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   Chapter 61 Sasha Was Injured

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How could she, an ordinary girl, meet such a handsome and excellent man.

At 9 o'clock in the morning, Amelia entered the meeting room following Lucian. When they entered, the representatives of all departments had already sat down. Everyone looked at Amelia curiously. Maybe it was because that they couldn't discuss obviously even if they were confused, everyone tried to calm down and waited for the beginning of the meeting.

The huge office was full of colleagues, which made Amelia so nervous that her eyebrows twitched.

She bowed her head and followed Lucian. She didn't stop until Lucian took his seat.

She was too nervous to hear that Lucian gently asked her to sit down.

"Mrs. Amelia, Mr. Lucian asked you to take a seat." Reminded Eric, Lucian's assistant.

"Uh..." She replied, with her face blushing.

She was the focus of everyone, and her slow reaction was noticed by the staff present. They must have guessed that the CEO of the Zhan Group married a dull woman...

Before the meeting began, Lucian comforted her and told her not to be nervous.

The atmosphere was very quiet. Even though Lucian spoke in a low voice, his voice was very clear in the whole office.

Amelia nodded sluggishly, with her face burning as if she was a student who went to school the first day and was unconformable to the strange environment.

"Give me the file." Lucian spoke to her in a low voice.

This time she heard it and immediately handed over the well-collected documents.

Lucian took a deep look at her, with joy in his eyes.

Amelia smiled and lowered her head. She was still nervous.

Perhaps Amelia was too nervous to notice that Sasha was staring at her with threatening eyes.

In the middle of the meeting, Eric suddenly stood up and Amelia looked at him with a serious look. He was pouring water into the glasses for every employee present.

As soon as she realized that she was Lucian's personal assistant, she walked to Eric and whispered, "let me do it."

Eric needed to play the PPT later. He couldn't let these matters affect him.

Eric's face showed embarrassment, but he didn't continue to be polite when he saw a smile on Amelia's face. Instead, he told her to be careful because the water was hot.

The news about Lucian's marriage spread all over a city, so on the first day she came to the Zhan Group, everyone in the company knew her identity. They would salute her when they met her in usual times. There was not much information about her, so there were very few negative comments.

"Thank you, Mrs. Amelia." One of the employees was flattered and thanked. It seemed that he didn't expect that Amelia would pour tea for them in person.

In order not to influence the meeting, she shook her head and made a gesture of hiss. Then she continued to pour tea for others with a calm smile on her face.

Then the sales manager was reporting the quarterly results. As soon as Lucian's mind was cleared up, he noticed that Amelia was serving tea to the st

vertent. She had a smile on her face, which made her look very friendly. The onlookers might think that Sasha was scalded because of Amelia's negligence.

"With such low intelligence quotient, how can you be my wife?" Lucian glanced at her and said.

Although these words were not comfortable to hear, they sounded so sweet.

Amelia giggled and said proudly, "fortune favors fools."

With a look of being defeated by her, Lucian said in a serious tone, "Be careful. Don't take the words of Sasha to heart."

Amelia immediately straightened her attitude and nodded approvingly, but with a little hesitation, she said, "but I feel bad hearing those words."

What Sasha had said had something to do with Lucian. It is hard for her to not take them to heart.

"What did she say?" Lucian looked at her pursed lips and asked patiently.

Uh... Should she tell him? If she told the truth, Lucian would definitely be angry with Sasha. So after thinking for a while, Amelia didn't tell the truth. She avoided the subject deliberately and asked whether he would go to see Sasha.

"It was supposed to care about her, but she was deserved it. Don't worry. Besides, Eric will come here to tell me about her situation later." Lucian caressed Amelia's long black hair as if it was none of his business.

Amelia was rendered speechless. She planned to visit Sasha during the lunch break. After all, it had something to do with her, and it was necessary to greet her.

"I'm sorry. It is my fault to make the meeting ended accidently." She always felt guilty. No matter what she did was right or wrong, she would take everything in mind as long as it was related to her.

"Well, Amelia, your kindness doesn't mean that you can't tell right from wrong. If you still have a soft heart, this kind of situation will happen again." Lucian frowned as if he felt that she was too fond of taking responsibilities for everything.

"All right." Amelia nodded reluctantly. She did not what she could say all of a sudden.

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