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   Chapter 63 Get Drunk With Courtney

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When she heard Lucian misunderstand her, she was anxious and said: "Lucian, we are a couple. We should trust each other. The reason why I told you was that I respected your opinion. I didn't expect you would think of me in this way!"

After angrily speaking all she want to say, she drank up the black tea made by Lucian.

Seeing the anger on her face, Zachary couldn't help but smile. He felt that he was really wrong, so he immediately smiled and said, "this is a kind reminder."

"So you agreed?" Her eyes widened, and she was so innocent to confirm it.

"Yes." Lucian looked at her intently, took her cup away and filled her cup with tea.

His consideration for her made Amelia feel very happy. Looking at that tall figure, she couldn't help but sigh that she was too happy.

It was almost time to get off work. Lucian told her there was a dinner party in the evening. He happened to pass by Courtney's milk tea shop and could send her there.

Amelia thought, 'since we are on the same way, it will be convenient to go with him.' she agreed to go with him without hesitation.

The Zhan Group wasn't far from Courtney's milk tea shop. A few minutes' drive was enough. Before getting off the car, Amelia told Lucian to take care of himself and not to drink too much at dinner. She also told him that if he drunk, he could call her and she could pick him up.

Lucian nodded incessantly and then he complained, "Mrs. Amelia, you're so verbose."

The smile in his voice was more like a pampering sound.

"I'll go in then." Amelia blushed and pointed at the milk tea shop of Courtney.

"Wait!" Lucian got out of the car and took out Amelia's scarf. "It's very cold these days. Don't catch a cold," he said thoughtfully.

It was her scarf, but why was it in the car?

Regardless of her curiosity, Lucian returned to the car and said, "try to eat light food and don't drink!"

The last few words were a strong request, just like an alarm clock, struck the head of Amelia.

She didn't think so much at all, but the words of him were effective, and she immediately recited lines in her mind. After entering the shop, all she heard were the words of Lucian.

It was very quiet in the milk tea shop. Few guests would come here at the time of dinner. Seeing that Courtney was lying on the bar counter in a daze, Amelia put her bag on the counter and deliberately joked, "Manager Courtney, the guest has come. Why not greet her?"

Courtney raised her eyes lazily and said weakly, "I'm not in the mood to entertain the guests."

Seeing that Courtney was in low spirits, Amelia's heart ached. She wondered if there was something wrong between her and Kent?

"What's wrong?" Looking at Courtney, Amelia asked carefully.

She didn't even dare to mention Kent's name.

Usually, she would ask Kent naturally. But since she saw him at the stairway in the daytime, Amelia could not ask him.

"Amelia, do you think I and Kent are really tired of each other?" Courtney finally raised her head and asked in a depressed mood.

"Can you make it clear all at once?" Amelia had always been very careful, as if

ia was frightened and stopped her immediately. "Didn't I say that you should eat something before drinking? Drinking with an empty stomach was harmful to stomach. Have you ever seen me suffer from gastritis? "

When she just came out of her family, Amelia had nowhere to go for a living, and it was Courtney who took her in.

In the year when she was a freshman in the University, she lived in Courtney's home. They had been classmates in the beginning, and then had become very close friends. Courtney had seen that she had an indigestion, rolling on the bed because of pain. Thinking of this, Courtney suddenly took away the wine bottle in front of Amelia and said, "for the sake of your stomach, I won't let you drink!"

The moment she said that, Amelia felt sour in her heart.

Both she and Courtney were perceptual people. They could be cruel to themselves, but could never be heartless to others. They always blamed themselves, so after Jasper cheated on her, she didn't cry and bless him and Yolanda.

Maybe, God arranged her to break up with Jasper just to let her meet with Lucian.

"I'll accompany you!" Amelia grabbed the bottle and drank it up.

She would rather see Courtney happy than having an diarrhea. It was useless to comfort her. She could do nothing but let her do whatever she wanted as long as she was happy.

Half an hour later, the table was full of empty bottles. Courtney seemed to have made an enchantment with the toilet, and she ran into it less than a minute after she came in.

Amelia's face turned red, and her back felt cold. She was satiated by the wine, so she barely ate the food on the table.

She was dizzy but her consciousness was still clear. She checked her cell phone several times and found that Kent didn't text her back.

"Hey, beauty, do you want to drink at our table?" Suddenly, a fat man came to Amelia and grabbed her arm.

Amelia frowned in disgust, shook off her hand and asked impolitely, "who are you?"

"My boss asked me to invite you for a drink. Would you like to come?" The man continued to harass Amelia.

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