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   Chapter 62 Getting Along Well

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During the lunch break, Amelia was prepared to see Sasha, but she met Kent at the stairs. She was shocked about what she saw.

If that female colleague hadn't called Kent's name, Amelia would think that she might have mistaken him for someone else.

"Kent, why didn't you make it clear with your girlfriend?"

'Is not Courtney who is Kent's girlfriend?' Thinking that it had something to do with Courtney, Amelia gave up the idea of greeting with Kent and hid, trying to hear what they were talking about.

"Melissa, it's not easy to make it clear with a few words. What's more, my girlfriend and I have been together for so many years. If I suddenly tell her about it, she must can't stand it!" Kent held the woman called Melissa with his hands and pacified her with a pleading tone.

"I can't care about so much. Both of us know what happened that night better than anyone else. If you don't want to give up your reputation in the Zhan Group, you know what you should do!" After Melissa said all she wanted to say angrily, she pushed Kent away and went away. The sound of high-heeled shoes was especially loud in the quiet stairs.

Amelia was stunned. Although she was not sure whether the content of their talk was as she guessed, she could feel that there was something wrong with the relationship between Kent and Courtney from the vexed tone of Kent.

Should she go forward and ask him for the details? But it was not appropriate to ask now.

While she was still hesitating, Kent went downstairs. It seemed that he was chasing after Melissa.

Amelia stood at the stairs in a daze for a while. Then she decided to take the elevator to see Sasha. She intended to go to see Courtney after work.

If it's not one thing, it's another! She wished things weren't as bad as she thought.

Sasha's department was the sales department. I heard from Courtney that Kent was also in the sales department. If Sasha could attend a meeting on behalf of the department, she must be an important member of the department. When she walked to the office area, a few female colleagues were gathering around, watching a movie and discussing with each other cheerfully. When they saw Amelia come, they all returned to their seats quickly, looking at her agedly and curiously.

Amelia didn't expect that the employees in the sales department would be so surprised about her coming. She smiled and said, "I'm sorry to disturb you. Is Miss Sasha here?"

"Mrs. Amelia, Ms. Sasha's hand was injured so she asked for a leave and went home." A tall woman answered.

"Okay, thank you." Amelia smiled politely and was about to leave. But when she remembered how the female colleague call her just now, she reminded them with some embarrassment, "I am also an employee of the Zhan Group, so we are colleagues. You can call me by my name later."

Although Amelia introduced himself sincerely, others thought she was demanding to take advantage of the title of Mrs. Amelia. After all, it was her who scalded Sasha's hand in the morning meeting, which gave the stuff in sales departme

with excitement. She naturally smiled and thanked him politely.

"You have a good attitude towards work, this is your reward." Said Lucian in a flat tone, as if he was talking about an ordinary thing.

Surprised and happy, Amelia looked around and said with a smile, "Thank you, my husband."

The word "husband" indeed shocked Lucian. Although he had been calm all the time, the word "husband" was welling up in his ears and made him feel secretly happy and flustered.

This girl was making fun of him. But he would be happy if she called him like that in daily life.

"Amelia, I get goose bumps all over my body now." Lucian gently pinched Amelia's cheek, and his eyes were full of surprise.

Amelia pursed her lips subconsciously. When she thought that she had to visit Courtney after work and she wanted to ask for agreement when Lucian was in a good mood, she immediately flattered, "it is a loss for me if I am not call you as that because I have such a handsome husband!"

Lucian narrowed his eyes and felt that something was wrong. He looked at Amelia carefully and said, "Tell me. What's the matter?"

Hearing that, Amelia was stunned. Did her express so obviously.

However, since she was seen through by Lucian, she didn't have to beat around the bush. She then pouted and pleaded, "Mr. Lucian, can I go to visit Courtney after work?" She and Courtney had been the best friends for so many years. If something happened between Courtney and Kent, she had to help her as soon as possible. Otherwise, she would fail as a good friend.

"You don't need to report it to me if you are really going to visit Cynthia." Lucian spoke straightforwardly like a frightened bird.

After the previous lies, he seemed to have little confidence in Amelia's motivation.

Although it was not a big business between Jonny and him, the thing that happened ten years ago had buried in the bottom of their heart and became a lingering shadow. So they didn't have deep friendship. It was the best way for them to put down their past friendship.

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