned and pointed at Amelia's face, "I'm asking you for the last time. Do you want to drink with our boss?"

Amelia looked down at the angry fat man and said firmly, "of course not!"

She wasn't afraid of him no matter how influential he was. And she didn't believe that this fat man dared to force her in public.

With the thought of this, the fat man got very annoyed. He pointed at Amelia and yelled, "You are brave! Just wait and see!"

Then the fat man walked away.

Amelia thought the man just said that out of anger, and she didn't respond to him but continued to eat. After all, she had ordered so many dishes. It would be a pity if she didn't eat them all.

But why did it take Courtney so long to go to the washroom?

After looking around, everyone was drinking and talking happily except her. She were worried about Courtney, so she stood up and went to the bathroom.

As soon as she entered the washroom, Amelia could hear Courtney's howling. Frightened, she rushed in, only to find that Courtney was crying and vomiting.

"Courtney, what's wrong?" Amelia patted her on her back, looking worried.

"Amelia, that bastard texted me to break up. What on earth did I do wrong?" Courtney held the phone up, and when she got drunk, tears trickled down her cheeks, which made people feel pity of her.

Amelia's heart sank. She checked the message rationally.

We are not meant for each other. Let's break up. Kent.

It was so simple of the message, as if their several-year relationship was only a few days.

Amelia held the cellphone, trembling constantly, and her mouth continued to say, "Courtney, there must be some misunderstandings. Let's go out first, okay?"

Amelia helped drunk Courtney out of the bathroom. And Courtney said she wanted to drink more...

"Let's go home and stop drinking." Amelia said patiently, as if coaxing a child.

Courtney broke free from Amelia's grip and pointed at her. "You're my best friend. Let's get hammered!" she said in a drunk voice.

All of a sudden, Amelia went silent, recalling herself drowning her sorrows in wine not long ago. At this moment, she knew exactly how upset Courtney was.

They went back to the ta

iority at the moment.

"Miss Amelia, where are you going?" When the man saw that Amelia was about to open the door, he immediately walked up to her and held her hand.

Although there was a surge of heat in her body, Amelia tried to keep awake. She looked up and said lightly, "if you don't want to help, please let me go!"

Amelia was worried about Courtney. If she continued to stay here, it would only be a waste of time and Courtney would be more dangerous.

"I'll go with you." The man let her go and walked out of the office with Amelia.

After taking two steps, Amelia felt her body burning and her eyeballs starting to swollen. She began to lose her consciousness as her sight became blurred.

The strange man approached her with full attention and tried to hold her. But Amelia was unwilling to do this. She walked leaning against the wall.

At this moment, the image of Lucian filled her mind.

She shook her head hard to get rid of the desire in her heart. Then she picked up her cell phone and dialed Lucian's number.

After the second ring, Lucian answered the phone.

"Hello?" His deep and magnetic voice was so moving that Amelia felt uncomfortable.

Why did his voice touch her heart? She just wanted to hold him tightly and never let him go.

"Lucian, I... I miss you. Please come quickly... " She sounded dejected, confused.

After a short silence, the person on the other end of the phone asked, "did you drink again?"

"I drank a little, and then... Courtney was missing..." Then she began to cry.

"Tell me the place. I'll be there soon." The man on the other end of the phone sounded became anxious.

After the address was finished, the phone was hung up and the man in front of her was staring at her.

"Miss Amelia, did you just call Mr. Lucian?" The man reached out his hand and helped Amelia up.

Although Amelia was weak and feeble totally, she had the ability to distinguish. She always kept a distance with the man.

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